Thursday, December 15, 2016

{ Cottage Style Snowy Christmas Front Porch Decor & Ideas }

Happy Thursday everyone!! That magical white stuff fell from the sky over our little suburban cottage these past few nights!! I thought I'd share how magical the snow makes everything look..especially our little vintage treasured filled porch! I went super simple with some basic vintage items & of course the number 1 holiday plant..poinsettias!! I used everything we had in our little "pile" & just went from there! With the snow mixing in with all the treasures it just enhanced the vintage Christmas look! I know a lot of people/bloggers decorate with throws, pillows etc.. for Christmas for the holidays, but let's be honest here in Michigan that is just sooo not practical! Yes, it's adorable & looks insanely gorgeous & cozy, but leaving pillows, & fabric items in the snow & elements here in Michigan winters just isn't real unless you don't care about destruction of your goods. I however used items that could withstand the elements! Things like old galvanized buckets, metal signs, wood boxes & faux flowers!! Come see our little suburban cottage covered in snow for Christmas!!

Fun little fact..I asked my hubby to quickly move the Jeep up or down the driveway { our driveway is super long } so I could  snap some pictures.. Well, then I stopped & thought what's more classic than a white jeep, snow & some vintage goods? I ended up leaving " White Wonder" hahaha & love this picture!! 

I went this some bigger bulbs this year with a somewhat more vintage charming look rather than regular string lights! These are from +Walmart 

Everything in this picture is thrifty or junkin finds with the exception of the +HomeGoods  wreath & the +Hobby Lobby  metal truck sign!

Snow & some bright red poinsettias finished this space off..!!

How cute is that rusted out little wagon? We had 3 at one time..they're very popular in the vintage/farmhouse/cottage style right now! This particular one was a free find!

What do you guys think of your little porch all covered in snow for Christmas? I think it adds so much crazy how it instantly changes the space! I also love how thrifty & practical it is..because lets face it Michigan winters are NO JOKE!! Hopefully you gathered some quick inspiration & have a fun festive weekend ahead!!

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday!!

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