Tuesday, March 19, 2019

{ Spring Galvanized Cottage Living Room Decor }

Heyyyy pals! Hope your week is going amazingly! I'm down with a head cold & tonsillitis but thankfully my doctor called in some meds over the phone. I'm grateful for that because it was a rough night with both Mark & I up sick... I mentioned a few days ago  I've been really feeling the garden galvanized look & have been slowly adding vintage & new galvanized metal items & pops of cottage blues and darker wood tones in the living room... Come take a peek at this fresh spring living room 


I've always had a thing for ducks, so when I spotted these vintage wood ones with chippy blue, I knew I needed them. They give that northern Michigan cottage feel without being lake or coastal.

While adding little splashes of chippy cottage blues, the galvanized decor also took effect in here. The chippy " Less House More Home" sign is from HomeGoods. The other items are either collected vintage or from various home decor stores.

I'm still looking for new pillows for this space, & I'll be switching slipcovers until tthe sofa arrives! These herb flower pillows from last year will do fine for now!! 


This clock finished this space off with all the galvanized goods..It looks so much smaller in this photo, but it's actually pretty large. I'll be adding something to finish this wall soon..

I hope you liked this spring living room first glance of the season. You guys know it'll be changing periodically but that's what the blog is for right?! Thanks for sharing & popping in daily.

Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

{ Fresh Farmhouse Style Spring Kitchen }

This week is flying you guys...Wednesday already?! I need it to go quickly though because I'm tired & craving the weekend with some antiquing, downtime & hopefully pretty spring weather. My nerves have been pretty bad lately anticipating my upcoming appointments. I hate not having control over my own body at times & not having immediate answers/ solutions. So, again I decided I needed some downtime last weekend & by downtime I mean hauling chairs up & downstairs, switching decor &  adding new pieces. See my last post HERE for a quick recap on this space... Today I'm sharing the whole freshened up space below!!


I wanted something simple for the table...So the simplest cleanest, but coziest item was this cream & wood wired 3 tiered stand!! I filled it with navy vintage diner mugs, greenery, amber milk bottles & ruffled white linen napkins!


I forgot to mentioned above, but this stand has two other matching baskets I added to the bakery shelf that helps keep the space cohesive. 
▪You can see the full cabinet 

This mahogany chippy wood shelf, gold rimmed plates & faux pastries bring this space together.  

Like many of my items this vintage milk bottle has sentimental meaning to me...My momma knows I love old milk glass bottles & picked this up for my  collection while on vacation in Sarasota.


Following the "vintage spring bakery" theme I added more of my milk glass jugs to the corner cabinet & this bakery sign that match the Market sign above the table. The black stem glasses & Iron cow finish this simple cleaned out spring cabinet!


I had three main colors in mind for this space..Greenery galore, ticking stripe blues & lots of amber/ mahogany accents!!!


I paired this basket with the baskets in the cabinet, added some grey/blue will branches, rolling pins & more linens.

No bakery is complete without a measuring menu...I love this old rusty one. 
I hope you loved this spring dining look!!


Sunday, March 10, 2019

{ Farmhouse Dining Room Vintage Bakery Shelf }

Welcome back to another week of inspiration on TQS!! This weekend was filled with naps, rain, decor & an awesome Sunday tooling around with our niece! As you know I've been having a hard time physically for awhile but more difficult since Thanksgiving 2018...My body has flipped on me, so days where I feel "normal" or "grounded" & not dizzy I try to enjoy, but also get as much done as possible.   I spent Saturday napping because I ate garlic on Friday & it through me into a mini body flare up..I'll get into detail what's going on with me in a separate posts after my new endocrinologist & primary appointment..After a little rest I pushed myself to finish cleaning the kitchen & dining room while adding some new pieces. I've always had this dream of having a vintage like bakery with cute brownies, cupcakes & pies....Come see a sneak peek of this new bakery shelf in the dining room.   

Side Note: I'll be blog the entire space once it's finished.

This shelf cabinet is everything I had in mind for this vintage bakery dining area. It's glossy mahogany chipped wood, vintage wear and tear & super simple. I filled it with gold rimmed dishes, cake dishware, crock cookware, mason jars & more. 

The sign was just what I was looking for...Everything an old fashioned bakery would have.  The plate wall isn't finished { I broke a holder } so one plate is off centered but I love the simplicity & I get to display my plate collections. I'll be adding something else to this wall too..& of course I'll blog it all together.

Like I mentioned above..the plates will be changed once I fix the broken hooks, but for now I wanted to share the process of this makeover. I love my collections, my sentimental pieces like the rolling pins from my great Poppy, white restaurant apron from my papa & vintage treasures Mark has collected for me. I hope you love this piece & goods.

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

{ Spring Cottage Greenhouse Fireplace Mantel Decor }

Heyyyy pals! Today I'm sharing a space in our living room that I ALWAYS share for the turn of the seasons...our FIREPLACE MANTEL!! It's one of my favorite most simplest areas to change out! I've been struggling with this upstairs living room lately, so I decided to take a break & decorate a space I know I'd love. Being sick for nearly 4 months has been so difficult, especially with this type of a job...Hard to DIY/ type posts when you're dizzy almost constantly.. Hoping my new endocrinologist & primary can figure out what's going on with me, but for now this space is pepping me up..

I can't tell you how much charm adding the vintage linen closet added to this space! It pairs well with the chippy fireplace & mantel. Added some faux greenery, rustic goods & voila! 


I wanted to keep the mantel simple, but very springy which meant plants, garden tools etc.. This antique shovel, vintage seltzer bottle & old wood window panes helped add that feel.  

I needed something to add to the plain white cottage front of the actual fireplace, so I set this mason jar print here..Loved it & well here it sits!

I did have my real Lemon Button Fern on the coffee table, but after a year keeping him alive..He needed some instant sun..So he moved to the window

I hope you liked this little inspiring spring mantel!  Thank you for stopping by the blog daily & sharing inspiration with me too. 

Happy Thursday!


Sunday, March 3, 2019

{ DIY Industrial Vintage Cottage Bathroom Makeover }

Pals!!! I'm so glad you decided to stop back in on TQS today for a super fun reveal that I've been meaning to share for the last week!! So two weekends ago we had a three day weekend for us both & what did we decide to do? Makeover my bathroom!! Mark asked & of course I was ecstatic and obliged! This makeover had been in the works for quite sometime, but we have just been so busy with everything from me being sick with what seems like issue after issue, house hunting, business, animals & just life! It was a gorgeous cozy weekend of pizza, sister time, painting, late night Home Depot runs & of course decorating!!! For this makeover I wanted to keep it practical like always, so we didn't go overboard...I mean we really didn't need to. The travertine & granite are still in great shape & for a spruce up before we eventually move was all it needed. It was remolded about 8 years ago & has held up nicely! It needed paint, new hardware, grout cleaning & some minor touch-ups...other than that just cosmetic. Anyways come see how we refreshed my upstairs bathroom for under $300 in 2 days!!


This space was dark, blue walls, old hardware & just messy cluttered decor..


Welcome, to the new cozy & bright bathroom!! I don't really share this a lot because well, it's not something that comes up in conversation really, but I take a lot of bathes because of my chronic issues! It's my relaxing time & takes less energy than a shower..It might sound pathetic but daily routines have become hard for me at times. So, having a clean & cozy fresh space is key for those days where I'm having flare-ups .

I had an idea before starting this little refresh & it was to have tons of white with mixed in galvanized items, chippy green & vintage industrial signs!! These vintage drawers were thrifty finds, the bottom  sign is from Home Depot & other vintage. My sister & husband were confused at first, but my idea came to life!! I always say think "outside" the box when it comes to decor & where to find it/ use it at! 

We really wanted to replace this old generic cabinet, but we had no luck searching for a vintage one with character, so we just painted & distressed this one a bit & added new chippy hardware! We added a few of the same new knobs to the vanity & painted that white as well1 The mirror & diy mason jar light we left as well!

Lots of vintage soap holders & goods got used in this space! I may or may not have been outside in our garage stockpile scouring for goods at 11pm in a snow storm in my boots & cutoffs hahaha!

I tied in more galvanized with these "people" symbols! I snagged them on sale for 40% off at Hobby Lobby at the last minute! The shelf is also from Hobby Lobby below & the numbers/ galvanized top help tie in as well.

The soap caddy is from HomeGoods & it's probably the best smelling spice vanilla duo. I mean let's be honest I loved the packaging & tray it came with & for only $7!!

I mentioned above but this shelf is from Hobby Lobby, the decor is from HomeGoods & I love how it ties in with the new shower curtain.

More vintage goods, candles, pictures, chalkboards & greenery to add warmth to this space!

I hope you loved this space!! It's fresh, cleaned, re-caulked & styled to the nines haha! There have been many bathes since the makeover & it's sooo relaxing! 

Happy Monday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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