Thursday, November 12, 2015

{ Vintage Inspired Bakery Cabinet! ]

Happy Thursday guys!!! It's gloomy & rainy here in the north..blahhh { I'd rather have snow} & to be honest I'm not in the greatest mood..eek! You know those times you wish you could say what you really want to or are thinking about a situation or about people...Ya, I'm in one of those funks haaha! Anyways to cheer myself up I decorated our dining room cabinet for Christmas & I'm in loveee! I went with a traditional vintage bakery inspired look this year..I wanted something warm, festive & inviting , so I skipped on all the newer looking or store bought goods this year & came up with this little bakery inspired theme. I'll be posting the whole 2015 Holiday Home Tour soon, but for now I'm sharing this adorable & thrifty { All used or Dollar Tree goods} corner cabinet styled like a cute bakery!!! 

I got this idea in my head I wanted to carry on with the farmhouse style in the kitchen,but still wanted some traditional pops of red, so here came the thought to make it like an old fashioned bakery!! I remembered seeing these cute little candle cupcakes at Dollar Tree so I grabbed a few, a cupcake pan, & some pie pans. I bought the white mason jars from +Marshalls    a while ago on sale & they fit perfect in the spot!! The candlesticks &vintage kettle were both free finds!!

I'm really into these simple earthy/Christmasyy wreaths this year!! I have two of these & they were gifts from +IKEA USA  from last  year!!

This cabinet is one of my favorite pieces in our little dining room! I love how old it is, & the little chipped paint in random spots on it!!

How cute are these little cupcakes guys?? They smell pretty yummy too. I'm always preaching this on TQS, but think outside of the box when decorating..I mean I used candles & baking goods for this little setup..& all for under $10!!

I spotted these Coca-Cola glasses last night at Dollar Tree with my grams & I couldn't resist!!  I knew they'd give that Christmas, yet vintage diner/bakery feel..see again something different, yet fits well with the theme! I mean for a $1 each..& P.S. if you know us, you know we're Coca-Cola bad!

I loveee those crocks & when I say love I mean it haha! They're like my pride possessions & they were all FREE!! I stuck them up there after bringing them in to clean them up from outside  & actually really liked them up there so I decided to leave them alone. I stuck some thrift store Christmas trees in them for some rustic holiday cheer! 


I hope you guys liked this little setup I came up with!! You guys know I like to keep it simple, thrifty,fresh & this screams all of that I think.. .! It's actually  putting me in the mood to bake up a little something..More on that later :)!! Happy night guys!! What do you think of this little bakery styled cabinet??


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{ Our Favorite Michigan Holiday Attractions! }

I can't believe it's almost  Wednesday already..I can't say that I'm not kinda sorta happy about that! We've got a lot packed & planned for this weekend including some Christmas card photos, outdoor decor & lots of cozy holiday fun!! Speaking of holiday fun, today I'm sharing 4 of our favorite spots in Michigan to visit around Christmas time!!! I'm actually sharing 5, but the fifth we're trying new  to us this year!! I thought it'd be fun to share what we've been doing traditionally for the past  6 years mostly because of our niece, but also because we're both Christmas cazyyy, or maybe I just am..Mark?? hahaha! Once November hits I'm planning stuff out just about every other weekend! Michigan offers some great Christmas attractions both luxury & budget friendly for couples & families!! If you're traveling to Michigan for the holidays or just need some new ideas just  keep reading this little mini guide! Sit back with some raspberry hot chocolate { my fav } & read about some of our favorite festive holiday spots { The direct link to the site will be provided as well }! 

1. Frankenmuth/ Bronners!

Okay, I know this is an obvious one, but recently I've come to hear that many of people haven't even heard of Frankenmuth or BRONNERS...How?? It's the most toured Christmas town! We love coming here for a little day getaway especially around Christmas! It's so quaint, peaceful & the food is seriously delicious! It's caked full of homemade candy shops, German food  junking shops, yup lots :) & Christmas EVERYTHING! 

2. Greenfield Village Holiday Nights!

We found out about this back in 2012 & have went almost every year since! It's the most fantastic historical tour & scenery ever! The Henry Ford museum itself is amazing & then add Greenfield Village into the mix for Christmas is just stunning. The holiday nights tour offers in depth looks into the Greenfield Village historical homes, Christmas foods { they actually are making real food in the historical homes like an 1800's etc.. Christmas would be}, music, carolers, treats, vintage car rides, ice skating, vintage carousel, period food & bonfires on each corner & horse drawn carriage rides all historically themed!!!! I mean I love history already, but this little historical Christmas is amazing. If you've got kids they offer an amazing Santa & " real " reindeer & more..Go grab some tickets to this & be sure to dress WARM!!

3. Wayne County Hines Lightfest!

This is something almost every South East Michigander knows about!! It's simple/ budget friendly & offers that Christmas time fun all while driving cozied in your own  car listening to Christmas music ,and viewing thousands of lights!! It's a few miles long, under $10 a car & at the end if you're interested there's  Santa pictures & little treats! 

4. Lexington, Michigan Tree Lighting & more!

This one is near & dear to my heart! It's where my grandparents retired to & my grandma has been living for the past 15 years. She was just 5 minuted out of town & this was always one of my favorite things to do up there! It's a little more north, but not too far for all of us downstate in Michigan. It's about 2 hours away in the little town of Lexington. This tree light includes open shops with adult & kid friendly drinks/appetizers, trolley rides, shopping, tree lighting, and Santa all while overlooking the marina!! It's a cute, crisp & quaint little retreat or just plain old family fun all  in one!! 

5. Huckleberry Village!

Okay this is new to us..or should I say kinda new in the sense we've never been, but heard so many great things the past few years. They offer a huge authentic train, shops, drinks & food!! They put on a "Polar Express" night on the train for kids & more. We can't wait to try this vintage attraction out this year!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little attraction list! I know it's a bit different from most of my post, but I had to share what we do around the holiday season. This list has something for everyone to somehow enjoy the holidays! Have a lovely Wednesday friends!!

What are some of your family traditions in Michigan or your state? I would love to hear them!!! :)


Monday, November 9, 2015

{ Tree Lot Inspired Christmas Sign! }

Welcome back guys!! I know what you're thinking..oh geeez more Christmas stuff right? Well, did you guys know that there's less then 45 days until Christmas..Ya, that's not enough for this Christmas crazy lady hahaha! I mean to me November AND December are for Christmas & no I haven't forgot about Thanksgiving for heavens sake! I just want to spread Christmas cheer, diy & so amp; today that's what I'm doing..Please stick around hahah! I'm sharing our vintage tree lot inspired Christmas sign! I know these "Fresh Cut Christmas Tree" signs are really popular right now, but  I wanted something more authentic/aged looking & less of a store bought look! ANYONE can make this sign & it involves no, sanding, cutting, staining , stencils etc.. Use your creative hand, some $1 paint & dark wax & boom done!!!

I started with a piece of wainscoting from Michaels I got for $7! It was glossy white & I took some dark brown & white paint & mixed it together & painted the whole thing first! 

I used some $1 paints & then took dark wax & went over the entire sign! I didn't use a stencil because I wanted it to be more weathered & antique-yy looking! I like the idea of the personalized look of the sign & the simplicity!!  In all honesty ANYONE could make this sign & in under 30 minutes!!

How cute is that little bright red velvet reindeer? She's so cute & SO OLD! My mom handed her down to me & she fit perfectly on our vintage Christmas tree lot inspired mantel!! 

I'm thinking about distressing it a bit more..but I wanted to show you guys now! 

I love fun & festive little projects like these! They're practical, cute, simple & budget friendly! This sign came with a rope to hang vertically { I left it out in some of the pictures} in case you want to make it for your door etc..For under $15, you can't beat it! What do you guys think of this Christmas sign? See this garland DIY here -->DIY Vintage Bulb Garland !


{ DIY Vintage Bulb Christmas Garland }

Heyyyyy guys!! Okay, I'm not going to lie I COULDN'T wait to share this with you all!! I wanted to blog it asap so you could gather some inspiration & I mean, I haven't saw this little DIY done before so I had to share and bonus it's different & not the usual  that everyone else is doing..& it's SO festive!!! I came up with this idea back at the end of August while browsing +Michaels Stores  for some Christmas inspiration..Yup, in August hahaha! I spotted these vintage bulb ornaments & instantly this idea popped into my head. I've always loved the old vintageyy Edison bulb look & these plastic faux ones were nifty & soo cheap! I liked that they were plastic & they were easy to maneuver & work with. The tops come off & they actually open up down the middle for ornament decorating. Lets be real,  I wasn't going to be using them for what they were intended for..shocker LOL ! I grabbed 6 or 7 & stored them until a few weeks ago when I pulled them out & got to work..Okay, so I had this idea in my head but lets face it many of my "ideas" are out there hahaha..but this one actually turned out soo cute & literally only took 10 minutes!! 

So here's what they look like! They're actually pretty large & the plastic is pretty thick..thanks gosh because I may have dropped them a few times haha!!

Take some cheap ornament hooks and wrap the bottom of the hook around the " U" shape on the bulb! The ornament hooks are really bendable so these work great for attaching to the garland!

After you've attached the hooks to the actual bulb itself, take the hook part and just wrap it around the garland..You may have to maneuver the hook a bit, but it's super easy to do!

I just love this little DIY!! It's super cute & fit perfectly with our upper level Christmas theme this year! I'll be blogging the two big changes soon, but until then you can enjoy this vintage inspired look for close to nothing..I think with the garland & bulbs, it was under $25!! See below for some - sneak peeks- of upcoming projects I'll be blogging & the whole vintage tree farm inspired look!! 

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2..

Have a lovely week guys!!! I really hope you liked this little vintage inspired garland..I mean so simple & festive, right?! Let me know down below in the comments what you think & again THANK YOU always for stopping in on my little practical blog!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{ How I Get Ready for Christmas!! }

Hey guys!! It's been over a week since I blogged anything & that honestly irritates the bleep out of me..ugh! I've been MIA for this past week because I've been feeling  poopy to put it nicely! I loveee blogging & not being able to work because your head hurts so bad..Ya, not fun AT ALL!! This is my most favorite time of the year & I hate feeling so down. My sinuses have been driving me insane literally to where I couldn't even stand/ function without the room spinning etc..but I'm back today with some helpful holiday tips!! I know it's too early ..blah blah blah..I LOVE the holidays & embrace them!! I honestly love all the holidays, but for some reason Christmas is just one of those holidays that make me feel so good { I blame my mom ;) } ! She was always so into Christmas when we were young & I have great memories/traditions surrounding Christmas time. I mean no school, delicious food, gifts, family & my grandparents orange carpet that I loved ..I know, I'm weird hahaha! Anyways  I'm not skipping Thanksgiving..I already blogged our Tablescape & DIY sign here -->2015 Thanksgiving Tablescape! ! If we're being honest I'm just not that into Thanksgiving decor ..I mean turkeys aren't cute to me so onto something that makes me feel good & that's CHRISTMAS!!! Today I'm sharing 4 simple ways that I get ready for the season! I feel like people think bloggers like myself "rush" everything & that's NOT the case. Some of us just simply love the holiday itself whichever it may be & want to share our decor/inspiration with you all :)! Keep reading to see how I prep & get in the jolly spirit...

- New Items & Scents -

1. ) As soon as holiday decor comes out { Usually late September } here in the north I like to look at all the new or new stuff to me. This year while at +home depot blog  I spotted these stick ornaments { $7 } that are scented like real trees! A few other bloggers informed me they had tried them last year for their faux trees so why not?! Anything Christmas scent related or new to me this season I'm game for!! Trying new stuff keeps things fresh & fun each year right?! 

Side Note: This is not a sponsored post by Home Depot!

Bring Out Your Bins -

2. ) Grab out all of your Christmas decor bins & trees..Ya, I'll spare you how many trees and bins we have heheh! I like to go through the bins & see what I have, what I plan on using this year & what I'm not using! This helps keep the mess down instead of frantically searching for stuff a few weeks before Christmas , buying extras, or not having something you needed!! Remember just because the bins are out doesn't mean you have to decorate!! Open, sort ,& take note and push aside until you feel you're ready! Lets be honest though in our house that NEVER happens haha ;)!

- Grab Inspiration -

3.) The next thing I recommend & do myself are browse stores for inspiration!! This year is a great example of this..I completely switched up our holiday decor { Stay tuned} & needed some inspiration!! A few nights ago while +HomeGoods  with my sister I spotted some of these goodies!! Although I didn't buy anything they still gave me  ideas..I usually take inspiration from several different places & then come up with something of my own to keep it fresh & fun! 

- Play Around With Decor -

4.) My last tip or thing I do is throw a few things up & let them marinate hahah! I'm so serious about this..I literally just popped this mini tree in our upper level living room up & stared at it for days thinking of something to do different this year upstairs..I obviously didn't fluff it or decorate it , but it's fun to play around with ideas or small areas !! P.S. I can't wait to show you guys or 2015 Holiday Home Tour!! If you want some simple inspiration hop on over & see our 2014 Holiday Tour --->Our 2014 Holiday Home Tour! !

Whether you embrace the holidays or despise them, I hope you find joy somewhere or somehow this year in the warmth the holidays bring & also these little tips help you start your season simply & practically!! 

Happy Thursday guys!!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

{ Neutral Lamps for Under $30! }

Heyyyy! Happy Friday guys..excuse the lackluster intro today, I'm so tired. I painted the front door interior & the exterior & interior of the back door & trim. I needed something fresh & clean for the upcoming holidays & wow was that a job...I'm now reminded why I despise working with latex paint..UGH! Anyways that's for an upcoming post etc..haha. Today I'm sharing a quick little post all about neutral lamps & on the cheap per usual!! So you guys have heard me say before that I haven't bought new lamps since 2009  right? Well, the reason was because I could never find any I liked or that weren't expensive blah blah blah..Well, a few weeks ago my sister & I took a fall night ride out to +HomeGoods  & spotted these babies!!! I mean actually my sister spotted them & TOLD me you're getting these haha our typical relationship. We originally got these for my master, but I didn't like them in there. Just as I was about to bag them back up my sister texted me & said put them in the living room...Hmm, okay!! WHAT?? I finally have new lamps for the living room & I LOVE them...unheard of hahah!  

I love the simple metal design of these lamps. They're an aged metal look with different metals all in one..if that makes sense. They basically work in any room or with any style for that matter. I think they would even look good with modern decor! Just remember for $30 a lamp including the tan canvas shade, you can always paint the metal base ha!

That stickerrrr...ahhh ..Don't ask ha! You see what I mean with the color variations in the base?! I love it!!!

Another thing that I liked about these lamps after keeping them for the living room was the light they allowed. They feel bold, yet light &don't weigh down the room!!

What do you guys think of these lamps? Were they worth the wait? I think $60 for two metal lamps with the shade was pretty good! I mean shades alone can be $15 and up!!! 

I'm sorry this is such a small post, again I'm so sleepy & still have 3 more things to do after this... I really hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!! Don't forget to follow via my social media accounts & SUBSCRIBE for FREE updates right to your e-mail { All can be found on the left side of the blog} !!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{ Practical Alternatives for Costly Home Updates! }

Welcome back to my little blog guys! You know  how some weeks are busier then others..Ya, this is one of them, but no complaints..yet haha! I'm blogging something I hope many, if not all of my readers  appreciate & gain some simple insight..HOME UPDATES FOR LESS!! I know that sounds like something crazy to say,  even though no updates are usually "cheap" or what I consider cheap, I'm here to show you guys some "alternatives" to some of the more costly projects that you can somewhat skimp on.. If you've been following us we've been updating some stuff in our little suburban cottage { 1950's Ranch Style Home} for a more charming cottage look. This past weekend we updated the garage --> Garage Update . I'm back with some other alternative ways to update otherwise costly projects inside & outside! I know this may seem like a repetitive post, but honestly many people skip these things & go right to the big or expensive fix, which doesn't always need to be done. I mean why waste money if you don't need to? I'm sure we can find other ways to spend our hard earned money on..right?! 


Doors are one of those things that you obviously need, but they're not cheap, & most of the time aren't pretty! With some paint & creativity you can add subtle charm & update just about any door. Our front door is just a standard semi newer door, but it was so blah..The door I liked was super expensive , so I broke out some paint & DIY'd this guy haha! Here is the full blog post-- > Door Makeover  on how I painted this for a custom & fresh look for under $30 compared to $300+...


You can update just about any door entry with some simple lighting. I wanted a more cottage/ farmhouse look so we picked this light up +The Home Depot  for under $25!! Pick something neutral, big enough & fun!  Try to stay cohesive with the lights & door. For example if you're going more modern stick with both modern etc.. I mean it's nice to mix & match but in this case try & keep it all together for a clean & cohesive look!  

Side Note: The mailbox is from +Pottery Barn  $65! After Mark updated the new light, I added some black to the lettering..see here comes that cohesiveness I'm getting at ;) . Pulling some dark onto the mailbox so the light & mailbox come together.

- KNOBS / HARDWARE etc... -

Hardware is one of those things that can make such a big impact & it's so simple to do { I switched these all out in 30 mins minus the one that stuck haha ;) } . They cost $15 a pack & with 4 doors we spent under $70 & the update is remarkable. Again, we're going for farmhouse charm so we went with dark bronzed knobs, but just having fresh newer knobs on doors can update them. These doors were in horrible shape when we bought this house over 3 years ago & with many coats of white paint [ they were light wood } & new knobs { we had silver before} they look fresh & actually pretty decent. I mean to replace four doors with mid-grade doors would have been over $500 & lets be honest I wanted more then mid-grade haha #picky!! I mean you can weigh the difference...& not to mention the project was pretty simple!!

The same goes with the cabinets in the kitchen..We added new hardware to them & the difference was shocking!! We got all this hardware from +Target  in the packs { not individual} because it's cheaper that way usually & love the difference!  The hardware that was on the cabinets  were similar, but silver & after we painted the cabinets white { they were newer  cabinets when we moved in} they kinda just blended in. I know everyone says painting cabinets is a no-no, but honestly DO IT!! I love the fresh look & they've hardly chipped AT ALL after 3.5 years..Paint/ stain/gel etc.. gives an instant update even to older cabinets & for a fraction of the cost. The knobs cost under $100 total for the whole kitchen!!!!!

I really hope these tips/tricks help when updating an older or just dull house. It's the smaller things that make the biggest impact. If you can't afford bigger updating just compromise & update something similar that will give the illusion of a freshened up space.  

Have a great Wednesday everyone!