Thursday, September 22, 2016

{ Original Rustic Farmhouse Barn Fall Art Piece }

Happy official first day of Fall 2016!!!! I seriously wait for this time of the year every year!! I mean I do like summer, but you guys know I love fall & winter! Something about the time from September 1st until the end of December have my heart! It's always been a magical time for me & well the first of the year ehhh not so much. I also despise being super hot, so summer is just okay hahah! Today I'm sharing one of my new favorite pieces for fall & let's just say I'm obsessed! It's so my style & fit perfectly with our little rustic cottage style cabinet in our upper living room! I styled it with things I already had around the house, because well, the piece speaks for itself!! The whimsical, but rustic & colorful fall charm speak volumes! This piece is done by the same artist as our little " Fall Welcomes You" piece in the dining room. I'll be releasing the artist soon & this will be available to buy!!!

I love how rustic the barn looks, but the overall painting is still so fun & whimsical looking! It's fun, creative & the colors are perfect for fall!! I styled it rustic/farmhouse/cottagey, but this painting truly could fit into any style or space easily!

My most favorite part is the " Harvest Blessing" . I love the white & black mixed with the bright & festive fall leave colors!!!

I love how much character it gives our rustic cottage cabinet! It fit so perfectly up there, I want to keep everything from this artist!!!

I had soooo much fun styling this artwork!! 

**The lantern is from +HomeGoods  & the white ceramic light-up pumpkins are from  +Marshalls .

The orange spiced cider candles are from +Hobby Lobby  & the black candlesticks were a free find.

I adore the little intricate details, but also the pure simplicity of a barn with come gorgeous fall leaves! I mean that's what fall is all about right?!

I can't say how much I love this piece, & I promise it will be available soon. Each of her pieces are original one of a kind made with the most care & time put into each! Stay tuned!!

Happy Thursday friends!! 

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