Sunday, May 3, 2015

{ Our Fresh Garden Inspired Front Porch }

Well that's a wrap on the weekend..:( ! It turned out to be an amazing weekend filled with a mini celebration for our 8th year together ,DIY & lots of sun { which my pasty self needed } haha! We ended up having a little bonfire, yup the first of the season & a little delicious BBQ my hubby made & setup with a cute little love letter & all!!! We also got in some lovey dovey relaxing time , DIY & finished our little spring garden inspired front porch! With today's weather I feel weird saying spring as it was more like a summer day minus the horrid summer humidity :) ! I've been slowly working on our  front porch area for the last month here & there & today with a few little finishing touches it's complete- I think! I hope you all had an exciting weekend!

I love the way the flowers compliment the chalk paint color on this vintage bike!!

I mentioned a few of these sources before in the  Vintage Bike Makeover  &  No Sew Cushions  tutorial ! The bike was a garbage find, the galvanized bucket was also a garbage find , the brown tin pots are from Dollar Tree , the hat was a gift & the flowers are faux/ real dried hydrangeas thanks to my grams! The chippy white bench is a thrifted treasure from a family member!

I just added some $5 greenery plants from IKEA ! I pry needed 3 or 4 per each hanger, but for now this will do! Also look at the hydrangea plant & the color vibrancy in just 3 days!! :)

The hanging baskets I loveeee! I'm still on the fence about painting them..thinking some metallic bronze or silver spray paint I bought today?! Yay or Nay? The little retro white lanterns are from +Target

Side Note: See I already forgot something haha..I will be adding some faux greenery from +IKEA USA  to the hanging baskets..{ I'll update this particular picture after I get my butt out to IKEA!! }.

The lovely Hydrangea plant was a surprise gift from my lovely & sweet grams today for our anniversary! I was so EXCITED when she walked in with this plant  { it's just what I needed to complete this little space } ! Being the " Black" thumb I am , I'm going to try & plant it soon so the poor thing can have a standing chance with me....eek! I love hydrangeas & I'm so excited for this one to bloom. 

Note: Fun fact if you add a fork to the side of the plant it will change the bloom colors!!! I had no idea this was possible until grams mentioned this. I guess Hydrangeas thrive on acid & the fork provides something like this..who knew? Not me haha!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Have a happy & healthy week everyone!


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