Monday, June 1, 2015

{ Beginning of Summer Cottage Porch }

The last few days' have been rainy and cool & let's just say BLAH! I've said this before & most will disagree, but I would rather it snow then  rain!!! I just can't stand the messiness of rain & the gloom it brings! When things are going on don't you wish you could just snuggle in bed or be on some type of vacation? Ya, that was this weekend! Our northern weather has been so crazy that literally the temps have went from 78 down to 45 in 3 days'..Although the weather has been crazy I've been getting some much needed DIY & stuff done around the house that I had been putting off since late winter!! A few days' ago when the weather was bright & a perfect 73 I finished our beginning of summer front porch! I like to think of our home as a little suburban cottage so I decided to go with a vintage/ rustic /farmhouse cottage style porch! I had a ton of crocks laying around in the garage & knew I wanted to use them in the porch decor. I love the neutral effortless look, it's so quaint & cozy & ultra simple!

See how I made our Flower Mascot Sign here --->Our DIY Farmhouse Flower Mascot Sign

My darling husband has been collecting me crocks for sometime now..Can you believe I almost pitched these all at one point?! I know, crazy right?! I love the look of them & they're so durable { I would know... hehe} ! 

The plants are faux & from +IKEA USA ! I plan on adding some more faux greenery/flowers etc..along with some live ones as soon as we ease fully into summer! Any suggestions for easy maintenance plants that can be potted in the crocks etc. are welcome!! Remember guys I'm a 'black" thumb ha-ha !

Polka Dot Pillow  -->No Sew Cushion/Pillow DIY

Simple stuff like adding rocks & wispy grass can enhance that cottage feel! I just love this little porch & the grass on each side! It's perfect for our simple chippy white bench & some neutral vintage accessories! The front of our house is pretty plain, yet almost cottage-ish! We've got white shutters a big white wood garage & a cute little white fence! { See below for full picture } !

You guys see that little peek of purple in the lower left corner of the above picture? Ya, that's the BEAUTIFUL Hydrangea plant my grams bought us a month ago & it's still kicking ha-ha! I have something fun & so interesting to show you guys -Coming Soon- about Hydrangea plants ;) !

As a kid I always loved frogs { tree, bull & leopard } & toads!! I even raised them quite a few times from tadpoles.  Long ago I gave up my obsession for them, but thought heck why not add some froggyiness to our porch! The frog planter was a thrift from my grams & the wooden frog was a garbage find!

Side Note: The wood wheelbarrow was garbage find & the silver plant stand was a thrift from my grams that I spray painted metallic silver!! The jute rug is from Tuesday Morning .

Thanks for stopping by our little suburban cottage! 
Have a great week!