Monday, July 31, 2017

{ Simple Weekend Decor Changes Around Our Cottage }

Happy Tuesday friends! I mentioned via social media that this past weekend was devoted to everything cozy around our cottage & some touch-ups/ revamps around the house together & that's just what we did! It was the most relaxing, yet fun weekend just "putzing"' around etc.. I also mentioned via my INSTAGRAM that I gathered some treasures from my grandma's house that were kept in her garage for decades basically in mint condition..This made my heart explode because you all know I love junkin & to have pieces of my grandpa & grandma's in our home is something very special to me even if some of the pieces may look like junk I know they're not! I decided to spruce up a few spaces after I washed up my treasures & styled them!! Come take a peek at some new cottagey vintage goodies!!

The first thing I spotted while junkin through the garage were these vintage tiny milk bottles with "3cent deposit" engraved on them!! They're so tiny & petite & were in great shape!! This space needed a fresh look so I styled them with this barn print from @homegoods!

The second thing I spotted were these old garage door decals!! They were also in perfect condition, white & chippy- YES, PLEASE!! I washed them up & as soon as I brought them in I knew where they needed to go..This space needed something with height & something simple/cottagey looking & these were it! Have I mentioned how I LOVE me some junk haha?!

This old fishing plate sign was probably my favorite thing other than something BIG I'll be sharing soon from my grandparents home..#staytuned! This plate was my gramps & lately I feel him around me a lot!! I had such a sweet dream about him & how he was hugging me & honestly I woke up feeling so happy! He was the sweetest & most stylish gramps ever, so I'm glad to have this in our home!

This is just one of those simple switch-ups I did late Sunday night & I'm in loveee with it! I've always wanted a bench in our dining room & this green one goes perfect!! Blog post coming soon on this little dining revamp etc..

After adding the chippy white decals I wanted to brighten the living room up, so that's when the green bench got moved & I painted the top of this coffee table I had originally darkened HERE.. I love the bright fresh white,some greenery & pops of light blue!

Another treasure was this old army backpack..simple faux white flowers & I kind of just stuck it here for now..Wait a day & it pry will have a new home haha!

I hope you guys liked this little weekend  revamp!! I'll be blogging each of these changes a little more in depth soon for you guys! What do you think about these revamps??

Happy Tuesday!

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