Sunday, July 19, 2015

{ Thrifty Makeup Vanity }

So I mentioned via Facebook a few days ago that I would be sharing something that every girl needs..well today is that day & I'm so excited to share this cute little thrifty vanity closet!! I decided back in 2012 when we moved from our condo that had a large bathroom that I needed a makeup area in our current house, because my new bathroom was extremely small!! I decided before we even closed on the house that I was going to turn the little mini walk-in closet into makeup/bag/jewelry space!!We painted it white & added a bunch of thrifty charm to it!!! Keep reading to see how we put this space together for under $100!!!!

"Beauty is Everywhere"! I love this saying because honestly it is!!! I think it's so cute that above that little chalkboard saying is a picture of our first rescue Stinker haha! She was a smelly skinny mess when my hubby found her , now she's a pibble { Pit bull } princess hehe! The frame is from +Target  $3 as well as the jewelry box $8!

My mom found this desk & painted it a crisp white for me when we first moved in! I added the little simple Tiffany bows from +Michaels Stores !!

 The little white chalkboard cabinet was free  & actually is a spice cabinet!! It's perfect for all my lotion, sprays, etc..

I forgot where the rug is from { my mom picked it up over 5 years ago } but it's white with little blue polka dots & it's reversible!!

The gold charger is from Dollar Tree & the white & blue plates are vintage thrift finds!!

Hanging scarves was made easy by using a $5 silver towel holder.It's practical ,cheap & involves no knots or mess!!

I used to have a little white chair, but brought this little vintage wood chair in to match some art on our walls & the little frame our wedding picture is in on the mantel! It's so cute / comfy & adds a little rustic granny chic charm..

Side Note: The little silver rolling cart to the right is from Target I believe ,and the chair was a garbage find!

I hope you've enjoyed this little vanity closet tour!!! It definitely comes in handy when you're trying to get ready, put contacts in etc..Even with having my own bathroom every girls needs a little vanity space, right?! I think altogether this little DIY vanity closet was under $100 & that is less then the vanity sets you can buy at like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond!!! I love this space & how functional it truly is!!!

Have a lovely summery week guys!!