Thursday, March 5, 2015

{ Our rustic Easter hutch! }

You may know this already,but I'm not the biggest fan of decorating crazily for Easter . This year I changed that mindset & decorated our whole hutch for Easter & If I do say so myself it's super rustic & cute!! I kind of fell in love with the greens , oranges & wood accents for this hutch!  The cute little bunny & bright plush carrots are the perfect pop of color & festive appeal it needed!

The Dog treats metal container is from +HomeGoods  as well as the wood chalkboard stand & the wood silverware caddy!

The  Copper bucket is from +Target  $3!! The rest of the goods are are vintage/thrifty finds with the exception of the apothecary jars +Kohl's !

That cute little rustic bunny is from the +TuesdayMorning store ! I just love his big ears & cute little face!   
Note: The carrot is attached to the bunny !

Those delicious looking carrots are from +TuesdayMorning  I got for under $5 ! I love the way they look on the white hutch & so cute on our vintage scale!!

How cute is that little bunny?! :)

Happy decorating & soon to be weekend guys!! Be sure to stop back around for some neutral Easter living room decor {{ Coming Soon }} !


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{ DIY Bunny Art! }

I'm not one to go hardcore when decorating for Easter ,but I couldn't resist posting this cute little DIY that I finished today! It's a simple Easter/Spring framed bunny with a bit of rustic glam ! I made this for under $12 including the frame & the supplies!


I printed a black bunny silhouette & then traced it on the brown & white polka dot wrapping paper! After gluing/ taping whichever you want { I taped } the bunny to some plain  white printing paper & added some cute little accessories ! The little bows & gems are from +Michaels Stores . I wanted to use a little bow-tie so I just used what I had & filled it in with a paint marker in black!  

Some bunny is cute { I couldn't resist}  Ha ha !

I added some pearl & diamond gem stones randomly for a unique rustic/glam look!  I think he's so cute!!

What's a bunny without some carrots ;) ?! These cute plushy carrots are from +TuesdayMorning !! 

Thanks again for stopping by!


Persia Lou

{ 5 Easy pet cleaning tips for your home! }

Today I'm going to try & help you tackle that one thing in the house that you can't ignore about that extra furry member of the family...Yes, keeping your home clean with dogs,cats etc.. Most of us have at least one  furry friend in the home that we love  unconditionally ,but hate the upkeep of the hair,smell, paw prints etc.. I have two semi large dogs & having OCD already-- keeping our home clean can become intense! Some of the steps I'm sharing today are just ways I've come to use to keep the pet hair & dirt down. If you have other ways I'd love to hear them as well, because lets face it any type of cleaning tip or trick is appreciated!

Stinker & Stewart M.

1. Keep a 'dog' blanket on the couch or on the section the dogs use. I keep a plush black one on the end for our dogs, this way when they lay down or climb on the couch etc.. their paws & whatever else may be on them won't travel to the other parts of the couch/ pillows! It's easier to wash a blanket or throw rather then the whole slipcover on the couch, microfiber or even wash down all the leather for prints!

2. Spray the couch lightly at least every 3 days with some type of cloth friendly antibacterial disinfectant! 

3. Make sure you have some type of plug in diffuser in your home for the smell. I have one plugged in at all times { I find using natural scents are more appealing. I like vanilla, cinnamon, apple etc..}  Even though  I have two medium sized dogs with medium length hair my house rarely smells like dog which leads me to my next tip!! 

Side Note : When the warmer weather starts I usually only have one diffuser going & rather  the windows open & fresh air circulating!

4. Make sure you're changing your furnace filter at least every 3 months! I know that sounds a bit obsessive & it is ,but with animals the filters tend to collect much more dander & airborne dust! 

5. Vacuuming once a day will ensure any hair, dirt etc.. will be picked up. Wet swiffer or wash flooring at least 3 times a week. On days that the dogs are less active/messy I usually only dry swiffer, but on 'rough' days I wet swiffer & vacuum !

These tips can be used for cats as well, just tweak a few things like washing the litter box instead of the 'dog' blanket etc..!  I hope these quick & easy tips help you start your spring cleaning & ease you into a light & fresh season!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

{ DIY Beer Bottle Carrot Centerpiece }

Happy Sunday funday?! I sure hope your Sunday was fun or relaxing or a mix of both! I came up with this idea randomly a few nights back about making carrots out of beer/glass bottles. I know the sound of it sounds a bit 'risky' on the DIY what the you know what, but honestly they turned out so cute! For close to nothing you can use them as Easter decor, centerpiece etc..Keep reading to see how I made these little buggers! 

Start off with whatever kind of tall glass bottles you can find or may have! The color of the glass doesn't need to be green etc..any color will work!!

I didn't have any orange paint, so I just mixed my own. Make sure the paint is somewhat thick as painting glass does require some patients & dry time. You'll need about 3 solid coats of paint on the  bottles!!

I love using these little cardboard seed planters for small paint jobs in the office. They're easy to work with & cheap from +Target 

 Make sure to tape the nape of the neck of the bottle off to ensure a clear separation.  After the paint dried I used a wire brush to go over the paint to  distress some spots & just 'shave' the paint a bit for a smoother appearance. 


I love how they look with our rustic farmhouse table runner. See how I made our runner here   DIY Farmhouse Table Runner

The tops are from some Dollar Tree flowers & dried wispy grass bundles I had ! Anything wispy & green will work just fine.

I played around with some different  options..

At first I liked the twine tied around the middle like this, but later switched to the nape of the bottle like in the pictures above thanks to my mum & her opinion!!

I really hope you guys liked this project & mini tutorial as much as I do!! It's so cute for Easter & adds that rustic/farmhouse,cottage & vintage appeal !

Have a lovely & inspired week everyone!


Persia Lou

Friday, February 27, 2015

{ I can't wait to try this..}

It's the weekend guys wooo hoo! I shared something on my Instagram account a few days ago about +Krylon Brand Spray Paint   in chalky paint finishes & wax in a spray can & whoa was it a hit!! I have not had the pleasure of trying this stuff yet , but this is such a game changer especially if you're always wanting to change out furniture colors etc.. I mean don't get me wrong I love other chalk paint brands too { Annie Sloan, Americana Decor, etc.. } but what changes things up is the fact that it's in a spray can !!! The after paint wax application could potentially be so much faster & actually more efficient & able to get in the cracks & crevices while coating every inch of the piece that's being painted/ waxed!

Note: Excuse the photos. When I'm out & about and come across something nifty to share with you guys there's no time to perfect a picture #snap&go! 

I quickly took this  phone picture while browsing +Michaels Stores  a few days ago. Each can retails for $9.99 which is pretty decent considering many of the chalk paints can retail anywhere from $10-40! I just love the ease of a spray can ,but I can't wait to see how the actual product looks & works compared to brushed chalk paint!!

While I'm at it I thought why not share this picture I snapped while at Michaels the other day too! Michaels has so many new items out for spring I couldn't help ,but stop & stare & snap a pic. I love all the industrial cottage/ farmhouse goodies they offer now- I'll take one of everything he-he!

Stay tuned for an actual tutorial / review on this product coming soon!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{ Hauls...why they're good }

       Today I'm sharing all about why shopping hauls are beneficial especially if you're constantly changing out decor or love staying with the current trends! Me, I don't care for most trends, I'd rather stick to classic traditional items that can be used in different spaces for different occasions etc.. Since blogging became my job I've really noticed which stores you can really do 'Hauls' & actually save the bank account from going completely empty!  I'm sharing a few of my favorite stores & why doing hauls at them can help you stock up on decor goods for less & save time! 

  If you're like me I usually go out shopping when something pops in my head that I can't improvise or make myself ..right?! Well, I don't really do that anymore, I actually go shopping pry twice a month & do  mini hauls on items that can be used for various occasions & holidays over & over, but in a different way. When you're shopping for specific item you're hunting so hard that most of the time when you find that item you're willing to spend just about anything & the item is strictly for one idea,project, holiday etc..When you do mini hauls like Michael's dollar days, IKEA'S thrifty bins , or Target's dollar spots you grab various goods that you don't necessarily need at the exact time,but could use down the road . Pick the items up that you see right then & there because they're usually on the cheap & can be used just about anywhere! If you shop at stores like Michaels, IKEA, or Target they usually have trendy & mixed in traditional/ regular home items in the dollar sections. I'm going to share two pictures below of an IKEA & Target haul from the dollar basket sections!! My favorite is probably Target & Michaels just because they do switch out the items quite frequently ,yet always seem to have some basic dollar goods consistently stocked in the bins which is nice !

 This haul I  did 2 days ago +Target Marketing Solutions - Internet Marketing ! I love these items because every item including the wire basket can be used for different things throughout the year. Spring, summer,Easter etc..The basket, chevron candle,'M' & chalkboard all cost under $14!!!

This haul I did when I revamped my sisters bedroom a few months ago! We picked up some basic items- candles, pillow cases, plush throw, planters & floral inserts..all which can be used for different seasons & settings because they're mostly neutral goods. These items were priced mid range from +IKEA USA !!

Thanks for stopping by ! Have fun with decorating while making your  sanctuary budget friendly ! Happy hauling guys!!


Persia Lou

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{ DIY 'Welcome' Sign }

Today I'm sharing a cute & simple DIY  { Welcome } sign! I've been searching for something to hang in our little entryway with our little rustic watering can, but haven't been able to find anything , so I made something for under $10 !! 

I picked up some simple rustic polka dot wrapping paper at +Marshalls  for under $3 & grabbed a wooden 'welcome' sign from +Michaels Stores  for $1! I had the frame  { +Target  $4 } from a previous project!!

Placed the glass over the back of the paper & cut to measurements! 
The wooden decal wasn't a 'stick on' so I just used some industrial glue I had. I used a generous amount & then let the glue become tacky before pushing the decal on the glass! 

Note: Be sure to wipe any excess glue from in between the lettering with a cloth . I had a bit of run-off but it adds charm right haha!? 

The watering can is from Kohl's $3!! 
The frame I distressed a bit with some dark wax around the edges! 
I love the way it turned out!! The simple white flowers & touch of metal from the can bring such a spring feel! 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

{ Thanks for Choosing Me, Charlotte ! }

- RIP - CHARLOTTE - 2007 -2015 -

>> Binks ,Nudges & Kneads …My dear Charlotte.

<< You were  there surrounding me when I was sick, sad, happy & proud. I’ll miss your grumbling purr & twitching bunny nose, but most of all I’ll miss you.

>> You were my late night buddy, office mascot, & most of all my friend. Your sweet & soft lovable & plush body was always the light to my day, even when it was dark. Learning to care & love you was one of the best gifts I've been granted. Thank you for choosing me.

<< I’m writing this letter with pools of tears in my eyes ...- my office is so lonely without you... you were the ULTIMATE PET.

>> First love into our lives transitioning from young crazy kids to mature adults finding our way through life. You were there to celebrate our first place, our wedding, & all of our crazy home improvements; you even helped get me through college.

 << You were more then just a ‘bunny’, but my friend & baby!

>> I’ll miss & love you forever & always, Charlotte from Charlotte, MI. 

Love, M & P 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

{ Our Valentine's Day Mantel & more... }

As I sit here writing this post & looking at this picture I can't help but laugh!! This is us in a nutshell on the daily! We're two loony love birds working our way through life & goals one step & sometimes two at a time ;) ! True believers in 'Love Conquers All '!  We want to wish you all lots of humbling love this Valentine's Day!

Now for some Valentines decor! If you've been following my blog or my other social media sites you'd know that I'm not one to decorate for Valentine's Day for any other little holidays...but this year I couldn't resist !! I picked up  3 wood frames from Michaels { $1 each} & painted them with some grey & blue mixed chalk paint & made some white pipe-cleaner hearts & added some little treasures . I knew exactly what I was going for decorating our Valentines mantel..old vintage with a  romantic touch!


I wanted the frames to have the vintage look so I went with all black & white photos with the film strip tops! 

 Some Lovey Dovey M + P !

What's Valentine's Day without some champagne , flowers & old pictures? The little champagne candle is one of my treasured  items, it's from our wedding & smells  of delicious vanilla & coconut !

The flowers are also a very treasured gift we received from my dear grams for our first little condo back in 2008! They're absolutely beautiful & they light up!!!

 A few photos from us over the years.. ;)

Mark, Paige, Charlotte, Stinker & Stewart