Thursday, April 24, 2014

{ Back Patio Renovation}

Hey, it's definitely Spring now folks { Gasp} about time!! With that said our back patio underwent a mini renovation  last weekend & the first weekend it was reasonably warm for that matter! As you may, or may not know last summer we extended our cement patio about 3 feet around ,and painted the cement a taupe heat resistant color. This year we were determined to put a cute little gazebo up, and that's what we did! We purchased the 10x10 gazebo for a whopping $130 from Aldi grocery stores. These go from anywhere $200-1000 so you could say this was a STEAL! It's the same gazebo Home Depot advertises ,but ours came with corner shelving..bonus right?!  My husband & a buddy popped it up & I got to work decorating & making it our own & less stock like.

 {Beverage Cart DIY}

Step 1.) Dissembling & wipe down!

Step 2.) Picking a finish & sand {Optional}
* This top was unfinished so I made the decision not to sand, although I pry could have gave it a buff.

Wipe the board down again to ensure all particles are free from the board & begin staining with proper staining cloths/clothes { Home Depot $5} ,& go with the natural grain of the wood. Make sure to wipe access stain off!
Note: I used an Espresso Stain!

Step 3.) 
Start Painting! I used some left over 'Sand Tan ' paint I had from our basement. It's a semi- gloss, although I was set on a sand chalk paint color, this worked fine.

**View below for the complete finished look**

Our finished patio/gazebo area turned out quite well & was quite an easy project { surprise } ,although my husband may have a different opinion { Ha Ha}. It's perfect for shielding the amount of sun we get in our backyard & also for evening & seasonal entertaining, secured & away from those pesky insects!!
* The Beverage Cart was a garbage find,the two black Lanterns were purchased at Big Lots last Fall $40, & the Topiary Tree & Candle were purchased @ Big lots as well $8 & $3 ! 
I definitely utilized the corner shelving. My husband found this rustic bottle opener/tap holder ,& what better use then to have it in the corner under the beverage cooler, cold drinks anyone?  The green beverage cooler is from Walmart purchased a long time ago ,I believe it was $10! 
The serving tray is vintage. The flowers & rustic pot are both from Dollar Tree. The candles were purchased at Big Lots $8, as well as the draped table cloth $5. The patio furniture & rug were purchased a while ago. The 'M' was purchased @ Michael's for $1!

Quaint & Simple,perfect for cool nights by the fire-pit!

The top is lined in round clear LED lights, that are on a timer. The lantern is wood & holds a vanilla candle also from Big Lots $13!
Note: Since this picture & 'staging' I have lowered the Lantern, per request of my dearest mum ;).

Hope you all have enjoyed this bright & useful  seasonal space. I 'm going to try & grab some pictures on a clear night of the space lit stick around :)!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

{My Shopping Cart}

Hey, ladies & of course gents! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!
 I thought I'd share where I tend to shop for Home Decor,Home Improvements, or any other items for the home. I get asked a lot "Where did you get that"? Well, truth is I shop ALL over. I'm not one to stick with one place or brand per-say. When I get a notion in my head ,or I'm looking for something specific for projects, I search all different areas including local,online,chains, independent,thrift & so on. Prime example of how I search for a specific item, my last post I stated I was looking for a  { Bread Box} well easier said than done! Bread boxes aren't necessarily a 'hot' item these days therefor it's been a challenge. I've tried a few quick places like +Target , and no luck. I'm now onto some online stores that specialize in unique or vintage goods. It really all depends on what type of style of goods you're looking for. Most of the time I'm not into trendy I may look at five places before I jump on something. I like a deal just as much as the next,but sometimes to achieve a 'look' you've got to spend a bit more or look a bit harder.  I'll post the links below of some of my favorite places to look & shop. Enjoy!

Note: Some of the places on this list, are better physically visited ,rather than online shopping. I'll highlight the sites that are better viewed in person .

As you can see my list is ALL over the spectrum! Some of these may sound weird or not flattering in the case of home decorating, such as Cracker Barrel  ! This is actually NOT true. Cracker Barrel has some great items & most are very limited or one of a kind. I actually purchased a hand dipped cinnabon candle & wanted to purchase a three piece vintage chic canister set ( Sold Out) ..I know I was bummed. So it's random places like this I look for my home goods. I also do love places like Target as well for easy access or basic items. Home Improvement shops such as Home Depot are great for larger items like rugs & lighting. For vintage items or items that you want to be unique or on the cheap for DIY , places like Salvation Army are great! These are just some of the places I like to frequent. If you have any places you shop for decor PLEASE SHARE I'm always looking for new inspiration :).

Friday, February 21, 2014

{Promote }

Hey! I like to update this section of the Blog periodically to promote amazing causes & organizations! 
As you all may know this section of the Blog is dedicated to our little part of trying to help abused & in need dogs ,or any animal/human for that matter! We've met some amazing { Angel Warriors } these past few months. I call them 'Angel Warriors', because they speak & act for the ones who have no voice. We worked with two amazing people Jane & Chris who work alongside the amazing Home Fur- Ever Rescue. Link Below!
Check this amazing organization out. They've not only  helped us with our rescue dogs ,but have become almost like family. It doesn't matter how much you donate even if it's $1, it's something!

**Picture property of  { The Quaint Sanctuary }


Hey, everyone! I know this doesn't have anything to do with Home Decor or Household items , but its near & dear to our hearts. These last few days I've been slacking due to having two in NEED house guest for the past 3 days! My husbands' work takes him all over the state & he also works a lot in the inner city. Here in the North we have a huge stray dog epidemic & he tends to bring them home when he can { How could you not?} So Tuesday he brought home two very thin & dirty pit-bulls. They were the cutest & sweetest dogs { most are}! My heart breaks for these babies when he brings them home. We do the best we can & set them up in his insulated garage with a mini heater & food.  When they go we PRAY they will be taken care of & LOVED! Each time it takes a piece of my heart. If it were my choice & we could.. I would adopt every animal that needed love & care!
  My point is LAWS NEED to be STRICTER on ANIMAL CRUELTY. So far we've gotten 7 dogs off the streets this year & one the following is  our Dog {Stinker}!...We're hoping for stricter laws on animal cruelty of every sort of animal, & stricter rules on breeding/ screening! Remember Animals don't have voices, BE that voice now!
Mark & Paige

** Please also keep in mind ADOPTION IS ALWAYS BETTER!

I do support/Promote & Don't Support/Promote.

*Animal Rescues/ non Breeders.
* St. Jude
* Any type of Cancer awareness 
* Homeless Adults & Teens
* Mental & Physically disabled

* All fur companies
* Sea world
*Dog racing
* Horse Racing
* Breeders
* Sports
Sport Hunting

Rescues we promote & donate to!

*Homes Fur Ever
* Dog Aide
*Their Last Resort
*Last Day Dog Rescue
* Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue
* Devoted Barn 
* A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple & Savory Gift Idea for {Him}..

 Lovers day is almost here! Looking for that special gift for that special stud in your life?! Well here's an awesome gift idea ,sure to fill that manly heart { He -He}. I came across this idea  a while ago & had it in the back of my head for Mark! It's the male version of the simple & traditional take on a bouquet for a man! The BACON BOUQUET! Yes, that ever so yummy breakfast food made into an amazing & creative gift for those of you who struggle with a gift idea for your honey etc..! I know these have been made before & were quite popular via Pinterest for sometime, but instead of just using bacon as the "roses" I used something a bit different for the middle...

     Here's How:
  • 1 Package Thick Bacon
  • 1 Package good Smokey Links
  • 1 Pack Bamboo Sticks
  • 1 Can Toothpicks
  • 1 Vase { Dollar Tree}
  • 1 Pack Gift Paper { Dollar Tree}

Take the bacon and smokey links & open them. Leave them in the package { for easy cleanup}. Take a smokey link & slowly ,but tightly roll the smokey link down the bacon strip. After its rolled, place a tooth pick in the the side to hold the "rose' in place. Do this until the whole package of bacon is gone. Place the rolled roses in the oven on 380 degrees for about 30 minutes, give or take. Keep a close eye on them. After they are done cooking , let them cool & dry them free of any dripping grease . Remove the toothpicks {slowly} & push bamboo stick through bottom of rose { Vertically}. Then simply arrange them in the vase & garnish with your personal touches. Hope you have enjoyed this manly Valentines, Birthday, or Special Occasion gift!

 ** Decorate anyway you would like. I used a tag & made a homemade rustic card { Tag} attached with string. I added a chalk tag with my husband's name & red paper to match the occasion 
{ Birthday}.




Thursday, January 2, 2014

{ DIY}

Hey, everyone. It's a gloomy Monday here in Michigan. More Ball mason tips & tricks. This is another set of Ball Mason jars I sprayed & distressed. I painted two,one was this size & one was a larger "Mom" mason. I simply sprayed them with white { Gloss finish}. Next time I will use a Flat finish for a more rustic appearance. After the inside & outside were dry, I took a nail file to them & distressed them a bit. I also wanted to mention I did use a non -acid silver tip pen{Michael's} to lightly go over the words & raised parts of the mason. This makes the rustic effect more visible & less effort. Just a small tip/trick. Hope this helps anyone going Ball Mason Crazy :).
{I placed these on our fireplace in the upstairs living-room . I also placed tall cinnamon stick sticking out of each of them}

Time for a change up in the kitchen! The buffet cart that was posted on a past post just received a face lift. If you remember it was an old buffet cart my neighbor pitched. It had an ugly dark chipped veneer finish & needed a much needed cleaning & paint job. I ended up painting it bright white & adding  black & white peel & stick paisley print paper. It matched perfect with our paisley parson chairs &  decor. Well..that was over year ago & the kitchen is nothing like that anymore. From recent post you pry can tell the kitchen is more of a rustic luxe with more creams,/ sages. I ended up peeling the paper off & hand painting{ last time Spray Painted} it a solid cream. The project was a success & only took about 2 hours in all. This project was a free face lift as I already had the cream paint. 



{Kitchen DIY}

This is from {Summer 2012}..
This cart was pitched in the trash by our neighbor. I  picked it out, and knocked the doors off as you can tell in the top picture. I cleaned it , and scrubbed layers of grease off the pealing veneer & 1960's finish. After cleaning and knocking the doors off and the middle shelf I was ready to PAINT!!! I picked up three cans of white gloss finish and sprayed until each crevice was covered. I then purchased some tack paper from the dollar store that just happened to match the theme of my kitchen which at the time was white/ paisley . Pealed and cut paper to stick to the cart & well its all history from there. Needless to say I love the cart & its purpose for the trash can and extra cute space. Its nice to have a movable cart which is also equipped with a pull- out cutting board all for under $10! Enjoy Loves!
Note: Excuse picture quality , this is from my Oh, so OLD camera! 

 These were plain mason jars my husband got from work as well.  As I know everyone is into mason jars right now..I simply cleaned & sprayed them with gloss blue. ( Don't use gloss on the distressed mason jars) Use flat paint!! Works better with the rustic charm look! I then took a nail file  & distressed the areas that would have normal wear & tear. I took some brown ribbon I had laying around & added it to the tops.  Stuck some Fake flowers..Yes, fake flowers.. my husband LAUGHS hysterically @ this..but hey I had them laying around in my scrap/crafts room. :) These went in the new kitchen decor. I will post before & after of the kitchen face lift!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

{Holiday Home Tour '13}

           { Dining & Kitchen }

Well, it's almost that special time of the year!! I don't know what everyone else is doing ,but here in our household my husband & I are prepping for hosting Christmas Eve! Lots to do in a short time. I managed to squeeze in a little staging/photo time to blog for the last time probably until {next} year ;). Here are a few pictures from what our Christmas dining room will most likely look like tomorrow while hosting dinner. I've added some new crisp white linen parson chair covers & swapped the plain black leather ones . I ended up picking  plain white parson covers at IKEA for a bargain $9 a piece. I was ecstatic to say the least. The solid colored ones were $40 a piece.  I swapped out the rustic wood reindeer for a classic & {lush-us} real Poinsettia ,Thanks to my mother. I brought out our gorgeous holiday dishes handed down from my lovely {Gram} along with the matching silverware. I think I covered everything... Just wanted to give everyone a peak at the different decor & what our Christmas Eve dining will look like. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Eve dinner & Christmas Day. See you all {NEXT} year!!!

Yes, That's a real Poinsettia :)

Side Note: The red velvet reindeer is vintage. I loved him. Thanks to thrift shop finds from my Mother!


Side Note: I moved the small buffet to the other dining wall for added space & a dessert table.


{ The holiday moose plates were purchased at Target }

{  Adult Hot Chocolate Yum!}

{ Basement }

I know, I'm late on getting these pictures up of our lower level! Forgive me. I'm finally just now feeling better after a cold. Our lower level is where we mostly do all our entertaining { I host Christmas} around the holidays thus why we have the   large tree downstairs. We opted for a real tree this year-YAY!! We went with a 7ft Fraser Fir and I stuck with my rustic country plaid theme. I added some bright red plaid ribbon along with some red beads & all our collected ornaments. Kept it simple with a monogram "M" tree topper & a red & white classic tree skirt. My village of course is the center of attention along with a small train set circling the tree this year.  White lights on the tree & garland on the fireplace top it off. I simply added some plaid candles & other Rustic ,Winter &, Christmas accessories to top off this space. Now it's time to enjoy,     { The Most Wonderful Time of The Year}.


{ Living Room }

     Now for the living room!!! Yes, the living room is much different in theme & style than the kitchen & dining. That's okay right?! I went with a sparkly chic cool blue Christmas inspiration in this area. I worked with the  cool colors that were already in the space. I must say this is one of my favorite Christmas spaces since I started decorating. It turned out just the way I wanted & on the {somewhat cheap}. I placed the snowflake inspired {white} YES,white Christmas tree next to our front entryway. I just simply added some glittered sparkled { Blue & Silver } ornaments from Big Lots & Dollar Tree. I believe I paid under $15 for all. I added a light -up silver bow a few years back for  $10. {Side Note:} I will not mention the store name ,because I DO NOT support the company.  The reindeer on the fireplace was purchased from Kohls's  for $15. It added some glitter & sparkle still with a hint of Christmas. The other goods on the fireplace such as the dark blue candles & silver holders..I had all those items. Yup, I know.. I'm a candle queen Ha Ha! The white lit garland was purchased from Big Lots for $10 & the white crystal -like tree in the middle was a gift from my dearest mother. She purchased it from the North @ a thrift shop. I must say it's one of my favorite pieces. The vases next to the fireplace I had I just simply added some brown stems, pussy willows & I bought 6 "sparkle sticks" three for each side from Michael s $17 ..a bit expensive ,but they fit the space/theme perfect & add a touch of Christmas magic He He.

{The presents are Faux,Just for looks}    

Happy Decorating & Stay Tuned for outside festivities,lights&  downstairs country Christmas Reveal!!!