Sunday, February 21, 2016

{ Simple & Bright Easter Centerpiece Idea... }

Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, ours was pretty uneventful & that's actually kind of refreshing in itself. I was just thinking about Easter last  night randomly & then got the itch to like 11pm haha typical me...Anyways today I'm sharing this quick little tablescape I through together for some Easter cheer in our dining room! Everything I used for this table I had with the exception of the wood bunnies ;)!! It's no secret that I'm not really into decorating for the holidays unless it's Christmas related, but I thought this was something fresh until I break fully into spring { I've got big plans } , so stay tuned! 

Tulips & sparkly eggs..Is there anything better for Easter?

Okay, this tablecloth...What a NIGHTMARE!!! So I'm decorating last night & decide it needs ironing..This thing WOULD NOT iron for the life of me..I wanted to use it so I just took what I had haha. It was my great grandpa's & I love the gold striping etc.!  

The huge glass drink dispenser was a free find, and the wood bunny banner I got from the target dollar section. 

I'm not digging the wall art -->Tea Towel Art Tutorial   paired with this tablescape, so that will be coming down soon once I start spring decor! P.S. that table will be getting some major TLC soon..:) :)!

I hope you guys liked this super cheery & bright table for Easter! I know it's kind of a short spur of the moment post, but If we're being honest I'm tired, my back/ hip are killer right now & it's been a heck of a last two weeks getting my husband's new business going/ managing the blog etc.. Okay, I'm done ranting hehe! Have a happy & healthy week everyone!

Thanks so much for popping in!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

{ My FAVORITE Blogs & why... }

Hey everyone! I'm so glad you're back for another post with me hehe! Today I'm not sharing anything from me, but some of the most talented ladies in this little "blogland" business!! Anyone who has their own business { we both do } can tell you how  intensive both mentally &  physically it can be!! It's nice to be able to learn from others in your field & actually not only learn, but spotlight those who have exceeded in their business & these 6 ladies sure have! I have certain blogs I like to frequent for certain things..Not that I don't like to spread out or read other newer blogs { like myself }, but sometimes you like to stick with what you know & I know these 6 bloggers never disappoint in these areas I go to them specifically for! Sit back & join me for some major inspiration & highlights on these 6 creative blogs!! 

- Bedding -

Bedding is one of those areas where I'm still learning & need all the help I can get. I mean I have perfected the "messy" or casual/cozy bed, but not the crisp hotel look. Heidi on the other hand has it MASTERED!! Every time I need some bedding inspiration I go to her blog. She has the cutest bed linens, style & always so crisp, yet comfy! She definitely knows how to layer & use all the right patterns etc..

Visit Heidi's blog for more inspiration --> Home by Heidi

- Recipes -

Okay, I'm going to try my best not to eat everything in the pantry while typing this.. Julie from Redhead Can Decorate blog has the yummiest recipes ever!! I've told Julie this many of times, but every time I'm on her Instagram feed I get so hungry! Her recipes range from her Italian roots to healthy options, without sparing in the taste area! Julie's the sweetest & bonus she's a Michigan blogger ..P.S. Julie we need a meet up soon so I can stalk your gorgeous kitchen more hah ;). 

Are you guys drooling yet? I know delicious stuff right?! See more of Julie's recipes here --> Redhead Can Decorate

- Organization -

So organization unlike decorating are kind of difficult for me even though I love it. I find that I get too overwhelmed with being a perfectionist &  then get scattered{ My husband is the organizer in our abode }. I know when I need some help with organization I can always rely on Amy & Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane!! They're the most organized ladies & always with the greatest tips, affordability & glamorous style!! When I first started out blogging it was quite comical, but right away Christy was so welcoming & nice to me. They were one of the first blogs I started reading & continue to be one of my favorites for many reasons.  

I mean how's that for organization? They've mastered it for sure. Come see more of 11 Magnolia Lane & their gorgeous spaces  here --> Eleven Magnolia Lane

- Makeovers -

Makeovers are one of my most favorite post my other bloggers. I just love the before & the afters, and to see all the work put into a space that makes the owner so happy! Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick is the queen of makeover/ renovations! Every time I'm on her blog she is up to something new & they always turn out stunning!! Her kitchen, fireplace & well I could go on forever with all her upgrades to her home. I love that she is so DIY oriented & takes you along for the whole process in steps too. Along with  11 Magnolia Lane she was one of my other first time blog reads. 

 I bet you guys are ready to start some makeovers now right?!!! I mean all her updates look so simple & fresh!! Be sure to check out more makeovers on her blog at --> Thrifty Decor Chick

- Furniture -

Okay, I'm sure you all have heard of Marian from Miss Mustard Seed by now! She's the most talented furniture re-doer out there!!! Every time I'm looking to add a new piece I go directly to her blog for inspiration. Her timeless farmhouse countryside style is literally STUNNING! All the blues, greys, green & whites are so soothing in her home . She constantly has new vintage / rustic pieces & paired with the colors, unique pieces & her photography  you literally could stare alll day in AHH!  

So simple, yet stunning. Come see more of her home, paint line & blog --> Miss Mustard Seed


You know that show "Open Concept" on HGTV? Ya, me too & I'm obsessed! The sisters Ashley & Whitney are so handy it's insane!!! They can make anything & it's seriously amazing. I wish I was that handy with power tools..The wood furniture they crank out is seriously art form. It's all so rustic & affordable & bonus they include plans if you're interested in making them yourself. They literally have the whole package going on from DIY to decor. 

Come check them out if you  haven't already -->Shanty - 2 - Chic

 I really hope you guys enjoyed this post highlighting the best of the best in this blogging world/business! Be sure to check all these ladies out for all your home needs! Have a lovely Wednesday. I'll be back soon with some exciting news etc..

Thanks so much for dropping in on my little growing dream, I mean blog ;) !


Monday, February 15, 2016

{ DIY Home Remedy for DRY Skin.. }

Hey everyone!! I hope Monday wasn't too bad to you! It's super frigid here in the north again & it's not only wreaking havoc on everyone mentally it seems, but also physically! Although we haven't had much snow it's been a really cold winter!! I want to start my saying I'm in noway an expert on facial cleansing/conditioning , but would like to share what works for me with you all. I'm one of those people who has severely dry skin to the point of peeling. I mean, I can remember even as a kid having dry skin..You can buy all the expensive serums, oils, spa treatments, but the only thing that has worked for me is what I call " Lotion Buffing"..I've been doing this since I was probably 13 year's old & love it! It's the simplest thing to do & cost next to nothing!!! Come see all about this little hidden gem & maybe it could work for you :)!!!!


  • Lotion of any type. I should mention that I usually only use coco butter lotion. It's natural, smells amazing & also tones the skin! I rotate between the oil, lotion & coco bar stick!
  • Fresh Washcloth

How To: 

Start with a freshly washed faced! Then take a quarter size amount of lotion and run it on your face as usual. Then take some lotion on a clean washcloth & gently "buff" the rest of the impurities & dry skin away. I should say that if you have oily skin that this may not work in your favor. I turned my sister into a lover of this process within a week!!! She suffers from extremely dry skin around her nose & she's seen a 70% difference even after trying other items on the market from various beauty stores. All these coco butter products can be purchased at just about any department or drug store for under $7.

I really hope this little tip/ trick helps all of you suffering from that dry winter skin. I mean, if we're being completely honest here I should have acne from some other medical issues, but I don't. I'm not saying I never get blemishes, pimples, blackheads etc.. But other than dry/ redness my skin is like porcelain. I always say sometimes less is more. I wash my face with regular face/body soap in the shower, rinse with cool water & lotion buff. I'm also one of those people who sleep with makeup on sometimes { eeek }& in the morning ,or if I for some reason am running late I'll lotion buff for a quick refresh! It's never clogged my pores, but this is my skin... I hope it can help you in someway or another. Thanks so much for reading!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

{ Spring Coffee Table Inspiration }

It's Wednesday, but to me it feels like it should be like Friday..something about this week. We're having some snow dumped on us as I write this post & It's kind of confusing, yet isn't a shock for our crazy Michigan weather...My house decor screams SPRING, but our weather seems to be playing games haha. I thought since it's been a grey dreary day I'd share some spring coffee table inspiration..I mean spring is only like a month away if you didn't know! I know because it's March 20th..the best day { Our dear niece's birthday.. }!

I wanted to share the this coffee table not only for the decor today, but because it's getting a little face lift if you will..It's been used so much in our upper level living room that the top needs to be touched up etc.. I mean we're real people & we have two huge active dogs too , so lets just say it's time! I'm thinking it's time to get rid of this dark blue/gray graphite color too..Stay tuned who knows haha #typicalme

Most everything on this table were free finds minus the faux +IKEA USA  plant, Dollar Tree white candles & the decorative wood balls. The candle holders, vintage book, tray, flower pot & glasses were alll free. 

Side Note: Yes, I know those glasses are dirty ha. I may have mentioned this before, but they were found by my husband while we were snorkeling the famous Torch Lake a few summers back. 

I'm just thinking out loud, but I'm thinking I'll leave the base  color of the table this Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Old Ochre" & maybe paint the top black?... The table was also a free find. I hope you guys liked this little early spring table vignette!! Have a lovely day guys..I'm off to catch up on RHOBH & paint haha.


Monday, February 8, 2016

{ DIY Succulent Garden }

Welcome back everyone. Today's post is all about adding simple spring decor { see I told you I had a theme going this week } & today is all about REAL greenery! I know you pry gasped at the "real" rather than faux part especially coming from me. I've been known to kill a few plants...Okay, many..over the years! I either over water, under water etc..Well, while at +IKEA USA  this past weekend I was on the hunt for some new greenery to liven up our upper level & add some spring cheer..I spotted my favorite faux plants, but honestly thought they looked pretty boring since everyone & their brother has them :/. You know I usually go against the trends so I decided to grab 4 of the CUTEST little succulents for $2.99 a piece!! I mean that right there made my little practical blogging heart since the faux ones were $7-$60!!! They looked so beautiful even in the little scrap box on the ride home, that I couldn't even wait to put them up. I feel like they're my cute little baby oxygen makers haahahah! Come see where I put them & how I made the cutest little garden in 3 easy steps!!!

- Supplies -

  • Succulents
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Enamel dish or similar
 1.  Gather all 3 things. Cut the burlap to fit in your bowl/dish/tray etc..

2. Line the bowl with the burlap.

3. Give the succulents a pinch of water if they're dry & begin placing in the dish. Be sure the burlap isn't too soaked as you don't want root rot. These came with a little instruction card, vague, but pretty simple.

How beautiful are these little buggers? I just love the different colors, textures & how perfect they are. Is it weird I walk by them & check on them hahaa?! I seriously hope they don't parish on me..I'm trying to keep them going! 

I may replant them after they grow a bit, but don't they look so sunggley as is ;)

- The Tiniest Garden is the Loveliest -

The enamel dish, wood scoop, antlers & vintage keys were all free finds! The burlap is from +The Home Depot  .

See easy peasy, right?!  I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday! I'll be blogging the full fireplace & spring mantel soon too!!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

{ Cottage Style Early Spring Dining Room Refresh! }

Happy  Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend!! We're not into sports whatsoever, although my husband did attend a party at his church..mostly for the food & entertainment haha. I must say it was a pretty relaxing weekend!! We had a delicious dinner at my parents' house, shopped around at +IKEA USA  with our gram after & most of all it was productive even with a numb right leg..whole other story grr #badback. I got a lot of cleaning done, freshened & brightened up our little suburban cottage with some spring essentials & even had the windows open!!! I mean for us Michiganders having the windows open in February with a sunny & 50 degree day is a gift in itself haha! I swear this heat explosion gave me a pep in my step { I wish literally }! Last week if you noticed I only blogged part-time..I was feeling uninspired & kind of blah from the weather/ sinuses so this weekend was a great refresher!! Okay, enough with this crazy Michigan weather I'm here to share our ultra simple & bright early spring dining room.  

I popped this little vignette together & loved it for a simple spring refresh! The candle I got the other day on clearance +T.J.Maxx  for $8!! It's huge & the scent is out of this world! I wish the sticker wasn't torn off so I could share with you all, but just think vanilla, cinnamon & a hint of lavender/cotton!!! 

Side Note: The LED candles are from +PotteryBarn   I believe..& the cream tray is from +IKEA USA !

Thinking I'll start the project of painting those little cabin chairs too, since the holidays are over. I'm thinking a white chalky finish for a nice light cool refresh..

I used things I had laying around for a simple airy feel. The basket, buckets &  greenery were all free finds. The towel is from IKEA & the masons from +Target !

I ended up switching out the little rustic ladder on the wall for this DIY project I did for the time being.. You can see the full tutorial -->DIY Tea Towel Art!  
You guys know I'll pry be switching this out, & it might even end up at the shop ;) stick around!! 

I'm loving the cozy, bright/ cottagey feel with that hint of rustic glam with the mixed in metals etc.. I've been really into blue, grey & white lately too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little early spring dining room inspiration! I'm loving it so far, now to just keep the snow away hehe!  Well, I'm off to nurse my back ..have a lovely  week everyone. P.S. stick around for tomorrow's post too..I've got a  theme going on this week I promise :))! 

Thanks so much for dropping by my little practical blog, sharing it & being so wonderful! I hope you can gather ideas etc.. to  make your home your sanctuary the practical way.  

Are you guys decorating for spring yet??