Thursday, July 18, 2019

{ Easy No Hassle Window Flower boxes! }

Whoa what a week it has been around here... From new vehicle shopping to viewing houses & everything annoying in between ha! Like do you ever wonder why everything has so many steps? I know I do & it can get quite confusing + overwhelming!! One thing I like to share here on my blog are quick projects, diy & little "refreshers" for the average everyday home/ household! Today I'm quickly sharing some phone pics { sorry for the quality} of our NO HASSLE summer flower boxes... Keep reading below to see what I mean!


S U P P L I E S:

  • Flower box { ours are from Home Depot}
  • Dirt
  • Planter pots { I used Terracotta}
  • Faux greenery plants or real { faux from Ikea}


D I R E C T I O N S:

Simply fill your Flower boxes with dirt about half way! You can place a flat board on top of the soil so the planters all are level { I didn't}. I like the imperfect rustic cottage look! Place the planters on top of the dirt/ wood & fill with faux plants or real if you prefer! 

This gives the flowerboxes a full look without the hassle of digging, planting etc..  The planters are easily able to be changed out for the seasons or when you want a different look! 

• Side Note:    Ours have a piece of scrap wood under them for level & height on our window ledge!


Simple greenery & terracotta can add so much charm to any home! I chose terracotta because they're summery & cottagey! I got these vintage aged ones while junkin for 10 cents a piece!! The longer box I used three terracotta planters 1 large two small. The other window I used 3 small terracottas!


I recently sprayed the boxes chippy white wood to match our shutters & antique white bench under the picture window!! I love them paired with the red brick! Classic cottage!!

* I spy a puppy snooper ha^
Do you guys have flowers boxes? I leave ours out all year..I can't wait for Christmas this year.. if we're still in this house!! Let me know what you think about this easy no hassle way of having window flowerboxes!!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

{ New Cozy Summer Dining Room Look }

FRIYAYYY! I've been craving simple open spaces in our home since it got warm! Still cozy, but definitely dialed down with just simple farm + cottage goods & of course antiques! In the dining room we painted the table fresh white, took the leaf out, removed the wood hutch & wood bookshelf. We replaced  it with a diy side stove shelf that I'll be sharing soon.  I also removed any color & just stuck with simple kitchen goods & lots of charm. 


This wall will be getting a big change soon, but for now these vintage vegetable prints that I painted white will do!! These vintage gold rimmed dishes compliment that cottage feel. 

Dainty cottage goodness♡


•Post on this Cabinet: HERE


This is my favorite little corner!! Garden simplicity at it's finest!! Added some cozy pillows & farmhouse stool..voila!


Some of my favorite goodies. Everything cute, fresh & simple!


Hope you liked this simple summer dining refresher!! Feels so much bigger & brighter through these hot days!! 

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

{ Summer Cabinet Shelf Decorating 101 }

Wednesday already? Geesh these summer days are flying by over here!! After purging our dining room & restyling our trusty ole vintage corner cabinet, I got to thinking... I've never shared Simple ways to Style a Cabinet for Summer!! I've mentioned this before, but I love & actually crave simpler decor during the the warmer summer months. Now, this doesn't mean skimp on the "cozy" factor but just less heavy layered looks! I decided to use this cabinet as my muse, because it needed a good cleaning & spruce up!! I cleared some collections out & added some summery goods instead, yet still cozy!! Come see more below...


1. Keep it very fresh & simple!

I achieved this by taking away my dark amber bottle collection, wine glasses, & dark mugs etc.. I replaced with simple black + white dinner plates, mini milk bottles & a vintage spice rack!! 


2. Keep it Neutral!

I know, I know neutral for summer..boring right? Well, wait one minute & hear me out!! You can use color if you want but keep it to 3. Any more than 3 can be clustered or too bold..we're going fresh & simple! I brought in a bit of color with these chippy pottery blue bowls!! 


3. Keep Shelves Cohesive!

Go with like items styled differently per shelf but still balanced. The example is above.. I used almost the same things on each shelf of the cabinet, just styled a bit differently with sizes. I still kept the cohesive vibe though. 


4. Add Greenery!

This ones a given but adding greenery or even flowers will bring that nature element inside!!  


5. Keep White Space!

Say what?! I know weird right? Well, in the summer more fresh white while decorating the better!! This means less is more & keeps things airy! You don't need to layer or bring as much warmth to the space in the summer by hiding open spaces..if that makes sense to you!

I hope these quick & simple tips help you decorate your cabinets, hutches or shelves for summer easily!


Monday, July 8, 2019

{ DIY Side Stove Shelf Pt. 1 }

Happy Monday pals!! I hope your holiday weekend was everything fun & loving! We spent ours at home for the first time in 3 or 4 years..Which was sad we weren't up at the cottage with all the northern Michigan 4th festivities but being home was nice too! We did lots of sleeping, eating , puppy kissing & of course home stuff ha!! We decided to totally purge the kitchen & dining room for a more authentic vintage cottage look!! We also decided to move some furniture out for an airier summer feel...With that came the DIY part 1 I'm sharing today... 

Flash back to a few days ago I had this handmade white hutch next the the stove.. We decided we wanted a bigger open space, so we put this potting bench turned dining room hutch out on our patio { blog post soon}. We ended up using a salvage cabinet & turning it into a " lookalike" built in stove shelf. We knocked a shelf out for the trash can & water bowl & gave it a fresh coat of paint..


•Why put anything there you ask? Well, that's simple..for MANY REASONS actually!  I like to conceal the trash can & have a confined space for the dogs' water bowl! 

•The second reason being a main gas line runs behind the stove & was super costly to move when we moved in. This then leaves a 2inch little gap that bugs me..ha. Typical!!!

•The third reason, it has charm!! I love that we customized otherwise boring builder grade cabinetry. We added the glass pantry, this little area & more!


I just quickly styled this new little beauty as is right now... We will be adding a backing { I can't wait to show you the reveal} & nailing it to the wall on the right for stability!! Our last hutch got lots of use for dishes, setting empty cans etc.. This one still has enough ledge & shelf space for that but is so much more custom, open & sleeker! 


I'll be sharing the FINAL DIY ASAP! 
Do you like this custom little side stove shelf? I think it's perfect for spices, spoons while cooking etc.. 


Monday, July 1, 2019

{ Vintage Patriotic Sofa Table Decor }

As you can see by the title I came on here to show you another fun patriotic space I created!! Using our home as my palette & work  isn't just fun but my blessing. It had been a long day & I just sat down...Then I spotted some inspiration & bam I decided to run downstairs & use some thrifty vintage finds, some of which I've never used or blogged!! This sofa table is one of the first things you see  after the entrance landing & that's why I chose  to decorate this space today. It's definitely a w o w factor for 4th of July!! 

•  Patriotic Dining Room: HERE Come see more below...



I had no idea I was going to be posting this vintage patriotic sofa table today!! To be honest, I didn't photograph this until way later than I usually do. Sometimes those spur of the moment posts are the best!! It turned out just how I was going to style it last weak but my opinion. 

I kept almost everything the same including this huge cozy tan basket. I just added flags, white flowers & some red ribbon...

I wanted historical east cost  greenhouse vintage 4th  of July look!! Lots of french doors, white chippy paint, bright greens & flags galore!!  It honestly was inspired my my Maine trip in 2017. 
• Maine Tour: HERE

The green sign with the pops of royal vintage blue is one of my true loves. I just love the vibrant & traditional green, red, white & cozy & vintage greenhouse!! 


Many of these things on this long sofa table are authentic vintage junkin finds! Others, like the lanterns, greenhouse & basket are newer goods!

This is one piece I don't think I've ever shared but it's one of my favs for the 4th!! It's Mark's actually & super rare & nifty..I cleaned the glass & filled with walnuts!

I hope you all loved this post!!
• Are you decorating for the 4th? 
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You all are the best!


Sunday, June 23, 2019

{ New Cozy Vintage Living Room Cabinet }

Whoa what a long productive-ish weekend. No huge projects but a good spruce up for sure!!! Sooo, new....hmmm wait hold on a minute, I'm not being quite truthful about that haha.. You see about 5.5 years ago I fell deep into the "chalk paint" craze..I mean don't get me wrong I still lovee chalk paint & it's versatility but these days I'm so busy I hardly get to paint. This piece I'm showcasing today is one of those pieces I painted & pitched in our treasure pile... I loved it, so I kept it in our lower level for the last few years! It's not perfect & the backing needs work but it fits my evolving traditional cottage garden cabin style haha!! There's been a spot in our living room that has been bugging me, because it needed a special something..Fast forward to today & I lugged that big ole corner cabinet upstairs 
a l o n e..Don't worry I'll be paying all week for that #thankstoautoimmunedisease  . Anyways before I fall asleep in bed writing this post come see this cute cozy FIRST look at this new piece....


Like I mentioned above, but my style has changed into what I really like & not what's trendy, though I've always loved  vintage & antiques!  Instead of all white or farmhouse store replicas my style is more gardeny cottage with that hint of cabin wood tones if you will. This piece entails & embraces all of those things!! The wood paneling, rustic chalk paint, scalloped detail & cottage appeal.


The little cubby box pairs lovely with our coffee table { see below } & added more charm!! 


Like many of my finds these items have meaning to me! The fishing pole was my papa's & I love the vintage detailing!!


Garden galvanized goods, greenery & wood..My style & dream living room all combined into this cozy area!! Now to find a new chandy.. The current one I love but is candle operated only.. 


I truly hope you love this space as much as we do. Those cozy oversized green check chairs, cottage fireplace & vintage touches make this space!

THANK YOU for popping in on my little blog today!!  ▪︎ Be sure to follow my social media outlets for daily updates!! { right side bar of blog }

Happy Monday