Monday, January 4, 2016

{ Rustic & Thrifty Winter Mantel }

Welcome back guys!!! I hope you all had a great Monday! I've been adding some simple winter decor throughout our little suburban cottage & I got some inspiration for our mantel while putting some stuff away in the decor room. I added some pieces that were kinda clumped together & they looked so cute & wintery sooo I decided to make a little mantel piece with them!! I seriously get inspiration from the randomest places/things.  I wanted more of a cute/simple/winter mantel with just basic pieces for an almost rustic/modern {gasp} mix ;)! Again all the things on the mantel were things I already had,improvised or used in different spaces...See the "theme' of this weeks post #winterinspiration hahah totally not planned, but you all know I love to show practical styling, decor & ideas/inspiration. Okay enough with the intro, lets get to it friends!!!

I think I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I'm not really into sconces. I'm just not, no reason just isn't my thing. With that being said I love these vintage ones my hubby scored for free!! Something about the old tattered iron makes them so cute. I loved the design & most of all the classic, old Victorian look they had! They were great for Christmas alongside our "vintage tree lot" theme & I thought they looked nice plain & simple for winter decor too!! The old buckets, ladder, mantel box , wood scrap, &books were all also thrifty or free finds!!

I love this fireplace mantel box & the piece of scrap wood in the back was perfect for some neutral & rustic charm! The frosted white trees are from +Hobby Lobby !! I love them, because they're brown & white instead of green. They add a bit of that chic I like!!

The owls are from +Marshalls  . Owls are said to be good luck..I had no idea until my mom told me!!

This is one of my most favorite pieces..the rusted old white tobacco container!! It's so simple, yet the writing is so whimsical..something about it screams winter-chic to me {Yup, that's a word wink wink}!!

I hope you guys have had a great start to the year!! Hopefully this little mantel decor inspires you someway & just know whatever you're struggling with we'll be praying to the higher power for you all , and if you could keep us in your thoughts that would be great too!! Thanks again for stopping in on my little blog, and don't forget tomorrow I'm sharing another part of our winter styled home:)!!!!


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