Monday, August 10, 2015

{ Red Velvet & Raspberry Mousse Parfait }

Hi, guys! So this was a spur of the moment post I wasn't even planning on doing really, but once I finished making it I thought whyyy not?! Typical me & what makes my little blog practical right haha? Anyways.. I went on a major grocery shopping haul today { blahh} &decided to pick up some stuff to bake with & well I made this yummy parfait!! I usually cook/bake a lot through the week for us, but honestly I haven't been cooking very much at all..I blame the summer haha! I came up with this little recipe when I spotted the huge pack of delicious red raspberries!! Sit back , grab a pen & paper and jot this one down for an end of the summer treat!:)

 1 red velvet cake mix
1 can raspberry filling
1 large pack of fresh raspberries
1 pack of Jello brand chocolate mousse
chocolate chips
4 eggs for cake mix
oil for cake mix
milk or water for cake mix
vanilla extract
powdered sugar for garnish


Follow the instructions for the cake { I sprinkled some sweet chocolate chips in each pan with a dash of vanilla extract }. Instead of using 1 square cake dish use two round pans or dishes , so they fit in the parfait dish! Let the cakes cool & then cut a circle in each { if they're to big to fit in the parfait dish}. I leave our range fan on to speed up this process ;)!! After you've made & are cooling the cake, start on the mousse part!! I bought two boxes & it literally took 5 minutes. Read the instructions & put in the fridge until you're ready to use. Wash the fresh raspberries & get started assembling the parfait!! The 1st layer should be mousse, the 2nd cake, 3rd raspberry filling from the can, 4th cake again & finally the last scoop of mousse!! Fill the surrounding edges with as many raspberries as possible & place a few on top!!  Sprinkle with a few chocolate chips & powdered sugar & you're done!! See super easy & yummy.


This is my own recipe so feel free to tweak it etc.. It's super simple & actually surprisingly not overly sugary!! With some ice cold milk & of course some cute straws { You guys know I'm straw obsessed ha} it's the perfect end of the summer dessert for any occasion ! 
Enjoy loves!


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Sunday, August 9, 2015

{ Practical Home Office Decor & Storage }

Heyyyy! It seems like it's been forever since I published a post...Lots has been going on or you could say lack of! Lets just get right into it, you know those spaces where you have a vision, but either budget/space or both seem to get in the way? Ya, well our home office / DIY spot is like that!! It seriously bugs the crap out of me that it's usually in disarray & well the decor wasn't really speaking to me hahah! I ended up switching out some stuff like pictures, decor, & adding some neutral storage boxes etc..It feels so much brighter & the junk aka tools are hidden away in cute organizers!! This space gets used a lot so, I wanted to keep everything from my chalk paints for smaller projects to our personal paperwork organized!! As with anything I blog  this space was done on a practical budget with items from regular stores etc..I promise there are no $400 desk or $300 chairs..yet hehe just kidding!! 

I got these cute little neutral storage  boxes for $4 at +Michaels Stores ! They're super cute, cheap &are pretty sturdy for the price actually!!

Side Note: The polka-dotted mouse-pad was a DIY, I'll be blogging it soon hopefully!! 

I've always loved this picture. It was a gift from my aunt & uncle when we first moved into our condo years back!! I thought it looked cute hanging in the office with the "Office" sign from at +HomeGoods  above it!! I mean how cool would that be to have your office hundreds of feet off the ground?! I hate heights, but love this vintage inspired picture!!

Both the crocks are thrifts & I just added some cheapy flowers for the ambiance! The old vintage stamped drawer was a garbage find!!

**The metal white flower wall organizer is  from +HomeGoods as well as the driftwood wreath!

I've been looking for a new office chair literally for months now!! I'm not paying $300 for a chair, so this garbage find one will work for now or until my back gives out eek! I'm thinking an +IKEA USA  parsons chair for support, comfort & appeal! Guess I'm headed to their clearance area soon..

For smaller projects or when it's cold out, I use the office & work table to paint, diy etc..My paints are usually all over so this basket helps keep them organized & still visible as to what I have/need to replace! The basket was a hand-me-down! 

I really hope you guys got some rustic inspiration for your office or crafty space!! I know office accessories & furniture can be really expensive , so being able to share some  simple/thrifty alternatives   was a must!! 

Have a great week guys!!


Monday, August 3, 2015

{ Simple & Profitable Garage Sale Tips!! }

Hey everyone!!  I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a long, sunny & accomplishing weekend enjoying the outdoors right in our own yard actually..weird right?! We actually held a " Vintage Sale" this weekend & it was quite a success!! I've mentioned this before ,but we "pick" all through the year &  the last 3 summers we've held garage sales & this year we held a VINTAGE SALE!!!! It was actually pretty fun & we made some fast cash off of thrifty finds & stuff I already blogged & needed to purge! Nothing is safe in our house furniture wise haha, constantly  staging,moving, photographing & swapping stuff out!!  Today I'm sharing some of our tips to bring in the customers & cash!!!

1.)  Stage your goods!!

This is a big one that many forget to do! When people are shopping they try to picture what the stuff will look like in their space or what they would pair it with, just help them out ;)! My hubby actually staged this little rug & vintage trunk with the chandy & brass pot! Give people a visual on stuff you're trying to sell!!

2.) Make a Simple/ Sturdy /Unique Sign!!

This one is also huge!! I know everyone likes to go buy the Dollar Tree "Garage Sale" signs, but honestly they're generic, small & flimsy!! We bought some $6 board at our local Home Depot & grabbed some free, yes freee scrap pieces from Home Depot to use as the stake ! I used a permanent black maker & outlined the lettering in white chalk after & tapered the corners with green. It's simple, rustic & eye catching! Instead of just using " Garage Sale" or "Yard Sale" I used "Vintage Treasures" instead & boy was that a hit!!! We had people directly asking if this was the Vintage sale & how they specifically were looking for our sale!! Now, I know not everyone is selling vintage treasures, but be CREATIVE!! 

3.) Post the sale on Craigslist!! 

Many people look on Craigslist & map out their day of where they want to hit before hand! We posted a simple ad with 3 simple pictures, time & address! Be clear & simple with a little visual! 

4.) Make sure your items are clean!!!

I get that this is a yard/garage sale, but do you like shopping dirty, dusty or smelly goods? Yeah, me either! It takes a few minutes to dust or wipe something down with water. If you don't have time to wash the stuff use some vanilla spray or antibacterial spray!!

5.) Use tables & organize items together!

Make sure items are somewhat categorized . Put all the wall decor together, clothes in one area, & furniture together displayed!! We used two black tables with burlap runners, for a more concise look. The burlap was $8 & I'm using the leftover for a win!!!

6.) Offer  FREE refreshments!!

I'm not saying go buy $20 in pop , we offered  $2 lemonade with some $1 vanilla wafer cookies! People were so pleased & actually  commented how nice that was!! I mean for $2 to make someone happy & shop more on a hot summer day...It's worth the $3 in lemonade & cookies!!

7.) Price everything!!

This is something we actually learned..we actually did price everything, but some of the tags fell off with the wind etc..It makes for awkward on the spot pricing, which isn't good for the seller..haha!

8.) Make it FUN!! 

Seriously why not make the best out of the warm weather while sitting & waiting for customers etc.. We had the country music going { low } & a huge fan going for the added breeze { Thank gosh, it was 88 today } !! 

9.) Greet EVERYONE!

Greet everyone with a warm welcome & " Help yourself to some free lemonade & cookies"! I'm telling you it works!! 

10.) Be fair!!!

Don't gouge on people! If you have something marked $5 & they offer 3..Take it!! It's a garage sale & just because you paid an outrageous price or you - THINK- it's valuable doesn't mean others will!!

11.) Have a FREE box!

This also draws people in. Who doesn't like something free? #freeisforme

Well there you have it, all the simple tips & tricks to purge all your junk..I mean treasures  onto someone else while making some moneyyyy!!

Have a great week everyone!! 


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Friday, July 31, 2015

{ Rustic/ Glam Master Bedroom Reveal!!! }

Hey everyone!! It's almost the weekend yay!! I've been teetering { AKA nailing, 3m-ing & driving my husband nuts}  with our master-bedroom for the last month!! I know what you're thinking omgooshhh she's at it again with the master haha!! To be fair & honest I've done quite a few perk-ups since we moved in this house in 2012, but nothing as drastic as this..I would change out bedding & side table decor/ curtains, but nothing that was tooo different!! I got the idea in my head that I wanted more of a rustic/glam/classic/modern cottage { Yes, that's my style haha} space instead of the bright & frilly shabby chic/ granny chic feel! We've had the same light tiffany blue walls & the generic "love & dream" signs since 2008!!! I went to three stores { Target, IKEA & Michaels } over a period of 3 weeks gathering inspiration & decor goods. I hit a major sale at Michaels & scored $120 worth of stuff for $55!! When I'm planning a space redo I like to gather stuff over time to make sure it's exactly what I want & to ensure it's not rushed. I also didn't want something that was generic or looked like it stepped out of a Pottery Barn catalog { Yes, I LOVE P.B, but wanted something personalized } without breaking the bank!! You guys know I'm all about cute, cozy & practical in just about every aspect of my life, so this was no different..

So lets start with this awesome chest that is one of my favorite pieces!!  Instead of changing out the fabric I used some household bleach!! I gave it a good scrub then painted the hardware with some black chalkboard paint I had laying around &it instantly  transformed this piece!!  I love having a chest at the end of our bed for extra bedding, sheets & it adds a cute little sitting area in any bedroom with limited space! 

Side Note: Scroll all the way to the bottom for a full source list!

To get the added rustic/industrial/glam feel I love adding baskets & vintage books!! The baskets add the texture & the books add the charm!

I always try to explain to people when I'm helping them with a project that patterns & textures are the key to any space. I learned this a while ago from some talented ladies in this blog world! Adding different pattern & texture to a space , while still using similar colors will add that layering & boldness each space needs to be complete. You can see I stuck with black, tan, and white , but added different patterns with the space colors!! For the pop of color the walls & greenery took care of that!

I'm so picky with lamps & rugs..Yup, I've said this a million times before! I desperately wanted to change out our rugs, but couldn't find any that I LOVED or that weren't $300..Ya,this is a  P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L revamp ,and $300 for a 5x7 isn't practical.  Onto the lamp ordeal haha, I actually did replace the shades with sage green shades that were brand new sitting in my decor room forEVER! I hated the sage green, so I painted them  black!! 

I know I've also explained the panel of curtains behind the bed before, but for anyone new here it goes again..See that window to the right of the bed? Well, I hate that the window isn't centered so my lovely mum came up with the idea to use curtains, it's genius and solved my OCD issue ;)!! Anyway we've always had white grommet curtains & I got pretty sick of them, not to mention our silver rod was taped together hanging above our head #whoops! We replaced the rods on both windows to black  with rustic/industrial glass knobs! I love the black & white curtains & the effect it gives to the bed without using a typical headboard! I'm not one for headboards to begin with , but paying $3000 for one isn't only ridiculous, but not practical for the average person wanting to revamp their bedroom!!

- Sweet Dreams -

P.S. sorry about the 3rd grade handwriting haha... my finger has a chemical burn on it right now !

Although I loved the silver glass beaded chandelier we had, it just wasn't working for this space anymore. We decided to switch it out for this $9 candle lantern!! 

 Ahh this last picture has my name all over it..Fresh new IKEA magazine & a cozy clean bed waiting for me!

I hope you guys loved this room reveal as much as we both do!! It doesn't take thousands to make a space cozy, personalized, or fresh! First add the essentials like rods, curtains & bedding and go from there! Decorating shouldn't be  a rushed process { I learned the hard way } it takes time to figure out your style etc..Play around with spaces & make it your own!!

Source List:

Black & white curtains - Dollar General & IKEA
Black & white striped pillow-cover - IKEA
Tan ruffle pillows - Tuesday Morning
Black & glass curtain rods - IKEA
Cream pillow-cover - IKEA
Ampersand pillow-cover - Target 
Nightstand baskets - Michaels
Chalkboard accessory - Michaels
His & Hers sign - Hobby Lobby
Black & cream throw - Better Homes and Gardens
Tan & cream striped duvet - IKEA
Black chargers - Michaels
Glass hurricanes on nightstand - Target
Greenery - IKEA & Michaels
Metal Vases next to bed - Target
Mirrors - Thrifts
Lantern chandelier - IKEA
"&" sign - DIY
Wood tray - HomeGoods
Chest - Thrift
Nightstands - IKEA



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{ Simple & Practical Back Entry Organization }

Hey lovely friends & followers or anyone who may be reading my little blog!! It's been a crazy few days here in our home..I just finished our "adult style" bedroom & this cute little practical back entry organization area !! With both those DIY/projects going on I decided to take a little trip to the beach with another blogger friend of mine & get some much needed sun...Yup, I sure did get some sun, SUN POISONING!! Yes, I had sunscreen on ,50 to be exact & still managed to get fried & of all places my legs. I felt great & then the spins, shakes & nausea hit..Thankfully my lovely hubby kept me hydrated & I'm feeling a bit better..UGH! Anyways, I hope you all are having a better week hahaha #sunblock ;) !! So I shared via Facebook & Instagram that I bought a cute little galvanized metal Smith & Hawken organizer for wait...$8.89!!!! If you're +Target  obsessed like me ,then you'd know that Smith & Hawken goods hardly ever go on sale & honestly they're not the cheapest goods. This was originally over $30 I believe, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it when I spotted it...  

I love this little drop location!! We don't have the biggest back entry, but it works fine for us!! The way our home is setup you can exit from the sliding  patio door or actual backdoor. We usually use the sliding door..with that being said we are always forgetting something { cough, cough} my hubby is haha! When I spotted this little organizer for under $9 I had to grab it!! 

It has three pretty deep compartments & easy switch out label cards!! It's great for hats,dog leashes,wallets,notebooks, earbuds & well JUNK !!! I think this is great because it helps keep the back entry clear & helps certain people remember things haha { Just kidding honey } !!

The picture was a DIY gift from my mom , the +The Yankee Candle Company  candle was also a gift & the silver tray & rustic pitcher were thrifts!! I thought it all looked so cute paired with the striped white/ grey curtains from +IKEA USA  & our little DIY shoe-rack { Search popular post  on the right side of the blog for that project } ! I threw a candle in because who doesn't like smelling a fresh  Yankee candle when entering/exiting their home?! 

Side Note: The grass in the pitcher I snipped from our front garden.

I love this little organized area now!! Everything has its place..keys,junk,& shoes all for nearly nothing { under $35 }!! Even little spaces can  and need to be organized in our home!! I mean who likes searching for things or forgetting thing when walking out of the door?! Yeah, me either hehe! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this thrifty, simple & PRACTICAL DIY & Organization post!!

Thanks for reading!!:)


Friday, July 17, 2015

{ DIY Umbrella Tiki Torch! }

Happy Friday & almost weekend! I swear this week flew by & with the nice weather for the weekend ahead I'm pretty excited!! Today was filled with two photo sessions on two projects I've been wanting to share, a cuddly breezy nap with my hubby ,and when I woke up he was walking in the door with  pizza...nice right?! Sometimes you just need those kind of days haha! Anyways back to the DIY I'm about to share with you guys..It's so needed in the summer if you're like us & don't have a gazebo or barrier for the nasty blood sucking skeeters { mosquitoes} haha! I've got the perfect little DIY that seriously anyone can do. All you need is a regular umbrella pole, & a $5 citronella filled tiki torch!! 

So if you've been reading my little blog for a while now you would know last year we popped up one of those little gazebos & loved it for summertime!! It shaded our completely sun drenched backyard & it had a decent net to keep the pesky blood suckers off of you! Well with the big storms at the end of last summer/fall our little gazebo  took a beating & when I say beating, I mean it was crumbled into a pile of metal junk..This year we decided to skip the gazebo { since we might be moved by next summer } & just pop up a regular umbrella. That's fine & dandy, but guess whose back? Yup, you guessed it..... the SKEEEEETERS!!!!! My hubby who is always coming up with simple & sensible ideas, came up with this actually!! 

Start with a tiki torch of any kind as long as it's filled with citronella bug repellent fluid . We got these 2.5 years' ago & they're still going strong!!! When they run out of fluid just refill & you're good to go!!  


Remove your umbrella & slip the tiki torch down until you cant push it down anymore! Most tiki torches are smaller in width then the actual umbrella pole ,so this works perfect! The umbrella pole encases the tiki torch & essentially holds it in place!!

Our umbrella is help in place by this wood pot & a mix of pea gravel/dirt! This is best used when there isn't much wind!! I liked the look of the pot better & we just had it laying around so we decided to use it. It's not the most secure post, but this still should work with a regular umbrella stand!! Obviously if it's extremely windy don't put the tiki torch in!!  I'm demonstrating in the daytime..we usually switch out the umbrella at dusk or when we get the fire going. We've used this a few times & we're pretty pleased!! 

For $5 , we love this little fix!! 

Have a great weekend friends!!