Sunday, June 16, 2019

The BEST Fourth of July Home Decor!

Another weekend has come & gone...I don't know about you all but I still can't believe summer is here already?!! Anyways we had a super lowkey weekend at our little cottage celebrating Father's Day. We made a homemade meal & had lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream & pup time..which was fine with us! It's been cooler, rainy & just not great summer weather. I'm  however still enjoying the cooler temps ha..With that being said I still wanted to share some patriotic Fourth of July decor with you all because well it's one of my fav holiday's to decorate for other than Christmas!! I used everything I had with the exception of some thrifty new vintage treasures from a barn sale...Come see some of the new items & LOTS of 4th decor inspiration...


So like anything, I had a theme or idea of what I wanted our 4th decor to look like..without straying from my preferred cozy cottage + farmhouse style!! For this year I decided to go more vintage style with lots of warm layers & wood tones mixed with my four traditional colors.. Red, White, Blue, Green & of course rich wood pieces & chippy white.  


I used a bunch of vintage goods like this chippy rusty red & white enamel dish.. I also mixed in my vintage gold rimmed plates from my gram!!


I'm pretty much obsessed with this tablescape + centerpiece!! I kept it super simple, cozy & patriotic!! Tons of mini flags, greenery & wood cubbie I picked up at a local barn sale for a whopping $10!! 


When styling a space I love to start with one dramatic oversized piece & for that  one in this space it's our huge American flag hung on our 1940s wood barn door!! I love the ambiance, respect & how the light hits it!!


These blueberry & strawberry prints are also from a flea market sale..They were under $1 & I knew I would love them for the 4th display! The vintage wood trimmed screen behind it was a free junkin find..


This cabinet is one of my absolute favorite pieces to decorate in our dining room. I kept it super cozy with tons of old milk bottles, flags, greenery & coffee cups!! 


• HOME of the FREE because of the BRAVE•


Like a lot of things in this space, those vintage style flag mugs are also pickin' finds!! They were less than a quarter & fit soo cute on our dining room ladder display!

Now that I'm looking at these, I'm thinking they would gave looked better with a  white frame...STAY TUNED ha.


This little cottage dining room sure does give us all the cozy feels!! Simple, practical & thrifty...I hope you love it! I try to appease my style to any size or budget home!!!!

I added some apples to this wood cabinet last minute for that cozy homey kitchen feel. They're faux & probably the only thing that isn't real in this space! Everything else will stay up & is used... The coffee mugs, glass jars filled with rice & flours etc.. Right now the dining room smells of fresh baked blueberry pie, which has me dreaming of making holiday pies galore ha


Well that's our 4th of July dining room tour!! I hope you got all the cozy comfy feels taking this tour. Feel free to share. Wishing you all a WONDERFUL week ahead!! Now, I'm off to paint those prints ..or should I leave them ?


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

{ Easiest Fireplace Mantel Styling 101 }

Welcome back to TQS!! One area in our home that I always love to change out with every season, occasion or just for a fresh feel is our fireplace mantel!! Nothing screams anything cozier than a fireplace!! I always wanted one as a child & so with our homes I made it a point to have one in our condo & 2 in our house. They're not elaborate but so cottage & any home!! I get asked frequently when I share stylings of our mantels how I choose items, place them & style for an equal eye appealing look!! Well, today I'm here with the SIMPLEST FIREPLACE MANTEL STYLING 101!! Keep reading below for a few simple ways I style our fireplace  & how YOU can too...



This is the first step to decorating your mantel!! Pick a bold piece to center or " anchor" the whole mantel!! This could be a metal piece, greenery or mirror! I mean anything you would love to display or draws attention !



I like to set a background to my mantel displays! I've used large mirrors, old frames,  your TV, vintage pictures & like today a huge chalkboard!!



This is the one thing I see many forgetting to do..  its adding some height variations!! I used black candlesticks with cream planters & greenery for a height variation but just enough so everything doesn't look f l a t!



This is probably the easiest & my most favorite part - ADDING GREENERY!! You can add plants, flowers, stems etc.. it brings that natural balance & warmth!



Like the height tip above, this is something most forget I mean I did when I first started interior styling! I'm someone who craves balance but also a little asymmetry for a more cozy casual look. Being to symmetrical can lead to a too staged or formal look. I just added a hint of asymmetry with a vintage seltzer bottle on one side & a slightly lower candlestick on the other. 



This is my favorite especially for that cottage/ rustic farmhouse look!! Layering can be dine easy by adding lamps, plants, greenery, throws, pots, mini chandeliers etc..  Not cluttered but I try to cover open blank gaps! Baskets, or simple pieces help in those cases!!

Whoa that was a lot...maybe not but I'm beat y'all!! I've been at it since 6am & it's now 10pm haha. I hope this helps you decorate your mantel..& I'd love to see your space. Share it with me via my EMAIL LIST for direct free updates too.

Happy decorating!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

{ Warm + Welcoming Summer Cottage Tablescape }

What a weekend pals!! Half of mine was spent in bed, the bathtub & in agonizing back pain. For those of you that have been following for a while or heck even the last 6 month's, you'd know I've been through the ringer these last few months..physically & mentally. So as you can imagine this weekend & my back issues flaring up had me in a spiral of irritation. So, like many of times I decided to push through the pain & clean up a bit & redo our dining table with some treasures I found.   I shared a sneak peek of this look on my Instagram { if you aren't following be sure to } for instant updates..Well anyway I stopped in at our local barn sale & got all these goodies on our table minus the linens & greenery for $15!!!! Yep, you read that correctly...Thrifty cozy treasures for summer for $15 & a gorgeous tablescape...YES PLEASE!! See more below...


This barn sale was " fill a box for $5 }. I grabbed this terracotta bread hot dish holder. Coincidentally it matched my theme perfectly...


This chunky solid wood cubby was the only thing that wasn't in the $5 box. But for $10 I couldn't pass it up!! It matches sooo perfectly in our dining room & adds that summery cottage warmth. 


For height I added these glass flower stem holders , the mugs I also got at the sale & some sprigs for the green effect!! 


These vintage metal plates were also part of the sale along with these mini terracotta watering cans..I mean how CUTE?! 


These neutral pottery mugs with wheat stems & grasses were one of my most favorite finds. They're from England & are just so cozy!!


I hope you love this summer Tablescape as much as we do!!


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

{ DIY Vintage Door Charm with Numbers }

Happy W E D N E S D A Y!! guys..for the past two days on Instagram Stories I've literally been a day behind!! " Happy Monday" " Happy Tuesday"!.. Anyways now that I'm clear on what day it is  ha I thought I'd share a little DIY with you all. So, you guys know I'm always trying to add charm to our little anyway possible while we look for our forever home. I spotted some numbers in a - SALE- bin for .97 cents & a thought popped in my head...Why not add them to our upstairs doors?! They're simple, just like this post...Come see more below!


The numbers were black, but I added a little silver for that galvanized look!


I didn't end up putting one on our vintage linen closet, BUT I do have something fun coming to the blog for this beauty!!

I didn't photograph the other door because the hall is dark.. I know this was a short post, but I couldn't wait to chair this little charming way to add character SIMPLY!!

Hope you loved this little quick DIY!


Monday, May 27, 2019

{ Happy Memorial Day }

Memorial Day weekend, you're here...& almost gone!! I didn't have anything planned today decor wise then  the decor bug hit late last after a longg day!! I decided to decorate with a few patriotic staples..Flags, vintage goods & of course red ticketing stripe & greenery. Today is about simply THANKING everyone who paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our FREEDOM!!! So with simple days comes simple decor!! Come see a few patriotic touches. 


A classic shot, on a classic historical day. 


We didn't do much this weekend. We worked { Mark's friends + him/ I directed ha } on the truck, played with pups, ate junk food & just got house stuff completed..


** Comfiest garden Jeans from MACY'S 


Vintage milk glass jugs, antiques, flags & greenery - VOILA!! I love this little centerpiece.


Some of the things we've collected over the years our huge old metal bells. We have quite a few. The chippy white bench, galvanized watering can & flag were the perfect touch out front!! 

Hope your weekend was everything you love & needed .

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{ Spring Garden Nursery Tour }

 Wednesday, why hello!! A few days ago a friend & I stopped for slurpees & decided to brave the gloomy windy day, which was actually refreshing!! We popped in at our local nursery & oh myyy you guys it was sooo relaxing & cozy!! The amazing greenery, trees, shrubs, flowers & so on..I could have walked all day in there especially with no bright hot sun causing me to feel horrible.  I snapped a few pictures & thought I'd share with you all!! 

• G L E N D A 'S  
of Michigan •

The rows & rows of flowers, wood structures & everything garden had me in la la land haha!! I pretty much wanted one if each.. They had 3ft potted ferns for $38..I wish I would have snapped a picture..Great prices & selections 


This distressed gazebo was filled with dreamy!! Again, I wish I would have photographed a bit more, but it was super windy & spur of the moment!


Sweats, 3 inch roots & sneaks...ME haha!! But just look at those beauties..The colors were so vibrant!


If you know me, you know BOXWOODS are my jam!! Hint😉

I think this sign was telling me to eat more vegetables. It's funny how certain signs { no pun } can edge you in the right direction. I'm one of those people whose weight fluctuates very rapidly. 4 months ago I was down 32lbs from health issues, & currently I'm up 10lbs..which on my short 5'4.5 frame is a lot.  


Probably the prettiest tree...not on the property but that I've captured!! See it live in the video above if you missed it on my Instagram! 


I hope you enjoyed this little Greenhouse nursery tour!!