Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{ My blog & 2014 }



  I'm writing this & it's just turned after midnight, so Happy NYE everyone! As 2014 comes to a close I can't say I'm happy or sad , but just kind of glad..if that makes sense. I hate wishing away years because something didn't go as to planned or someone passed etc...all which are extremely sad. I always try & do a reflection of the past year & lets just say this past year has had many ups & downs..yup, I'm a real person & we have had downs just like many of you { Unfortunately} ! I hate dwelling on the 'downs' though as this year along with the trying times has brought so much joy as well! 2014 started out with my husband finding two emaciated/abandoned &  severely in need pit bulls. For 3 months it was nothing but tears, networking, & sadness. Just looking at them was so hard, & finding them a secure home & the vetting they so desperately needed was a challenge. With the help of my loving mother  & an army of rescues they were placed & vetted back to health after several ups & downs!! With personal matters & everything mixed in between..it was quite a year.
Hold on.. don't stop reading, this is where it gets good. Through all of 2014's  'issues' came a lot of great things as well..we became involved in helping other animals through some rescues with great people { My mom even now assist in rescues } my sister got a great position at a new job ,we adopted a new puppy, took a great little northern getaway, my blog business is trucking along , my husband ..well there's to much to list about how great he is  ;) !      Through it all our family has been there & grown so much over this past year..I don't wish years away anymore, but rather cherish the time with the ones that grow with you & are there through the muddy times { even if they are crazy } ha-ha! There is so much I have planned for 2015 & so much I wish for family, friends, animals & society in a whole . I hope you all have a wonderful New Year with many great times & memories ! See why this Blog was the best idea...I get to share with all of you our year & fulfill my writing / decorating passion ! Yup, it was that simple!!
..Thank you to all my readers, I truly appreciate each and every one of you & your lovely comments!..


Monday, December 22, 2014

{ DIY Barn-wood cabinet converted into a mini kitchenette }

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, we sure did!! We spent the weekend cuddling,moving thrift furniture & buying  new pieces of furniture!! Post later about our new living room ,but tonight I'm sharing with you a post about our bottom level dining /  kitchen space & how we converted a cabinet to a mini kitchenette!  I wanted to share this ,because I know many of us are gearing up to hold Christmas or Christmas Eve with our loved ones & not all of us have the ample room. Our house is by no means 'large' ,but we do have two 'dining' spaces, so what better way to utilize the space!?! 

Side Note: The cabinet was a garbage find!!

I just added a cookie jar filled with candy, some red plastic cups in the plaid basket ,napkins , etc.. kitchen goodies.. We use our lower level quite a bit when family is over so this little dining space comes in handy!!

I mentioned in a prior post about these vintage plaid dishes, well they have a new home for now haha..
My lovely & crafty husband couldn't leave the wires showing, so he used a { hole saw } & connected the wires through the back for the fridge & the microwave ,and any other electrical appliances we may use !

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY project & have a very 



Persia Lou

Thursday, December 18, 2014

{ Counter shelf update & a touch of Christmas added! }

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a lovely week thus far! I'm sharing a quick & easy little update on the free  counter shelf I shared a few days ago. I left off with asking if I should paint/ distress it & contemplating it...well ,I ended up painting it!! 

I love using sponge brushes on projects like this. I should have roughed the wood up a bit before applying  the paint, but the sponge brush worked perfect!

After the paint dried, I used a copper Brillo pad { I didn't have my palm sander in the office } to distress the white paint for a more 'farmhouse' look. After doing this I added some dark wax to the distressed spots & then brushed a bit of white back over the spots. 


Remember that lovely piece of plaid fabric from our last treasure haul?? I cut a thin piece for a runner to add some Christmas  to this side of the counter! I just love the quaint farmhouse appeal & the added  storage! This project was close to being free ..score!!!

 Have a great weekend everyone! 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{ Treasures haul from my lovely hubby }

Hey guys!!! Long time no talk...but seriously its been over a week since I've blogged anything! If you've been following me via Instagram or Facebook you probably know I've been sick for the past week with some kind of flu/bronchitis..Yesterday I was feeling really bad with a huge headache & then my lovely husband surprised with some vintage thrifty treasures! Today I'm sharing the things he brought home & one of the things I already styled & put to use in our kitchen!

My nifty vintage treasures!! I just love the little wood carrier with the emblem on the front, the white & red chippy enamel pot, porcelain toothbrush holder,basket, plaid tablecloth, & the cutest hand-carved wood acorns & fruit!!

He also brought home this little counter stand, & I love it!! If you all remember a few months back he brought one home ,but I ended up using the top for our 'Thankful pumpkin sign'. This one was perfect size & cleared up our counter space , not to mention it's farmhouse appeal!

I'm still deciding if I should paint it white & distress it...;) ?!

I picked up these little jars for $3 +Target  about a week ago & decided to fill them with our most used items..cinnamon,sugar &hot cocoa!!

How cute are these little wood fruit pieces ?! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this little thrifty haul! Be sure to check back for updates on these goods & where I use them!!

Have a great weekend ! 


Monday, December 1, 2014

{ Our 2014 Holiday Home Tour }


Welcome to the holidays guys! Aren't you all excited about the cozy throws,creamy hot chocolate ,& festive music & decor? We've been working on the indoor & outdoor decor since the beginning of November, & have been enjoying it & the holiday hustle & bustle ! I hope you  all enjoy our Christmas Home Tour , gather some inspiration, and have a safe & happy holiday season! 

 . Family Room . 
I'm so pleased with how this space turned out! It's everything I was thinking I wanted our family room to be this year, a rustic & glistening Christmas wonderland!

The stars were my lovely sisters idea after I mentioned I wanted to put a star on each side of the 'Wish' sign. The stars were purchased at Dollar Tree , the mini trees at Michaels, & the wreath I made for under $10!

The tree was a gift, the glittered eggs were dollar days at Michaels , the snowflake reindeer is from Kohls { last year }  & the chalkboard saying I made!!

 This area is a  cozy little magazine / catalog nook ,so I added a cute rustic  tree { free garbage find } & placed it in a Traverse City crate that was a thrift find!

. Kitchen & Dining .

Informal ,but classy & neat!

The trees are from Michaels & the wreath is from Dollar Tree { I added the plaid bow}. The bottles are vintage garbage finds!
The crate is a piece I recycled from a gift & the reindeer is from Kohls { last year } !

This set was purchased from a vendor @ Town Peddler { last year }!

The cutting board {recipe stand} is from HomeGoods  ,& the chalkboard I made from a dollar mirror!

I wanted to keep it simple & uniformed this year with some different pieces ! 
 Bedroom .
My favorite room on our Holiday Tour! Welcome to our cozy & sparkly winter  wonderland!!

The comforter is Better Homes & Gardens $30!  With the smell of vanilla soy , the cool soft sheets & throw..I could stay here all winter!

The throw is from Sears last year..& the matching pillow is from Target I believe..
The deer pillow is from Hobby Lobby $10 !
The presents were a DIY last year ,made from old boxes !

The gold charger is from Dollar Tree & the wreath was a DIY from Dollar Tree.

. Living Room .

Our lodge inspired lower level! I love cuddling down here with  some raspberry hot chocolate & my hubby! Now this is the man cave,but for Christmas I'm allowed in hehe.

The skies are a vintage garbage find!
The 'Merry Christmas' stick on are from Michaels dollar days! 
The red burlap wrapped pillows are from HomeGoods $25 each!

I had some leftover chalkboard tags from Michaels dollar days so I decided to add them to the non faux packages ;) !

The wrapping paper is from Michaels as the ribbon! I love this tan & white checkered ribbon..if you've noticed I used it in three rooms ;)!!

The oh so soft throw is from IKEA ,the Christmas card is from Michaels ,two tone basket was a gift & the flowers & vase are from Dollar Tree!

. Outside . 

 I'm a bit obsessed with this charmer of a Christmas display. The toboggan was a free find & I added the red ribbon & joy moose. The wagon was a garbage find &  I just added some garland & fresh wood logs tied with my favorite ribbon & a red bow! The lantern I had ,the sign I made out of a pitched piece of wood & the galvanized colored burlap tree was a thrifty find ..

I hope you've been inspired & have a splendid holiday season!!!

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