Monday, February 8, 2016

{ DIY Succulent Garden }

Welcome back everyone. Today's post is all about adding simple spring decor { see I told you I had a theme going this week } & today is all about REAL greenery! I know you pry gasped at the "real" rather than faux part especially coming from me. I've been known to kill a few plants...Okay, many..over the years! I either over water, under water etc..Well, while at +IKEA USA  this past weekend I was on the hunt for some new greenery to liven up our upper level & add some spring cheer..I spotted my favorite faux plants, but honestly thought they looked pretty boring since everyone & their brother has them :/. You know I usually go against the trends so I decided to grab 4 of the CUTEST little succulents for $2.99 a piece!! I mean that right there made my little practical blogging heart since the faux ones were $7-$60!!! They looked so beautiful even in the little scrap box on the ride home, that I couldn't even wait to put them up. I feel like they're my cute little baby oxygen makers haahahah! Come see where I put them & how I made the cutest little garden in 3 easy steps!!!

- Supplies -

  • Succulents
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Enamel dish or similar
 1.  Gather all 3 things. Cut the burlap to fit in your bowl/dish/tray etc..

2. Line the bowl with the burlap.

3. Give the succulents a pinch of water if they're dry & begin placing in the dish. Be sure the burlap isn't too soaked as you don't want root rot. These came with a little instruction card, vague, but pretty simple.

How beautiful are these little buggers? I just love the different colors, textures & how perfect they are. Is it weird I walk by them & check on them hahaa?! I seriously hope they don't parish on me..I'm trying to keep them going! 

I may replant them after they grow a bit, but don't they look so sunggley as is ;)

- The Tiniest Garden is the Loveliest -

The enamel dish, wood scoop, antlers & vintage keys were all free finds! The burlap is from +The Home Depot  .

See easy peasy, right?!  I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday! I'll be blogging the full fireplace & spring mantel soon too!!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

{ Cottage Style Early Spring Dining Room Refresh! }

Happy  Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend!! We're not into sports whatsoever, although my husband did attend a party at his church..mostly for the food & entertainment haha. I must say it was a pretty relaxing weekend!! We had a delicious dinner at my parents' house, shopped around at +IKEA USA  with our gram after & most of all it was productive even with a numb right leg..whole other story grr #badback. I got a lot of cleaning done, freshened & brightened up our little suburban cottage with some spring essentials & even had the windows open!!! I mean for us Michiganders having the windows open in February with a sunny & 50 degree day is a gift in itself haha! I swear this heat explosion gave me a pep in my step { I wish literally }! Last week if you noticed I only blogged part-time..I was feeling uninspired & kind of blah from the weather/ sinuses so this weekend was a great refresher!! Okay, enough with this crazy Michigan weather I'm here to share our ultra simple & bright early spring dining room.  

I popped this little vignette together & loved it for a simple spring refresh! The candle I got the other day on clearance +T.J.Maxx  for $8!! It's huge & the scent is out of this world! I wish the sticker wasn't torn off so I could share with you all, but just think vanilla, cinnamon & a hint of lavender/cotton!!! 

Side Note: The LED candles are from +PotteryBarn   I believe..& the cream tray is from +IKEA USA !

Thinking I'll start the project of painting those little cabin chairs too, since the holidays are over. I'm thinking a white chalky finish for a nice light cool refresh..

I used things I had laying around for a simple airy feel. The basket, buckets &  greenery were all free finds. The towel is from IKEA & the masons from +Target !

I ended up switching out the little rustic ladder on the wall for this DIY project I did for the time being.. You can see the full tutorial -->DIY Tea Towel Art!  
You guys know I'll pry be switching this out, & it might even end up at the shop ;) stick around!! 

I'm loving the cozy, bright/ cottagey feel with that hint of rustic glam with the mixed in metals etc.. I've been really into blue, grey & white lately too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little early spring dining room inspiration! I'm loving it so far, now to just keep the snow away hehe!  Well, I'm off to nurse my back ..have a lovely  week everyone. P.S. stick around for tomorrow's post too..I've got a  theme going on this week I promise :))! 

Thanks so much for dropping by my little practical blog, sharing it & being so wonderful! I hope you can gather ideas etc.. to  make your home your sanctuary the practical way.  

Are you guys decorating for spring yet??


Sunday, January 31, 2016

{ Exterior Home Tour Inspiration }

Heyyyy friends!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We took care of some business, double dated with my grandma & her new boo for her birthday heheh! I'm serious 80 year olds can still be a riot believe it or not..Saturday we decided to throw some sweats on & cruise around for some home & shop inspiration. Yes, we have a lot of plans in the works .. :)! While on our little mini home tour we came upon the cutest little neighborhood about 8 miles from us!!! So simple &bold with a mix of vintage/ new!! I know doesn't that seem like a dream neighborhood? Well, if I'm being totally honest it seriously is the PERFECT neighborhood even down to the richly decorated children's park ha. It looks like a picture out of "Desperate Housewives " ..Wisteria Lane style haha! I loved all the charm, cozy & different styles & period homes updated with a modern, but still classic look! I tried to get some good pictures, although when you're not planning on blogging anything & then decide to post inspiration, you use what you have! Sorry guys I'm kind of spur of the moment, yet a control freak ha #confusedyet? Anyways, go snuggle up in your comfy place & tour this little exterior home tour with me!

D o o r .

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite homes! I love the period look, but the updated exterior siding, color & the covered/ angled wooden door is my absolute favorite touch. We drove by this house 3 times.. haha no, we're not stalkers ..but I needed a few pictures of this front porch. I'm not only obsessed with the house itself, but the staging of the porch as well! I even commented to my husband that the staged winter/holiday porch reminded me of a blogger/designer LOL. It's hard to see in the picture, but that large wood door is on a slight angle & just that little touch adds so much charm to the porch alone!

A r c h i t e c t u r e.

This home with the simple neutral green & white compliment the fabulous architecture, charm & appeal of this modern farmhouse home.

 C l a s s i c.

This was my husband's favorite!! It seriously is stunning in all of it's charm. I believe the home is from the late 1800's & it still oozes charm & all around classic character. I love the simple white they kept especially. This home sits on a rounded dead end  side street that is backed up to the town's  river. The porch to the right over-swings around back to view the river & little town via the backyard..How's that for a view??   

R u s t i c.

Something about this house had me right away!! It reminds me of the cabin like  shows on HGTV in Alaska or something. I don't know if it's the color, porch or gorgeous  wood  trim, but it's so rustic!! Little fun fact, I love these two colors on craftsman homes!!

P o r c h.

This beauty speaks for itself! I mean that porch is so stunning. I love how it wraps around , yet still allows plenty of light in { the sun was just going down }! Can you imagine sitting out there with a couple of rockers & some coffee on a fall morning..?

M a t e r i a l s.

This home pretty much has everything a charming & classic home would have! The rounded/extended porch with the an open layout & the stone for extra detail..perfect! I can't decide if I like an open porch like this or one that's enclosed...Which do you prefer?

W i n d o w s.

Okay, we've arrived to my personal favorite. Another little fun fact about me..I LOVE 1800's colonial/ style homes! I love the long narrow windows with the attention to detail from top to bottom!! This home just screams classic English colonial. I guess that's why I'm so attracted to the east coast so much..;). One day Kennebunkport will be our new home haha! 

D e t a i l.

The detail in this home caught my eye! Something about the little bay porch I love! I love they have it so cozy with a fan & natural stained wood door too. This home reminds me of a southern Key West style home for some reason. 

L a y o u t

 Okay, I remember this house as a kid!! I remember driving through this neighborhood going to  our old doctor office & thinking it was the "banana" house!! Now that I'm older I can appreciate the house a bit more!! I adore the yellow "painted lady" look of this Victorian/farmhouse. I especially love the land, large garage/barn & how the home sits on a bit of a hill. It's so grand, spacious & cozy all in one!! 

Thank  you so much for stopping by!!! I really hope you guys liked this little spur of the moment casual exterior home tour with us! I'm curious what your favorite style of home is ? Which one of these was your fav?

Happy & healthy Monday!!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

{ Lower Level / Basement Inspiration & mini sofa review.. }

Happy Friday guys! This week has been a busy one getting stuff in order, taking stuff to the shop, some DIY & some future stuff hopefully coming to the shop! I usually blog 3-4 days a week, but sometimes it's 2...this week being one of them!! I wanted to end the week with something we've been talking about for the past few months...our lower level or as us Michiganders say BASEMENT ha! Our basement was fully finished when we purchased the house. We simply had the carpet cleaned & added some two-tone neutral paint. Fast forward 4 years later & it's kinda been blah.. I mean it's still rustic, lodgey/cabin-ish..but needs a little spruce up.  Initially we decorated the basement all moose lodge theme because it was my husband's "man cave"! Since then it's kinda been changed into more of a comfy neutral space to lounge on weekends or when we have company..I still love it but just added a few newer touches. Same color scheme/decor ideas..just a little different. Come gather some basement inspiration..I know they can be difficult to decorate with the lack of light sometimes etc..! 

I thought I'd snap a few pictures of our current decor..It's still cozy & woodsy, but I'm thinking some simple & bold pieces will look nice. We've been wanting to change the carpet out..but are debating with selling! I would also like to switch out the coffee table/end tables & my husband's want aka NEED ... is a distressed deep brown soft leather couch!!! I can't say this isn't my vision either..something so comfy about those deep cozy leather couches! P.S. +PotteryBarn .  has the nicest one!!! 

hahaha see what I mean?..he's in love with it & actually I am too. I think after having this IKEA Ektorp sectional we could never buy another  smaller/ cloth couch/sofa again!! I know everyone rants about them, but honestly it's not worth it. I wanted the cottagey look so we tried it, but it's a lot of maintenance with two dogs & actually just in general { maybe it's just me being OCD }. I always try to give my honest & practical opinion here on TQS & just go with leather haha! You can still get that look with lighter colored leather etc.. Now, the couches downstairs are thrifty finds off of Craigslist & they're just OKAY! We don't hate them, butt they're not very deep etc..They were almost brand new Lane brand sofas for only $130 for both & 1 is a sleeper, so it was a steal.  We'd like to replace them with another sleeper, but deep leather like above.

Sorry guys sometimes I don't have time etc.. to get the camera out so I just snapped a few with my phone :/! I'm thinking I want to replace that Lane table with something more sleek & darker. Again, I tried to keep everything flowing nicely from the living room down here into the dining area. I think some simple switches will make it more rich & cozy , and less man cave like.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little inspiration board. If I'm being honest again this basement of ours has been the hardest space in our little suburban cottage to decorate & the least shared for that reason! I've never been a basement person, but now I'm kinda hooked. Stay tuned to see what happens in this space..How do you guys decorate a basement space? Light , dark, cool or warm?? 

P.S. all of the items in the inspiration board are from Polyvore with prices/location if you're interested. 

Happy weekend!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

{ Framed Farmhouse Tea Towel Art using Thumb Tacks!! }

Hey guys welcome back & happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday was a day of cleaning & enjoying some company from family we haven't seen since last February!! It was a great time & they brought some much needed donated supplies for the dog rescues we deal with. All in all a great day ..later that night I grabbed some coffee { I can sleep right after worries } & headed downstairs to work on a little project that I cooked up in my head last weekend. If you  follow via my social media outlets then you'd know that we went out junkin last Saturday & I picked up the cutest tea towel for $13!! I had no plans for it, but the little stack of different farmhouse/cottagey towels caught my eye & for $13 for a HUGE one..I had to pick one up! On the ride home I got to thinking about framing it, but  I didn't want to have to cut wood, measure etc.. so I thought what about some simple industrial silver tacks to frame it in a glass-less wood frame? Well, after our company left I snagged a frame we had hanging outside our patio door from last summer { I know soo random haha} & surprisingly the huge tea towel fit PERFECTTTTT! I mean, it was meant to be, right?! Come check out this cute & ultra simple project that cost less then $20 TOTAL!!!

- Supplies -

. Tea towel { any size }
. Frame { any size to fit your decorative towel/ tea towel }
. Thumb Tacks
. Hammer

We purchased these tacks in white & silver from +The Home Depot  both for under $5! The tea towel was purchased from -->

The frame I used was around 30x24 & a free junkin find.

Stretch the towel out & center it as best as possible. I had to get crafty with this part as the frame I was using was damaged/fragile in some of the corners. I mean the less perfect the better in my book.

Secondly, pin the corners first. I used the white tacks for the corners, because I wanted the corners to be clean with less drama. Once you pin all four corners the canvas or whatever fabric you're using will be easier to work with.  I also suggest placing the tacks through the fabric then into the wood, rather than holding the fabric in place & tacking!

After all the tacks are in place in which ever pattern, spacing etc.. take the hammer & lightly tap each tack completely flat & make sure they're secure. This step might not be needed for your piece, but some of my tacks were not completely flat after pushing them with my thumb & having to space them a little different due to the vintage frame & wear it had. This really is the simplest project & can be modified to your liking etc..

I purposely photographed this side to show that I pulled & tacked the fabric a little tighter then I did the other side. I had to do this on this side of the wood frame because the wood was pulling apart. I'm sure the fabric will settle & I still love it. 

I'm  going to be hanging this in the kitchen or maybe not.. who knows, but I love it styled right here next to the wood ladder & milk sign. The creamy white mason jars are from +Marshalls  on sale a few months ago for $4 . The picnic basket is from my aunt & other stuff just gathered/thrifted over time.

I'm seriously kinda obsessed with this art. So simple/practical & on the cheap , yet adorable. P.S. I've mentioned that white cotton apron before, but it was my great displaying it.

Cute & functional..& you all know I'll be referencing this chart hahah! 

***I forgot to mention this above, but I did NOT iron the fabric. I read the tag & it had no indication about ironing, so I went with it & the wrinkled lines completely were gone upon finishing. 

We have a lot of old vintage frames/ windows , but this old white washed authentic weathered & chippy paint frame is my favorite!!!! 

I really hope you all loved this project!! Have a great rest of the week & stay tuned for some news coming about this DIY ART  eeek!!!!! ;)