Thursday, December 18, 2014

{ Counter shelf update & a touch of Christmas added! }

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a lovely week thus far! I'm sharing a quick & easy little update on the free  counter shelf I shared a few days ago. I left off with asking if I should paint/ distress it & contemplating it...well ,I ended up painting it!! 

I love using sponge brushes on projects like this. I should have roughed the wood up a bit before applying  the paint, but the sponge brush worked perfect!

After the paint dried, I used a copper Brillo pad { I didn't have my palm sander in the office } to distress the white paint for a more 'farmhouse' look. After doing this I added some dark wax to the distressed spots & then brushed a bit of white back over the spots. 


Remember that lovely piece of plaid fabric from our last treasure haul?? I cut a thin piece for a runner to add some Christmas  to this side of the counter! I just love the quaint farmhouse appeal & the added  storage! This project was close to being free ..score!!!

 Have a great weekend everyone! 


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