Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{ Neutral Fall Bedroom Inspiration & Update.. }

I seriously can't believe that fall is going by so FAST!! I mean Halloween is in 2.5 weeks..Ya, nuts I know!! I'm on my own time & season schedule. Seeing as how November is almost here { My favorite month} just seems like Christmas is around the corner hehe! I know many of you are cringing so enough talk about Christmas & lets keep on track with the fall goodness. This week I added some simple fall touches to our bedroom & some new pieces! I originally was going to blog the new pieces separate, but thought why not just blog the fall touches with the new goodies! If you've been reading for a while then you would know I did a little revamp on our master a few months back. I talked about wanting to add a new rug even though ours were in great condition, they were just kinda heavy & I was bored with the white shag shabby chic style. I couldn't find any I liked at the time or that weren't over $500!! Well, this past week I found one...& for under $50!!!!!!!!!

Yup, I scored this jute rug for $45 +IKEA USA  !! I was browsing the clearance center  right before checking out & spotted this beauty!! They had two sizes & I decided on the 5.7x7.7! I know these are super trendy right now, which is usually not me..but  for $45 I snagged it up for our fallyy bedroom! It fits perfect & much to my surprise it's pretty soft. I love the simplicity & most of all it's basically maintenance freeeee YAY haahahah! I'm weird with rugs, they usually always have to be solid colored or neutral. I also like them to make a bold statement too ,but also be easy to work around when changing out accessories so see it's hard because I'm picky..shocker right?!

If you didn't know this about me, I love vintage books! This is the "Harvester" !

This is another new piece added to our little cozy bedroom! I got this tray on sale at +Hobby Lobby  for $16! It was originally $36..I just love the aged black look with the distressed tan & little curvy copper handles! Now..this piece isn't JUST for looks hubby uses it almost every night for his nightly after dinner dessert haha! I know wife of the YEAR award hehe JK he actually spoils me more & I can be pretty difficult! It looks super heavy, but it's actually pretty light & tucks right away beside his nightstand! 

I just added some cute little ceramic pumpkins { Dollar Tree }, tea  & some fresh cinnamon sticks! Simple and so yummy on a windy fall afternoon!

Okay another new item..I promise I'm not a shopaholic LOL! Refer back to this post Rustic/Glam Master Revamp about our old lamps & how I painted the shades black..Ya, that was fine until one of the lamps kinda broke. Time for some new lamps & I wanted something a bit different, yet simple so I got these black desk lamps. I picked these up at +Target  for under $30 a piece! One of them had a little dent so I got it for $23!!!  If you see the picture below, you'll notice there is no light bulb in it..Ya it burnt out right when I was about to photograph..practical blogging at its best.

Side Note: I almost forgot to mention  I added some little rustic burlap runners from scrap  to the side tables! I had some extra & liked the added texture for fall etc..

I had this wreath for quite sometime..It was just sitting in one of our spare rooms. I got it from my aunt who didn't want it anymore. I added the cutest little burlap bow from +IKEA USA  & a burlap ribbon & LOVE IT! It makes the perfect fall wreath in our bedroom!

Hope you guys gathered some inspiration! I just love how cozy & non-traditional this space is!! I'm not into the studded headboard craze or the huge nightstand mirrors..just isn't me! Anyways I can't wait to share some other little updates inside & out we've been working on around our little suburban cottage! I had this itch to update a few things, so we are!  Stay tuned ;) ....

Happy Thursday & THANK YOU for stopping by guys!!


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