Wednesday, October 7, 2020

{ Rustic Halloween Mantel }

 Ugh, I'm so sorry about the lack of post these last few days! My site had a glitch & I'm still working in restoring the "DIY Beadboard Post". Today though I'm here to share a RUSTIC HALLOWEEN MANTEL  with you all! I finally got the living room somewhat cleaned up & of course I had to style a space..That being the fireplace mantel! Don't get me wrong the rest of the house is still a mess..No sofa, missing trim & well unstyled ha. Anyways come see this spooky rustic mantel decorated....

This moody rustic historical mantel was inspired by these delicious scented mini which brooms from  ! I picked them up randomly while getting a gallon of white paint quickly Saturday night! $1.50 each & they're scented cinnamon & apple! They're great quality + rustic vintage looking!

That candles are definitely the focal point. Just some cream & white vanilla lit candles on a wood tray..Ambiance, smell & they add a touch of spooky mystery!

The sign is from Target & I love the simplicity & plain black + white! The mini brooms stacked add texture & vintage vibe. The cotton stems add that touch of "foliage " & soften the minimalist mantel up..

HAPPY Thursday!
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