Saturday, April 11, 2015

{ DIY Indoor/ Outdoor Rustic Wood Coasters }

What a gorgeous day it's been!! The weather was perfect for some much needed sunny patio DIY! A few day's ago my dear husband came home with these cute little fresh wood slices..& well, you know I had to DIY them somehow! I decided to make cute little coasters with some simple chalk paint & a little monogram action!  Come see how I made these for close to nothing!!

These are the easiest indoor/outdoor coasters!! Grab some wood slices { free } & dust them of any dirt etc..Use some stick on letters & place them wherever on the wood you want to monogram! I used a sponge brush & just 'feathered' the paint on. When you're painting make sure NOT to paint the wood perfect or drench the wood..remember they're suppose to be rustic so leaving some natural grain lines etc..are essential! After the chalk paint dries { 15 mins in the sun } then distress them with a Brillo pad or brush. Dust off any dirt & or paint again & finally use a clear cream wax to seal the coasters!

I love the color { It's a mix of two Americana Decor colors I customized }! The grain shines through perfectly!

These coasters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use & bonus they're durable for parties & bonfires etc..

I went with a simple M & P, but you could really do anything with these..& for close to nothing! 

I sure hope you all are enjoying this lovely northern weather today! I joked with my mom I think in the two hours I was working on these little buggers & photographing I got burnt already haha! Front & back patio decor & DIY is coming soon!!


Monday, March 30, 2015

{ DIY Man Organization... }

What a gorgeous & blustery Monday afternoon it is!! I hope everyone is having a happy & productive day thus far! Today I'm here sharing a little DIY my husband took on this weekend...Yes, he actually came up with this & pretty much executed it with a few little exceptions & finishing touches!! A few weeks back I mentioned via Instagram that we had found some scrapped chippy green dresser drawers & to stay tuned as to what we were going to do with them...well we finally found them a home in our laundry room. My husband uses our laundry room all the time from in the morning getting dressed to coming home & throwing his mounds of clothes everywhere { He's worth it } haha ! It's a semi large space with a cozy clean , yet rustic's not fully finished ,but it's still cute & gets the job done! 

I know.. don't cringe at the picture on the wasn't always like that..but then comes along my dear husband & well you get the picture..;) ! Anyway, we had these free rustic drawers & they made pretty great rustic storage bins for all his work clothes!! 

1.) Apply the letters, I used some from +Michaels Stores ! Just peel & stick & make sure they're secured in place to paint over! Apply painters tape around the lettering in  square { It doesn't need to be perfect }..remember it's rustic!!

  2. ) Apply a thin layer of paint using the feathering technique so the lettering doesn't come off or move. I also recommend using a sponge brush..

3.) Allow the paint to dry { Chalk paint dries within 25 minutes usually } take the stickers off before the paint hardens completely!!

Side Note: I also took a wire brush & went over the lettering after for a more chippy aged look..this step is optional!!
** I used Americana Decor chalk paint in a custom color I made..It's a blue/grey color!! 

- Misc, Socks & Rags -

I love how these little labels turned out! They looks like they've been on these little vintage drawers forever! 

 Thought I'd throw in a picture of our laundry room..Thinking that table needs a little TLC pick me up too ;)..
 Everything in this laundry room including the two wood cabinets, table & vintage accessories etc.. are all garbage finds! The rug is from +Big Lots  $20!! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week & have enjoyed this simple budget friendly rustic & manly DIY organization...that was a mouthful haha! 


Inspiration Monday

Monday, March 23, 2015

{ Checklist to Buying a House! }

Happy Late Monday & early Tuesday!!! I trust you all had an amazing weekend! It was in the mid 30's here in the north...I know, heat wave for us ha-ha, but we did manage to get some much needed spring/ summer preparation supplies for the yard & more! As we were picking up some yard supplies  { gravel, umbrella, etc.. } we started thinking about moving!! If you've been reading my blog since last year you would know that 2015/ early 2016 will be the year we are moving...again! This will be technically our 2rd house & 3rd home { 1st place was a condo }! Our 3rd home will be our semi permanent home for the next 10 years & this time we have some check points that need to be addressed & hopefully executed to some extent! Today I'm sharing some information & tips other then just financial advice to help the buying process be as efficient as possible!

Photo Property of The Quaint Sanctuary

1.) Be sure the area { city , township,county, providence etc.. } is low in crime, & desirable for your needs! Make sure if you're involved in activities that they're in reasonable accessible distance etc..!

2.) Make it a point to meet the neighbors & cruise the neighborhood for activity/perspective and familiarize yourself with your potential extended neighbors/ neighborhood! 

3.) Check things out that you wouldn't think twice about like where your bedroom is located in the house? Is it close to a neighbors driveway, street, building etc..?!

4.) Check the listings of other homes in the neighborhood from the past & present year to detect the median house range, & value indications! 

5.) When inspecting a potential home make sure it has at least some of the major items you would like { Example: Fireplace } . Things like adding a fireplace, brick wall, island, patio, extra rooms etc.. are all high cost jobs that could  potentially be over-updating the house in that priced neighborhood! This is a real issue if you EVER plan to sell again & plan to make at least some profit when trying to resell! I know it sounds insane ,but there is such thing as updating your home too much for a certain area. Do your research & replace with price/material sensible products for that location!!

6.) Make sure that the land  the house is on is big enough for any extra ' toys ', vehicles, or even expandable if need be! Check the zoning laws & city codes/ordinances!

7.) Check the animal laws if you plan on adopting or adding any pets to your family! Each city has its own laws & regulations on this matter, and it can be tricky!!

8.) Make sure all the major appliances / structures in the home  work or have at least another 3-5  years life to them. Having to repair major issues in a home can set you up for failure & cause other internal / external issues in a home !

9.) Be sure you LIKE the house! I know this sounds crazy or a given, but in many cases people just jump into a home because of time crunches, desperation or lack of information. If you don't like the style or design of the home that's a red flag NOT to buy!!!

10.) Check the school district out even if you plan on not having children! If you ever decide to sell this is a big either plus or minus depending on how the school system in that city/ district is rated! 

 I hope these tips & tricks help you make the perfect decision on your new home!! 

 Have a great


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

{ Key Lime Pudding Cake Parfait }

Happy Tuesday & St. Patrick's Day guys!! I'm a bit Irish, so I'm celebrating by making a greenish dessert he-he { more so because my hubby is a sugar addict }! This simple & actually refreshing dessert is so easy to make & it makes quite a bit to share with friends & family for special occasions or just because!  Keep reading for this yummy treat & recipe below. 


.. Ingredients ..

  • 1 jar key lime pie filling
  • splash of pure lime juice
  • half a bag cinnamon graham crackers
  • cinnamon
  • 4 cups vanilla pudding
  • pinch of powder sugar
  • 1 lemon cake mix { 4 eggs, oil, water }
  • pinch of almonds
  • banana slices for garnish
  • 1 container vanilla frosting

.. Directions ..

This is my very own recipe so I will explain simply what I did ,but I don't have exact recipe as I wasn't reading from a card or Pinterest pin. I baked the cake to the directions on the box, with he exception of adding 4 eggs instead of 3 for a more moist cake! After the cake was cool I cut both cakes { I used two round glass pie dishes } in the middle into mini round cakes. I placed the first one in the bottom of the parfait dish & covered it with the key lime pie filling. I then placed the second piece of  cake on top of the first piece & covered it with the 4 cups of vanilla pudding.The liquid will fill the sides or should , if not use a spoon to cover top of cake pieces & the sides. After the second piece of cake is covered in the vanilla pudding take the crust from one of the cakes & place around the outer edge of dish as perfect as possible. Cover this last step with 1/3 container vanilla frosting or less . Pour the smashed up graham crackers on the top of the frosting & garnish with some cinnamon. Take a few pieces of almonds & banana slices & garnish top in a little circle & chill !!

First layer before the key lime filling..

Second layer on top of the key lime!

After the vanilla pudding.

 Add this crust to the outer edges & fill with vanilla frosting & continue recipe/ garnish & enjoy!!

Side Note : I used some powdered sugar on the top of the banana slices & almonds..totally optional!!

Wishing you all a happy & safe St. Paddy's Day!


Persia Lou