Monday, January 9, 2017

{ Decorating your Fireplace for Winter Neutrally }

The last week I've been slowly cleaning & organizing/ putting away all of our Christmas decor & getting rid of a few things etc.. While the Christmas is organized & put away now, I did leave some rustic neutral winter pieces out for a bit longer for winter. Ours winters tend to be really long here in Michigan so whyyyy not make the best out of them with some cozy wintery goods styled in your home?! A few days ago I mentioned during a "sneak peek" post HERE that I was going to be doing a few blog posts on specific areas in our home decorated for winter! Today I'm back to share our super simple & rustic fireplace decorated for winter with some thrifty/ post Christmas mixed in goods etc.. I basically shopped the house for everything I used to decorate with in this post, because lets be honest I'm already planning / buying items for spring!!! Speaking of spring I have some exciting news about one of our post from a few months back that I'll be sharing soon ;)!!!! Anyways come see & grab some ideas on how to style your fireplace for winter!

I kept most of the stuff I had for Christmas out, but just moved things around like this wreath! I have two & decided I liked it here & just setting it here while cleaning & redecorating! I picked it up at +IKEA USA  for under $2 a few years back!

**You can see some more winter decor & tips for decorating after Christmas HERE

The sign was a DIY a few years back..I love how simple it was & it gave some height to the mantel! It's just resting on the chalkboard tag baskets from +Walmart  !

I love how soothing it looks with still being cozy & rustic which you all know I love! Although I love winter { yes, I'm one of those people haha } I will say I'm excited to get this winter either going with tons of snow, or just have it be over, and have spring/ summer hear already! I typically dislike the month of January, February & March, but once the New Year gets going I start looking forward to the summer here in Pure Michigan & spending time at our family cottage with Mark, our pups & my sister!! I didn't spend anything on this mantel, but stay tuned because I'm already hoarding spring goodies haha


What do you guys think about decorating neutrally for winter? Do you decorate with color or more blues etc.. for winter? I hope you guys liked this post..P.S. I'm soo sorry for the quality{ waiting on another new camera haha}. 

Wishing you all a lovely Monday!

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