Friday, April 15, 2016

{ Comfy Spring Guest Bedroom Refresh }

Hey everyone!! First happy Friday & second happy almost weekend, right?! I don't know about you ,but I'm so excited about the upcoming weekend..We've got a project we're working on & another I'll be finishing up!! Sometimes random projects that just work out so perfect make my heart flutter { more on that project next week } & today was one of those dayssss! I'm not going to lie or sugarcoat anything, but I've been going through a rough patch.. Things are a bit rough with getting everything in order business wise, and other stuff.. & when plans don't go as planned out it drives me up a wall..ocd crazy!! I've been trying to work on my patience, but sometimes the worries get the best of me..It's one of my daily struggles... When I'm struggling I tackle projects, or house things with my indie music playing to keep me physically/ mentally going.. Our house isn't perfect nor our projects, but we're real & hopefully can inspire one of you at some point.. After all your sanctuary wherever or whatever that may be is your place of renewal , right? :)! Anyways today I'm sharing our guest room spruce up all for under $25! I was laying in there  { I was sleeping in there while my hubby's eye was healing from an accident } & was looking around & felt bored with the decor..The next day I had a girly day with a friend & decided to grab a few simple goodies to spruce it up for spring / neutralize it! I wanted it to feel like a southern cottage style room with a botanical feel too if that's a style haha..Me & my ideas hahah. 

I had some comfy white pillows & brand new white sheets so I just needed a simple & on the cheap decorative pillow, so I picked this $7 check one up at +IKEA USA .

I'll be painting the furniture in this room soon, but for now I just kept the decor neutral with pops of silver & black mixed with some greenery. Since it's finally warming up here in the mitten I can get my hands dirty painting this guest room furniture how I've wanted to for months!!!! ;)


So keeping with that "southern botanical cottagey feel " I added some vintage goods we had stashed in the garage..The pitcher, screen & old bucket of flowers! I added the fresh  rosemary painting from +HomeGoods . The lamps were a DIY { search right side of blog for tutorial } & the  greenery is from Ikea again.

I scored those wicker baskets with the plaid lined rim for under $5 a piece at +Hobby Lobby !! I got 3 & they were perfect for the space. The magazine holder is from +Marshalls  , the chair was free & the rugs were from our condo.

This little corner used to house our niece's toy dolls & stuffed bunnies..I thought the rustic bucket of flowers was enough, I've since then added some cozy pillows.. The wall art is from +IKEA USA  & I got both of them for $1!!!!!! I didn't want them framed..I wanted more of a simple look so I used silver tacks for an effortless simplistic look..

This vintage wood shadow mirror was a thrift find from my mom! I added some little trinkets , keys, doves & succulents. The antique bed is a family "treasure".

I really hope you guys liked this little room spruce up. It's the most simple styling, yet so cozy & fresh! Have a lovely weekend & I can't wait to share some new { bigger } projects on the horizon! 

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger , but I am humble & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

{ The Best Farmhouse & Cottage Decor From KIRKLAND'S & something new starting on TQS for you guys!!!! }

Happy Wednesday friends!! I hope your week is going great so far. Today I had one of those days where I spent the entire day out of the house enjoying some sun, shopping, maybe ice cream hahha & some much needed girlfriend time. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty much a homebody these days & I love it most of the time!! I mean I work from home, love home stuff etc.. but sometimes it's nice to get out not only on couple time ,but girlfriend time & today that's what it was all about!! I met up with a friend & we walked / shopped ,and had some yummy treats { Thanks girl } hehe & just enjoyed the day.. So we hit probably 7 stores today & randomly came across the new Kirkland's next to Ikea & oh  gosh...really nice!! As soon as I walked in I grabbed my phone & started snapping some pictures of goods { This new Galaxy 7 camera is making me lazy with my Nikon ha}..I mean it's such a bright, cozy & fun store, not to mention it's NEWWWW! So I know HomeGoods, Ikea, Michaels, Marshalls, Pier1 Imports etc.. are really popular right now { I love them too }, but I haven't been in a Kirkland's in ages mainly because there weren't any local to us practically EVER. I was so pleasantly surprised I thought I'd blog a few of their items I liked ...P.S. they're really affordable too!!

I walked in & was immediately hit with some fresh spring fragrances, and such a bright & cozy store. It's huge, but was filled with bunches of flowers, cute chippy furniture & decor so it made it feel like a boutique with unique goods instead of a generic department store.

I was so surprised with the amount of farmhouse & cottage style goods...Usually chains like this have more trendy/ mass produced decor items, but this Kirkland's had quite a few of these style items..I loved this faux vintage farmhouse cow picture...If only I could find a place for it haha! 

This item stopped me right away..So we all know the wood, glass & greenery is super trendy right now..Well, not everyone can afford vintage treasures, or find the time to go junkin' etc.. I love that Kirkland's offers stuff like this as a set.. Everything is included minus the flowers {which you can buy at Dollar Tree} all for under $50!!!

Ahh these lamps...again so popular right now!! They were pretty large & I love the neutral farmhouse/cottage style! 

Their greenery, plants & flowers were all really reasonable compared to some of the other home decor stores too! 

Okay, this was my absolute favorite find!! This 4 piece canister set was HUGE , so charming & was on sale for $25!!!!! They're ceramic,heavy duty , farmhouseyyy plus CHEAP!! Oh,I think I'm going back for these!!

I hope you guys liked this type of post...I wanted to try something a bit different & take you guys along on some of my shopping trips & what I found that I  thought you guys would like also... I think I'm going to be doing this shopping with me & blogging the goods I spotted and liked the most at least once a week..Something fresh & new ,and also helps you guys get some ideas if you don't have the time to hit different stores for certain items! What do you guys think of this idea??? 

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger , but I am humble & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

{ Thrifty Cottage Garden Gallery Wall Idea.. }

Hey guys and welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Monday/ start to the week. I'm so tired I don't even know what is going on with me..So not like me to be tired @ 9pm, usually that's when I get my boost of energy hence the late night posts hahaha! I'm sitting here typing this & literally yawning!! I guess this fresh & springy post is needed  until this crazy Michigan weather clears. Although our  Michigan weather hasn't been great, I have been adding spring all over our little suburban cottage & am taking a trip to +IKEA USA  tomorrow with a girlfriend to get a few cheap spring goods. Last night via my IG account I posted about these cute little $3 wood signs I found stashed in the back of the target by the garden section..I knew exactly what I wanted the one for..It's for this awkward large wall in our upper living room..I finished the little spring gallery wall today & I'm in LOVEEEE! It's neutral, fresh, springy & cottagey , and best of all sports some real & faux greenery mixed in!! 

For $3 I should have bought them both right?! P.S. sorry about the picture I just quickly snapped this  while +Target . Again, if you're interested in these signs they're located by the garden supplies like boots, gloves, rakes etc.. Maybe they'll be moved up to the dollar spots soon ??? ;)

Okay, so these are the 4 real plants/succulents I have in this little gallery table space. I love it for spring & that some are real..I will say I started with 5 & now I'm down to 4 #rip! I've been trying I promise, but I may have over watered them..Hopefully they can hang on!! The unfinished rustic wood tray was a free find & says " Detroit Pistachios" in green writing. The runner is from Target dollar spots.

This simple sign couldn't have been more perfect for this space!! I love the rustic writing, wire & that it fit perfectly on the little wood frames. I needed something to fill the larger green window frame, so I used some +IKEA USA  hanging pots I had from a few years back! The plants in the pots are faux.

Crocks, ladder, wood potting table, plants & sign...All stuff I love & screams cottage! This wall is now bright & fresh, and ready for spring!!  

Side Note: The mason jar lamp was a DIY/ thrifty find. Search under " Popular Posts" for the tutorial.

My succulent babies haha

I hope you guys love this spring /cottage inspired gallery wall. I mean with a few chippy frames, $2 succulents & some junk this little space came together so well.  I know gallery walls are so popular right now, but in all honestly I've never been a huge fan...They can become clustered & random..or maybe it's just not my style..Either way I love this one I basically threw together on the cheap! What do you think of gallery walls?? Which kind to do you have or prefer??

Have a lovely Tuesday & THANK YOU for stopping in, I truly mean it :)!!



Thursday, March 31, 2016

{ DIY Simple Farmhouse -General Store- Sign }

Happy Fridayyyyy yay!! It's been a long week, but looking forward to the weekend with my Dennis the Menace husband hahah #longstory. So last night I went down to the office to play with the bunny & what not for a quick few & ended up staying down there for a few working on a little spur of the moment project!! If I'm being honest most of my projects start that way haha.. I'm a planner, but when it comes to blogging, photographing or projects I'm as random as it gets...I mean I guess that's why I strive so hard to make this little blog of mine PRACTICAL & feasible for the average person { I hope I'm doing a good job }.. Anyways today's project is one I've been wanting to do for a while, but honestly forgot about.. I had this old sign which I loved at one point, but wasn't really my style anymore so I broke out the chalk paint.. I decided I wanted a cute little antique style general store sign for our farmhouse kitchen! This is one of the easiest tutorials ever...Paint, smearing, scraping & freehand lettering..I'm no sign maker, but I love the way it turned out. I didn't use a stencil because I wanted it to feel for authentic etc.. You can use whatever you like better. Keep reading below for all the deets !!



I used regular $1 white paint from +Michaels Stores  for the base color. I put about 3 coats of this on the sign. The sign is slate so, it sucked the paint up quite nicely. You'll need white, black, brown wax/clear wax, wire brush and paint brush to finish this project..


After the base dried I rubbed some antique brown wax from the Americana Decor chalk paint line all over the sign. After that was dry I traced out my lettering with chalk & then went in with some black paint. I cleaned up the lettering with some white paint & then hit it with wax again & a little mix of black + white for that undertone of gray.. After everything was dry I went in with a wire brush & distressed some areas & then went over the letter with a almost dry brush with a TINY bit of white , so the lettering wasn't stark fresh black! I finished it by applying a small amount of clear wax...

You guys know know how I love my milk jugs..The tall dairy glass to the far right is vintage the rest are from all over. You can find these in the dollar spots +Target  and Michaels.

I styled it super simple with some mini chalkboard canisters from +HomeGoods . The mantel is also from HomeGoods. The little chocolate cupcakes & candy are from Dollar Tree.

I seriously love this little mantel in our dining room. It's simple & gives that farmhouse/cottage charm instantly. 

*** Side Note: I forgot to mention above, but I used some light semi dry black paint to etch the jagged slate edges too..

It's not perfect, but like most of my projects that's why I love them. Simple & charming right?!

I hope you guys liked this simple DIY!! You can buy these slate signs at your local craft store for under $10 usually. So with some $1 paint, cheap wax , brush & a little time you can have a farmhouse sign for under $20!!  I hope you ALL have a lovely weekend! 


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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

{ Vintage Sofa Side Table with a Special Meaning..}

Howdyyy friends! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday! You know those days where you're feeling less than inspired..Yeah, I had one of those days today. Then I remembered I never blogged this piece I put in our upper living room back a few months ago!! Out of all the pieces of furniture we've collected, sold, bought etc.. this little sofa side table is hands down my favorite piece besides our antique kitchen corner cabinet! So I had a bunch of furniture that just wasn't working for our living room...I had been on the search for months so randomly my gram was over & we just started trading furniture ahahaha! This may seem super random to most, but in our family we're all always switching or painting furniture of some sort! When my gram went home real quick { she now lives in our neighborhood big YAY! } and brought this piece back I about snatched it right out of her hands!!!! Before I could do that she made me promise I wouldn't paint or alter it in anyway. I of course at first was bummed, but then she handed it to me & IT WAS PERFECT!! She started telling me about the piece as I started styling it right away & of course after the story shed a few tears...This little tiny most perfect table had belonged to her dear mother, Esther & she had kept it all this time. Granted it has been all over the family & even painted once...but I just loved the wood top, authentic chipped edges & matte black base!!! My gram is an only child & her mom spoiled her with everything she could. Her mum lost her battle with breast cancer in the 60's so I know exactly why this table has such meaning to her & now me!!!! She told me it was all the way from England { My gram's parents are from there } & is over 50 years old..even more reason to cherish it. Just saying " sofa arm table" is so cuteee! I mean you don't find pieces like this anymore & with the Ikea Ektorp sofa the arms are low, so I needed something & bam perfect, not to mention it already had that rustic cottage charm I crave so much!!! Okay enough ramblings..come see this gem!!! 

How cute is this little table? You guys know I love decorating with pieces that mean something to me & this one sure does! I love the chippy edges, yet the simplicity! 

You can see more of the meaning behind that huge new wood angel here -->The Wood Wall Angel..

I styled it super simple with these wood buckets from Garden Ridge & some faux greenery from +IKEA USA !!

I'll be blogging that new rug soon too. I love the wood top with the black base paired with our dark floors & that green/ tan jute rug. Simple cottage loving at it's best!! 

If you're interested you can see the DIY tutorial for those wood coasters here --> DIY Wood Coasters

I really hope you guys liked this cozy little post & this sweet gem! Do you have any favorite pieces with meaning? Leave me some comments down below, I love hearing from you guys & especially anything furniture wise hehe! 

As always thank you so much for stopping in on my little blog shenanigans hehe ! Happy & healthy week!!!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

{ Rustic & Thrifty EARLY Spring Porch .. }

Heyy guys..I always feel weird saying just "guys" so gals too hahah! I hope your Tuesday was great! I can't say ours was anything crazy other than we enjoyed a little bit of warmth finally!!! This Michigan weather has been crazier than usual actually..Mild winter, but a lagging winter type ha if that makes sense?! This post totally was spur of the moment, but I actually like it for a start..I stepped out our front door to wave by to Mark as he left for a meeting & realized it had warmed up a bit form earlier in the day..I went to walk back in & our little front porch was screaming  to add something to it..I quickly ran back inside & grabbed a bunch of stuff I had laying around in my decor room & some stuff in our now "organized" garage/shop!! The neighbors were probably peeking out their windows thinking I was crazy as usual.. { I was in my plaids with stuff crammed in my arms & camera around my neck haha }! Anyways today I'm sharing our thrifty, rustic & vintageyy early spring porch!!!  

P.S. everything used for this spur of the moment spruce up was freee!

In my last post I talked about our back patio makeover we're going to be doing soon hopefully, so I guess today was only appropriate to share the front porch right?! I promise all coincidence!! I had set all three of the milk cans out front after our mini spring cleaning in the yard a few weekend's back. Some were in the garage & another out back..I decided I wanted them all together & just left them there...After today's little spruce up I decided I actually loved them there with the vintage bucket & crate! 

***See yesterday's post here --> Spring Patio Makeover Board

The grass is from last year from +Hobby Lobby  & the blue flowers are from Dollar Tree I believe.

I know I've mentioned this before, but aside from vintage stamped crates, milk cans/jugs are my favorite! 

The detail on this crate has my heart...I can't believe people throw these away..Maybe if I stop hoarding them I'll take some to the shop { Angels, Saints & Stuff } !

Like I said, I threw this together spur of the moment..I'll be adding some greenery to the baskets & lets be honest in the next month it'll be completely different!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this early spring post!! I love a plan more than most, but sometimes fresh air is all you need to take on a little spur of the moment decor. 

 I hope you guys have a lovely Wednesday & as always THANK YOU for stopping by TQS for some practical decor , DIY & the occasional recipe or craft!