Sunday, January 24, 2016

{ Simple Valentine Decor for the Kitchen! }

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend!!! We had a pretty relaxed weekend { that's rare for us } & it felt pretty good! Though it was super chilly , it was also really sunny & an all round simple/ fun weekend! We tooled around to some local junkin spots, shopped a little & indulged in some sweets! While we were out it got me to thinking that Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away..I can't say I'm not excited for February to get here though haha. February & I have a love/hate relationship if we're keeping it real..It's a great month because It's my lovely husband's birthday, Valentine's day & a short month that sweeps right into March which is vacation month!! It also however is the month we lost our beloved bunny of 8 years last year.. See mixed feelings! If you've been following TQS for sometime now you'd know that I'm not one to decorate for the smaller holidays etc..It's just not my thing & I'm not into having pink & red hearts splattered all over my house eek ha. This year I thought I'd go with something simple in the kitchen opposed to decorating the mantel. I picked up some stuff from the dollar section +Target  & added some simple things  I had around the house. 

I picked up these little rustic paper bags from +IKEA USA  a few months ago. They were only a few bucks for a stack & I loved the look of them, but wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them... I just rolled the tops down & placed the mini pine trees in them. I added the red heart stickers to the fronts. The stickers are from Dollar Tree I believe?!

** Both towels are from Target!

I mean who doesn't like to wake up to some coffee, chocolate kisses & a little note? :) You guys know I had to add some straws in there too..If you don't know this about me I drink just about everything from a straw! I hate stuff touching my teeth..random I know. I just found out straws are supposed to cause wrinkles...AHH soo wrinkles or stained teeth? Hmmm hahaha 

I had the "love" sign from way back when & thought it was simple & appropriate to use here. The mason jars I had & the  M & P candles are from +Target  long ago!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Valentine post! Short , simple & hopefully LOTS of sweets coming your way haha! Happy rest of the week guys! P.S. I'm hoping to finish a project up tomorrow for Tuesday's post..Super cute something I picked up while junkin this weekend!! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{ About Me & TQS }

Hi, I'm Paige! Thanks for taking the time to pop in for some home inspiration & the occasional recipe! I'll keep this short & sweet..So I fell into the Pinterest mode pretty hard in 2011 & started to try little DIY projects etc..In 2012 we moved from our condo that we had outgrown in terms of personally & decor/diy wise.In 2012 I started browsing blogs etc.. & in 2013 on a whim one night I decided to start a Blogspot & that's where it ALL started!! I come from a long line of decorators, thrifters & pickers ,and everything cottage so this really wasn't a surprise that I was interested in decor.. I have since then branded myself as "practical" for the average person wanting to spruce up their abode!

I believe home is your sanctuary & with some simple & refreshing touches it can become your favorite spot! Although I have two degrees { Criminal Justice & Paralegal } that I do not use, I'm okay with that because I have truly found my passion here on The Quaint Sanctuary Blog! I look forward to sharing our next home { we're searching for a small city farm } & more about Mark { my husband} the rescue pups { Stew, Stinker & our rescue Bunny - Mr. Wibble }. Thank you for giving me this platform to share my content simply & authentically with you all!

Monday, January 18, 2016

{ Thrifty & Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover }

Happy Tuesday friendsss! Hope the week is off to a great start thus far for everyone! It's been snowy & cold here..winter eek! Anyways I've been working on this bathroom makeover for the last week & with  previous post leading to this final post reveal..I'm soo ready!! Let me just start by saying our upper level bathroom { my bathroom } is super "quaint" hahah. It's updated with travertine, granite, stainless fixtures & even a "Toto Church " throne LOL..but it all was soo plain! I've done little spruce ups here & there, but nothing like this since we moved in 4 years ago...I had an idea in my head & even blogged what I was going for here --->Bathroom Plans & Inspiration . I wanted a neutral, vintage/saloon/cottage like bath. Somewhere that was charming, but plenty useful. By useful I mean using decor that doubles as charm & can be mostly used. Come see the whole reveal below !!!!

I'm pretty sure that DIY mason jar light is my favorite project yet!! It was so simple & the vintage charm it radiates is amazing. I mean who says custom light fixtures have to be expensive? See the tutorial -->DIY Farmhouse Light

Lets talk about this cabinet..AHH this cabinet, ya not my favorite. It's just a cheapy target bath organizer, but with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color "Old Ochre" I gave it a little life. I was thinking about adding some black to it & distressing it..but honestly I ran out of time. I'll be sure to update if I decide give this little cabinet a face lift.

The mirror other then the light fixture were the biggest impact in this space. I knew I wanted to ditch the generic white +Target  mirror, but never would have thought to use this mirror I had laying around. It was given to me by my grandmother a few months back, but never found a spot in our home. As I was  searching for a new mirror I remembered I had this one..& the wood would be perfect for some added charm. I ended up painting the detailing at the top with some black paint  for some added drama. It's a 50 year old mirror, so it's got many imperfections, but for now it'll do.

Like I said above I wanted to use stuff that was usable, so I added some new white washcloths, candle, bath salts & of course some simple vintage bottle decor & wood frame.

You can see the full post on this vintage pottery toothbrush holder --->Cottage Bath Storage

Simple, bright & fresh.

I really hope you guys liked this little bathroom makeover. I'm so pleased at how  it turned out & all with using mostly thrifty goods & a fun DIY project. With all the new items..mirror,light,shower rod, towels, & wall decor we only spent $65!! That alone makes me happy as most of the cottage/farmhouse items out right now are a pretty around, thrift etc..& you can achieve any look for your preferred budget. 


Sunday, January 17, 2016

{ DIY F a r m h o u s e Bathroom Light! }

Oh heyyyy Monday haha! It seems like this weekend like most just came & went too soon! Although I've already got a case of the Monday's..the weekend was a lot of fun & filled with DIY'ing, love & laughter!! I promised you guys last week that I would have our full bathroom reveal on the blog today & I'm still doing that, but first I wanted to show you this nifty DIY..This project literally took 10 minutes & we didn't  have to nail, drill or cut ANYTHING! We love a good practical DIY as much as all of you  I'm sure, so we wanted to share this with you guys before Tuesday's full bath reveal. When I started this little bathroom redo last week I knew right away I wanted a new light fixture. The old one was a fairly newer silver 3 light panel, but was all rusted & the globes were dirty & had paint on them..I looked at some cute farmhouse lights, but wasn't paying $ I started looking on Pinterest & found this idea. Although the actual idea itself  is amazing, the actual project I stumbled across was a bit difficult. We { I mean my handy husband actually } eliminated the drilling/nailing, part by simply removing the middle of the lid on the mason jar. This was much simpler then measuring, tracing, cutting/nailing... This little project adds sooo much simple farmhouse charm to my otherwise standard bathroom & for under $50!!!!!! Come take a little peek { not at my nails please } at this DIY...I hope you all love it as much as we do { I'm so giddy to show you guys hehe } !!

•More Light sources HERE

  • Glass mason jars
  • Light fixture
  • Bulbs

STEP 1. 

Take the globes off of the light fixture. Buy however mason jars you need . We got a 12pack at +Target  for $10!! I would recommend using new mason jars as they're more prone to hold the heat unlike the older ones..

STEP 2. 

Remove the middle part of the mason jar so only the rim is left. Don't reattach the rim though just yet..


Screw the rim of the mason jar on the light fixture!


Take the globe flanges that they come with [ the round piece that screws around the light } & screw it all the way up around the mason jar rim.
 STEP 5.

Screw in a light bulb & attach the mason jar. We used GE super clear classic bulbs in 60 watts.

Side Note:  Warning!! We did NOT drill holes in the bottom for heat accumulation. This step is optional & should be at your own personal discretion. I would suggest ventilation holes if your bathroom light is on for extended periods of time. I also did NOT wire the new light myself. Mark wired the new light fixture. These mason jars are pretty versatile & can be used on quite a few bathroom fixtures.  We used medium sized jars.

Here's a little sneak peek at Tuesday's full bathroom post!! 

These mason jars & the bulbs we chose give off such a crystal clear & radiant glow about the bathroom!! This bathroom feels so much bigger, brighter & it's got a little cozy feeling about it now!! 

 I hope this gives you guys some inspiration & hopes that charming light fixtures don't have to cost a ton, but can be simple & fun !! Have a lovely Monday, I'll be back Tuesday with the bathroom reveal/decor etc.. Thanks for popping in guys!!!

See our DIY bathroom storage post ---> diy cottage bath storage

Old bathroom post -->Bathroom Before


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

{ Simple Cottage Bathroom Storage & Sneak Peek..}

Where did this week go?? It's been a busy & snowy week here in the north. I'm not happy about the snow, but happy to be getting lots of stuffs done haha. I mentioned in the last few posts that I was redoing a few things in my bathroom like lights,storage,decor, curtain rod & maybe even the mirror. The piece that started it all is being featured today!!! My lovely husband brought it home last week & I knew right away I wanted it!! It's one of those pieces that you don't see just anywhere & it was perfect for my small little cottage style bath!! My bath is quaint or SMALL haha so I need all the space I can get in there. It's a nice updated space , but I wanted something a bit more charming etc..{stick around for the reveal Monday }. Keep reading for some inspiration & a sneak peek for now though!!

I love the little pottery dishes it came with!! they're super sturdy, neutral & I've been digging  pottery lately! It's got a USA pottery stamp on the back & the dishes them self are a light creamy tan/white with little neutral specs! Oh, & I've been loving anything tea tree { from hair care to face wash }  even some good ole bar soap haha..Tea tree & new craze LOL..I know, I'm random!!

Side Note: I DID have before pictures until I accidentally erased the file..AHHH sorry guys!! 

P.S. How cool are these Reach brand faux wood toothbrushes?  You guys know how I dislike labels/ I was excited to find these neutral looking toothbrushes haha!

I'm kinda obsessed with this little storage shelf!! It's so cute & charming ,and  holds all your essentials!!! It was originally a medium toned 1980's oak wood stain that had seen better days..I debated on leaving it natural with the wear & tear,but eventually decided to paint it with some leftover black chalkboard paint! With some special attention from my husband it was back to being functional in no time.  I'm also debating on what mirror I'm going to be using..keep this white one? Switch to a rustic scalloped wood one or use a plain black one...decisions I tell ya ;).

I don't know if you guys can tell in this picture, but I distressed a little of the black to bring out the wood undertone..still debating if I want it to be distressed or not?! ..Opinions welcomed below!!!

I'm loving this space thus far..can't wait to finish it up!! You should see the what it looks like right now beyond these pictures...eeek! Anyways I'll see you all back Monday with this little bath refresh & sources..P.S. that "tobacco" candle from  +HomeGoods  smells soooo amazing with the window cracked a pinch on a cold winter night while in the bath -GO GET YOURSELF ONE!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{ Bathroom Plans & Inspiration.. }

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great day!!  I'm really tired so this post is going to be short & simple. I worked my butt off on my bathroom on our upper level & worked on some odds & ends around the house! I was doing everything from caulking to painting to messing with electrical { which I shouldn't have been } haha eeek! Anyways I wanted to not just redecorate my bathroom but replace the light, shower curtain rod, towels, mirror etc.. I got a really cool vintage bathroom piece the other day & just felt the bathroom needed a little pick-me-up! I know I've done bathroom revamps & what not here on TQS before, but nothing much other then some decor. The light fixture in the bathroom wasn't old or anything, but it started rusting & I wanted to paint the new little vintage piece we put up in there & then I got in a little over my head with the light electrical after I messed with it..I called my hubby & my hubby called my father { Markie was at work & worried } in  panic that I was going to get in "trouble" hahaha...this family I tell ya LOL!. Anyways my grams & I trucked out in the jeep & blizzard to grab a new fixture , so that's WHY this post that was originally supposed to be the bathroom reveal is put on HOLD! I felt like I was in the show "Renovation Realities" just now hehehe! I'll be hopefully blogging the bathroom update & the cutest little vintage bathroom organizer soon..;). I thought I'd give you a little peek at what I'm going for & what I'm liking in bathroom decor soo far , and bonus you get some inspiration for those stuck in the house on these blustery winter days { wink wink }. Alright guys enough typing..enjoy!!

Here are all the goods if you're interested in purchasing any of them!

I kept it simple with black, tan, white & a little greenery! I popped some simple farmhouse goods like the mason jar soap pump in for charm. I also have been loving the plain pottery goods { hint @ the  new vintage piece in the  bathroom } . Many of these goods listed with the price/store you can honestly find for cheaper. I just popped this little board together to show what I'm going for as of right now..who knows with my decor crazed brain it could change tomorrow ha! I wanted to add more dark fixtures instead of a silver light fixture a dark one & the same for the curtain rod. I'm also hoping to hang a new { old } wood mirror I've had in storage & replace the simple square white one..

The rest of the goods in the - Inspiration Board - in case you're interested in purchasing or referencing any of them!

 I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, I'll be at the shop { }  bringing a few new goods in & then hopefully finishing , and photographing the bathroom. Thanks for popping in!


Monday, January 11, 2016

{ Simple & Layered Winter Bedroom with Bedside Quotes! }

Happyyyy Tuesday! Hope you all are having a great week thus far! It's snowing again..bleck { see my last post } ha! It's been getting super cold here in the "mitten" recently so I've been adding some layering to the bedroom because for some reason it's the coldest room in our house!!!! My husband doesn't tolerate a cold room well, so I've been adding lots of throws, pillows etc..I thought since I was adding some layers to the bedroom I would add some simple & free inspirational quotes too! I picked two that stood out to me..I'll get to why I chose them  below. If you've been reading, or shall I say following along these past few weeks you would know a few thing happened, and of course they were frightening or an annoyance etc..but they don't compare to some of the things I've been hearing about or what others are going through..I'm the type of person who hates that I can't "fix" something immediately or comfort those in need { human or animals}. I promised myself that I was going to be more patient with myself & others this year & today was a great example. I'm usually always on high strung mode & my husband is the" let things pass" type..We balance each other out you could say :). I'm either always craving structure/routine OR spontaneous action/adventure...Yup, that's me. I've been that way for the longest time ever & it's a constant struggle within..Today was one of those mixed accomplishing laid back day, then the hustle & bustle started{ always something going on in our little suburban cottage} & I felt my adrenaline rising,BUT instead of getting worked up I kept calm { it was something good }  and went with it . It was my OCD ways just getting the best of me & wanting everything to be done or in its place at that moment. Anyways I'm sharing all of this because honestly all the little stuff doesn't really matter & I'm finally starting to see that.  It's about following your passion, setting goals, loving family etc..This is why I thought adding some inspirational quotes to each of our nightstands would be great to add that bit of instant cheer upon waking especially since winter can be dreary!! 

"Some  People Don't Believe in Heroes, but They Have Never Met My Husband". 

This speaks volumes to me on so many levels. Ya, I get we all think our husband's are the best & that's how it should be, but honestly my husband is a hero. This man has been through so much from A-Z & still is just so loving & inspiring in every way possible { even when he's pestering me hehe }. I want him to see this every time he wakes up & know how much I LOVE HIM & how I think of him. I loved the font & it just looked so simple with the rustic wood frame.  

P.S. I'll cherish you forever Mr. Markie :) .

 " The Strongest People Are Not Those Who Show Strength In Front Of Us, But  Those Who Win Battles We Know Nothing About".

I love this quote too, because it's the realest one out there! This is true of so many, & that's why we shouldn't judge. I'm guilty of this myself..I've been broken so many times & to be wagering a battle within takes far more strength then outside. People may come off a certain way, myself included, but it's because of certain things we have or are dealing with. Sometimes just understanding enough to be calm with a person is enough to help.  It's such a great reminder to wake up to.

The white ruffle comforter is from +Better Homes and Gardens  & the check duvet at the end of the bed is from +IKEA USA . The grey & cream plush throw is from +Target  .


I spotted this pillow in +PotteryBarn .  a few weeks before Christmas & had to grab it. It's definitely a reminder to us. We have come so far from being in love wild teenagers to building this life, business, & so much more to come ;) ;)!  I love the grey /black & simple look, yet bold statement! I got it on sale for $13 !!!!

I sincerely hope you guys have a great rest of the week & cherish whoever or  whatever makes you happy! Thanks so much for stopping by my little growing blog!!


**Both images were found via Pinterest/Google Search.