Tuesday, March 8, 2016

{ Farmhouse Dining Room Update & How To Get The Look..}

Oh hey Tuesday..I hope you guys are having a great start to the week so far!  I recently just switched around a bunch of stuff on our upper level including the living room & dining room decor... I wanted the dining room to have an authentic/comfy simple farmhouse feel, so I added some authentic pieces with some other changes...I know the rustic/vintage/farmhouse/cottage/ industrial style is super popular right now, but I wanted our dining room to be more authentic looking rather than have it look like I bought up the whole Target, Pottery Barn or HomeGoods etc...Great stores, but I try & stay thrifty as much as I can & that's just what I did in our dinging room with the exception of a few things.. Come see how I gave this space a cozy & semi authentic makeover with tips on how you can also..

. How to add F A R M H O U S E Charm .

  • Add Burlap for texture
  • Use vintage bottles/ glass
  • Display milk jugs/glasses
  • Vintage Signs
  • Eggs
  • Use rolling pins/baking utensils
  • Trays
  • Mason Jars
  • Crocks
  • Galvanized Buckets
  • Jute Rugs
  • Scales
  • Use wire baskets for storage
  • Display crates for storage or fillers
  • Anything vintage wood etc..

I had bought this picture from +HomeGoods  back in August & stuck it in our living room..I love it ,but hated it on that awkward wall I just blogged about yesterday {Spring Wall Decor }..So I moved it in here & LOVE it!! It gives just the right amount of color, but still that farmhouse appeal. I purchased this for under $35 frame & all!!

I tried to use all the farmhouse stuff we had in the garage etc.. because I knew we had quite a bit!! This little corner came together so nicely with some simple goods we already had from thrifting..The milk can, table, ladder & buckets were all free. The white cooks apron is vintage & was my great grandpa's & the pussy willows are from +Michaels Stores . The wood cutting board recipe holder is from +HomeGoods  as well!

I had these free bottles laying around & these vintage wire baskets , so I decided to use them..I mean they're vintage, free & so simple why not?! The eggs are faux from +Hobby Lobby  for under $2 a piece.

I love incorporating any type of vintage glass in the kitchen/dining..This spice rack, mason jars & more wire baskets were all free finds & the newer mason jars from our bathroom makeover { Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover } are from +Target

All the crocks were free finds too! The cabinet is from the 50's & was one of my first DIY projects back before blogging. It's my favorite piece still..maybe it will get a face lift soon eh?!

I love this little hutch!! My husband recently picked the matching side table buffet , so I'll be painting that sooon!!! I'm still not sure where it's going, but I love the simplicity of these...I mean 2 x 4's & some white paint - CHECK!!!

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I love vintage glass milk jugs! I don't know why but I sure do! I mixed in some old & new for some farmhouse charm. Adding milk jugs is one of the EASIEST ways to add farmhouse charm. Michaels sells mini ones for like $2 !!

Adding any type of burlap , wire baskets or glass can add instant farmhouse charm.

Seriously how cute are those eggs??

That "herb" sign was my very first sign I ever made I believe..I love it still & made it for under $10!!

I love adding crates to a space too. They're great fillers & add that rustic/ vintage look. I have 3-4 of them from the north. My parents picked them up for dirt cheap a few summers back in Traverse City! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little farmhouse dining room update!! I know this style is becoming quite trendy so why not share some of the ways to add that charm . Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!!


Monday, March 7, 2016

{ New Spring Cottage Wall Decor with a Meaning.. }

Heyyy guys!! Happy LATE Monday night..I'm late getting this post out, but it's still here so who cares right?! I mentioned or "hinted" at this new piece in our upper level living room on Instagram earlier & couldn't wait to get this post out!! I picked this awesome piece up at Angels, Saints & Stuff a few days ago & I'm in L O V E! If you're a bit behind in some of my posts I'll quickly fill you in..So I'm a vendor at a local thrift/antique/gallery/vintage etc.. shop down the road from our little suburban cottage. It's the cutest & warmest shop with a mission & half of everything sold goes to charity!!!!!! Okay, let me get back on track again haha..So my sister & I stopped in to drop some more goods off & I spotted this angel as soon as I walked in!! I had been searching for something for an awkward wall & thought this might work..I measured & by measured I mean glanced at it & knew it came up to my bust line { It's huge } & went home to see if it would work & bingo PERFECT!!! I got a bit busy with life & totally forgot about it until a few days later when I was dropping some more treasures off..It was still there & you know I snatched it up & crammed it in my jeep!!! I got it for the bargain price of $21!!! I love how weathered it is, the color & how the warped wings come right off the wall in just the right spots!! Keep reading below to see why this wood angel is so special to me....

I love how fresh & simple this piece is. It's so neutral, yet makes a huge statement on that otherwise awkward wall...P.S. I know that side table  is a bit bare right now..I'm trying to find my natural wood candlesticks which just so happen to have vanished..#bloggerproblems haha

Okay, so I mentioned above that there was a reason I bought this huge angel other than the fact that I love angels in general.. So about 3 year's ago I started seeing the number "111" throughout my day..At first it scared me because it was becoming more then just a coincidence..I finally told my mom & she looked it up & it's actually a sign of angels or manifestations. The crazier part is that my late mother-in-law loved cherubs & angels, and we always have her picture out on display. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person{ she passed when my husband was just 12 }, but have always felt her presence and have been told I'm like her in more ways than one, and have always thought of her as our guardian angel. It's the perfect place for this angel in our home across from Yolanda's picture. I've said this before, but I most of the time always decorate with pieces that have meaning to me or that I love. I won't or don't just buy pieces that match a certain style or because they're popular etc..This piece is a prime example of this!!!

I love how the wings are warped & float off the wall!! This piece was originally a garden trellis I converted ;). 


Most everything in our upstairs living room is authentic vintage or thrifts. I know not many are that lucky to find free vintage or thrift finds, but my family has been into this kind of stuff for years...I only wish it hadn't taken me this long to find a love & appreciation for this "junk"..

I'll be blogging that little side table soon too..It's got a story behind it as well..

The green throw is from +IKEA USA , rug Ikea as well as the black & white striped pillows. The buckets were free finds & the silver stool was my late papa's.. 

I hope you guys liked this little springy post! I love decorating with pieces that have meaning to me & on the cheap!! What do you guys think of this angel? What should  I name her??

Thanks so much for stopping in on my little, but growing practical blog! Feel free to follow our adventures from our rescue dogs, home & just us in general on all my social media outlets below!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

{ Leather vs. IKEA Ektorp Sectional Review...}

Welcome back guys & happy Tuesday to you!! Today I'm here to bust some peoples' bubble hahah just kidding, well kinda{ but only to help & inform }! I'm here to do a review on the ever so popular Ektorp sectional from IKEA! I'm comparing it to a leather couch/ sofa so you can get a better picture at what I personally do & don't like about both etc.. I know there's been a million of these reviews done on these couches for the past year because lets face it they're SUPER popular right now! Now if you follow me I'm not one to really "chase" the trends..however I broke down & did this one time & well..Yea about that..! We've always had leather in our home. We had leather from the start & not because we have kids or had animals at the time, but because my style was more modern. When my styled changed in 2012/2013 when we moved into our second home I knew I wanted something other than leather, because it didn't portray that comfy casual/ warm feel that the vintage cottage style I was going after. When our once expensive leather couch took a turn after 6 years we decided we would go with the IKEA Ektorp. It was much less expensive than another leather couch & you could wash it etc..Here is where I should  have done my homework & stuck with my gut feeling..Now with two large dogs, I should have went with the leather. Keep reading below for the pros & cons of each couch & why!!!!



  • Cozier looking
  • Nicer on the skin
  • Less money than most leather
  • Easier to decorate with


  • Time consuming to wash
  • Slipcovers get dirty easier than leather
  • The fabric tore in each corner
  • Cushions are difficult to put back on
  • Cushions wrinkle easy
  • Cushions are medium to poor quality
  • Covers are mostly $100 & up..

We aren't rough on this sectional & the cushions & backs are still losing the structure to them..

I must admit I do LOVE the overall appeal/style/look!

Don't mind that rug { Upper Level Living Room Makeover Coming }..but anyways as you can see they wrinkle & have began to sag after just under 2 years..

If you look at the bottom left you can see the dingy dirty stains on the arms..That is from one of our dogs on a mishap & it constantly still is dinging even after bleaching..Yes, it gets cleaner, but still is dingy looking, not to mention the annoyance. 

Side Note: We also have the brown slipcover & it's pilling so bad we had to remove it until I can treat it.

Corner tear..

Okay, so with that all being said above you can see I'm not a fan of these couches! I'm sorry, but I'm not one to sugarcoat things via my blog & these couches are NOT what they are cracked up to be. Yes, I LOVE the look, but the maintenance is just flat out annoying. Washing the covers separately, only drying them halfway, putting them back on & not being able to just wipe something up instantly..Yea, not for this clean freak right here. Those who say they're durable, that may be the case for you, but that is not the case for us. No, we do not have children, but we do have 2 large dogs who do get their paws wiped before entering the house, & I clean just about everyday & they still become dirty & dingy. I guess I just like the idea of leather & the fact that you can instantly sanitize the spot or what not. Yes, they can be washed, but in 2-3 loads { that's with us having the largest washers on the market } & that's just not something I want to spend my time on... We have purchased to different slipcovers & each time the covers have ripped in the corners..They aren't a fortune to replace, but aren't cheap either... The sectional itself was $800 & beige Lofallet runs $100 &amp up; with the matching ottoman cover it's $220 + tax. The ottoman cover is super hard to get back on & the knobs on ours are currently off due to that issue . This then causes the ottoman to slip & slide constantly....

I would NOT recommend these particular slipcover couches/ sofas! 

- L E A T H E R -


  • Easy to clean
  • Cushions keep their structure
  • Cooler on the skin
  • Hassle free sanitizing
  • Harder to rip
  • No pilling


  • Ethical reasons for authentic leather
  • Less cozy look/ feel
  • Price
Although I can not say I will never get another leather couch, at this point for ethical/personal reasons I don't believe we will. We may go with a different slipcover or maybe even a faux leather { maybe a review on that too haha }.

With all that being said, I want to mention I absolutely LOVE IKEA otherwise..actually I'm kind of obsessed! I just wanted to blog this review for all the people out there contemplating this sofa/couch. I wish we would have done our homework more, but for now we will just try to love it & be thankful. I hope you got  a better understanding of the differences I pointed out & this helps you make the BEST decision for yourself or family. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Monday, February 29, 2016

{ Simple Detox Bath Recipe ]

Happy Monday!! Boy today has been a busy one already & I'm loving it!!! We started this early day with a business meeting, calls & getting some papers in order for my husband's new business ,and I had the nicest chat with my ever so enlightening mom { she was on vacation for 2 weeks }! I thought what the heck since the sun is out I would photograph two posts for this week that I've been meaning to blog... So before I start I'm stating I'm in NO WAY A DOCTOR OR AFFILIATED WITH THE MEDICAL FIELD! This little detox recipe is my own with some knowledge from others, Internet readings & books. I posted a few days ago about my dry skin remedy & it was quite popular.. --> Lotion Buffing, so today I decided to step out of my comfort zone again & share this little detox bath I've come to like... So, long story short.. I've got a back of a 90 year old. I got slight scoliosis in my upper back, I have hip discrepancy & who knows what else?! I love soaking in these baths to help loosen me up as well as my husband too. He has old car accident injuries, so he loves to soak & detox after a long laborious day on the job..Like I said before this recipe may not be for everyone, and I'm not saying do it without talking to your medical practitioner before hand, but they're so soothing, so why not share. I know I will get E-mail after E-mail about people, so I had to put this out there :/. I hope you enjoy this detox bath consisting of Epsom salt, peroxide & coconut oil.  


. Epsom Salt - 1 cup
. Peroxide { I used 3% } 1- 2 cups
. Pure Coconut Oil 2- 3 tablespoons

- E p s o m  S a l t -

Epsom salt is one of those staple items most people keep in their home. It comes in handy for so many things from cleaning to medical uses. 


  • Soothes Muscles
  •  Delivers Magnesium Through Skin Absorption
  • Aids in Constipation Relief
  • Can help with High Blood Pressure
  • Natural Antiseptic

** Be sure to ask your health provider if you suffer from low blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues or any other major medical condition. 

- P e r o x i d e -


  • Oxygen Supplement
  • Removes Toxins
  • Provides Energy
  • Kills Germs in Bath Water

** Start out with small doses of peroxide and work your way up if you're not showing irritation. Some interactions can occur with the skin, headaches or GI tract issues. I have had zero reactions so far. I read that since it provides oxygen rejuvenation it can cause energy to spike late at night in some people. Watch your hair while using peroxide as well.

- C o c o n u t  O i l -


  •  Nourish Skin
  • Moisturizer 
  • Natural Cleanser
  • Helps Fight Fungi
  • Gentle Skin Exfoliate & the list goes on!

** Be sure you have no allergies to coconut before hand. Rinse tub well after.

After using this combo my skin is soo smooth, the redness is lighter { I have keratosis Pilaris } & dry skin is lesser. I felt refreshed & I will say it does flush the toxins from within if you will..Be sure to drink plenty of water after! I hope this helps you feel refreshed, rejuvenated & brighter while winter takes its toll on us internally & externally! 

Happy Monday night & thank you so much for helping me grow this little practical blog of mine!!