Wednesday, July 29, 2015

{ Simple Linen Closet Organization }

Whoa, it's been a while since I've blogged { I hate that }!! It's been a long week to say the least..If you follow via Instagram you would have heard about what happened to our baby pibble { Pitbull} late Friday night! He was bitten or stung by something & had to be taken to two different vets { rushed for emergency care an hour away at 2am } due to a few complications from the bite or sting. Thankfully with my mom & husband we were able to get him mended up!! It was soo scary & broke my heart our little fur baby had to go through that!! He's been doing much better & is on two different medicines { P.s Thank You for all the lovely prayers & comments via social media }! I've also been helping with little family stuff & just having a low key week..kinda ha! So today I'm back & I'm sharing the simplest way to store & organize your linen closet!! It's one of those spots in the house that can go from zero to sixty & by the time you know it, it's a disaster without a cause hahaha! 

T I P S:

Organize with small baskets, jars,or totes is the first tip!! I know that sounds quite obvious, but honestly a lot of times things just get thrown into a closet & then it's chaos from there! I also dislike using plastic baskets because they tend to break or have holes etc..You can get these totes or baskets at +HomeGoods , +Michaels Stores  or +Target !! 

H O W   T O:

I love these huge totes from Target ,because they're really tall & conceal what's in them!! I hate seeing labels, colored boxes or packaging so this helps a lot & they're big enough to store larger items like hair tools, towels or lotions!!

S T O R A G E:

I purposely shot this angle to show how I like to organizer from top to bottom..I start with the top & place everything that isn't being used currently { Extra shower curtains, towels, rugs etc..} Fold them neatly & place them usually  horizontally! The next level is everything linen closet or bathroom accessory wise! This means washcloths, clothespins, q-tips, cotton balls etc..! The next level are your bigger organizers which conceal all your personal products & extras of everything! Place those next to each other for quick & simple access! The final level I just like to store extra toilet paper or you could do a laundry basket/ blankets !

I love having a little candle  sitting in the closet! It makes all your linens smell so yummy & fresh without being overpowering or having to use packets etc.. My choice for the linen closet is always the simple, but classic vanilla!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little refresher! I'm one of those people who hate clutter or chaos in the home so having a simple, yet functional linen closet is a must! 

Have a great weekend guys!!