Sunday, July 14, 2019

{ New Cozy Summer Dining Room Look }

FRIYAYYY! I've been craving simple open spaces in our home since it got warm! Still cozy, but definitely dialed down with just simple farm + cottage goods & of course antiques! In the dining room we painted the table fresh white, took the leaf out, removed the wood hutch & wood bookshelf. We replaced  it with a diy side stove shelf that I'll be sharing soon.  I also removed any color & just stuck with simple kitchen goods & lots of charm. 


This wall will be getting a big change soon, but for now these vintage vegetable prints that I painted white will do!! These vintage gold rimmed dishes compliment that cottage feel. 

Dainty cottage goodness♡


•Post on this Cabinet: HERE


This is my favorite little corner!! Garden simplicity at it's finest!! Added some cozy pillows & farmhouse stool..voila!


Some of my favorite goodies. Everything cute, fresh & simple!


Hope you liked this simple summer dining refresher!! Feels so much bigger & brighter through these hot days!! 

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

{ Summer Cabinet Shelf Decorating 101 }

Wednesday already? Geesh these summer days are flying by over here!! After purging our dining room & restyling our trusty ole vintage corner cabinet, I got to thinking... I've never shared Simple ways to Style a Cabinet for Summer!! I've mentioned this before, but I love & actually crave simpler decor during the the warmer summer months. Now, this doesn't mean skimp on the "cozy" factor but just less heavy layered looks! I decided to use this cabinet as my muse, because it needed a good cleaning & spruce up!! I cleared some collections out & added some summery goods instead, yet still cozy!! Come see more below...


1. Keep it very fresh & simple!

I achieved this by taking away my dark amber bottle collection, wine glasses, & dark mugs etc.. I replaced with simple black + white dinner plates, mini milk bottles & a vintage spice rack!! 


2. Keep it Neutral!

I know, I know neutral for summer..boring right? Well, wait one minute & hear me out!! You can use color if you want but keep it to 3. Any more than 3 can be clustered or too bold..we're going fresh & simple! I brought in a bit of color with these chippy pottery blue bowls!! 


3. Keep Shelves Cohesive!

Go with like items styled differently per shelf but still balanced. The example is above.. I used almost the same things on each shelf of the cabinet, just styled a bit differently with sizes. I still kept the cohesive vibe though. 


4. Add Greenery!

This ones a given but adding greenery or even flowers will bring that nature element inside!!  


5. Keep White Space!

Say what?! I know weird right? Well, in the summer more fresh white while decorating the better!! This means less is more & keeps things airy! You don't need to layer or bring as much warmth to the space in the summer by hiding open spaces..if that makes sense to you!

I hope these quick & simple tips help you decorate your cabinets, hutches or shelves for summer easily!


Monday, July 8, 2019

{ DIY Side Stove Shelf Pt. 1 }

Happy Monday pals!! I hope your holiday weekend was everything fun & loving! We spent ours at home for the first time in 3 or 4 years..Which was sad we weren't up at the cottage with all the northern Michigan 4th festivities but being home was nice too! We did lots of sleeping, eating , puppy kissing & of course home stuff ha!! We decided to totally purge the kitchen & dining room for a more authentic vintage cottage look!! We also decided to move some furniture out for an airier summer feel...With that came the DIY part 1 I'm sharing today... 

Flash back to a few days ago I had this handmade white hutch next the the stove.. We decided we wanted a bigger open space, so we put this potting bench turned dining room hutch out on our patio { blog post soon}. We ended up using a salvage cabinet & turning it into a " lookalike" built in stove shelf. We knocked a shelf out for the trash can & water bowl & gave it a fresh coat of paint..


•Why put anything there you ask? Well, that's simple..for MANY REASONS actually!  I like to conceal the trash can & have a confined space for the dogs' water bowl! 

•The second reason being a main gas line runs behind the stove & was super costly to move when we moved in. This then leaves a 2inch little gap that bugs me..ha. Typical!!!

•The third reason, it has charm!! I love that we customized otherwise boring builder grade cabinetry. We added the glass pantry, this little area & more!


I just quickly styled this new little beauty as is right now... We will be adding a backing { I can't wait to show you the reveal} & nailing it to the wall on the right for stability!! Our last hutch got lots of use for dishes, setting empty cans etc.. This one still has enough ledge & shelf space for that but is so much more custom, open & sleeker! 


I'll be sharing the FINAL DIY ASAP! 
Do you like this custom little side stove shelf? I think it's perfect for spices, spoons while cooking etc.. 


Monday, July 1, 2019

{ Vintage Patriotic Sofa Table Decor }

As you can see by the title I came on here to show you another fun patriotic space I created!! Using our home as my palette & work  isn't just fun but my blessing. It had been a long day & I just sat down...Then I spotted some inspiration & bam I decided to run downstairs & use some thrifty vintage finds, some of which I've never used or blogged!! This sofa table is one of the first things you see  after the entrance landing & that's why I chose  to decorate this space today. It's definitely a w o w factor for 4th of July!! 

•  Patriotic Dining Room: HERE Come see more below...



I had no idea I was going to be posting this vintage patriotic sofa table today!! To be honest, I didn't photograph this until way later than I usually do. Sometimes those spur of the moment posts are the best!! It turned out just how I was going to style it last weak but my opinion. 

I kept almost everything the same including this huge cozy tan basket. I just added flags, white flowers & some red ribbon...

I wanted historical east cost  greenhouse vintage 4th  of July look!! Lots of french doors, white chippy paint, bright greens & flags galore!!  It honestly was inspired my my Maine trip in 2017. 
• Maine Tour: HERE

The green sign with the pops of royal vintage blue is one of my true loves. I just love the vibrant & traditional green, red, white & cozy & vintage greenhouse!! 


Many of these things on this long sofa table are authentic vintage junkin finds! Others, like the lanterns, greenhouse & basket are newer goods!

This is one piece I don't think I've ever shared but it's one of my favs for the 4th!! It's Mark's actually & super rare & nifty..I cleaned the glass & filled with walnuts!

I hope you all loved this post!!
• Are you decorating for the 4th? 
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You all are the best!


Sunday, June 23, 2019

{ New Cozy Vintage Living Room Cabinet }

Whoa what a long productive-ish weekend. No huge projects but a good spruce up for sure!!! Sooo, new....hmmm wait hold on a minute, I'm not being quite truthful about that haha.. You see about 5.5 years ago I fell deep into the "chalk paint" craze..I mean don't get me wrong I still lovee chalk paint & it's versatility but these days I'm so busy I hardly get to paint. This piece I'm showcasing today is one of those pieces I painted & pitched in our treasure pile... I loved it, so I kept it in our lower level for the last few years! It's not perfect & the backing needs work but it fits my evolving traditional cottage garden cabin style haha!! There's been a spot in our living room that has been bugging me, because it needed a special something..Fast forward to today & I lugged that big ole corner cabinet upstairs 
a l o n e..Don't worry I'll be paying all week for that #thankstoautoimmunedisease  . Anyways before I fall asleep in bed writing this post come see this cute cozy FIRST look at this new piece....


Like I mentioned above, but my style has changed into what I really like & not what's trendy, though I've always loved  vintage & antiques!  Instead of all white or farmhouse store replicas my style is more gardeny cottage with that hint of cabin wood tones if you will. This piece entails & embraces all of those things!! The wood paneling, rustic chalk paint, scalloped detail & cottage appeal.


The little cubby box pairs lovely with our coffee table { see below } & added more charm!! 


Like many of my finds these items have meaning to me! The fishing pole was my papa's & I love the vintage detailing!!


Garden galvanized goods, greenery & wood..My style & dream living room all combined into this cozy area!! Now to find a new chandy.. The current one I love but is candle operated only.. 


I truly hope you love this space as much as we do. Those cozy oversized green check chairs, cottage fireplace & vintage touches make this space!

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Happy Monday

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

{ Stay Organized Simply..}

Organization...Not my biggest achievement but I like to think I keep things in order pretty well around here ha!!  So, a little back story.. I've always been type A. I like my things in order, answers right away & I'm not a patient person..hence the no children  yet, if ever! Anyways, with being inpatient & "Type A" I like my things to be easily accessible & look neat! This has been one of those topics I've been asked about more than once..not a million but enough, so I thought I'd do A QUICK post about it. The answer however is quite simple..


For me jotting down something is no big deal. I've been writing since I was a little girl & it's definitely a passion of mine! I take both tangible notes on paper & notes in my phone on the "Notepad". I will say, with all my pass codes, social links etc.. I write down almost everything!! I have horrible short term memory, which doesn't help either eeek!!. I use my phones notepad the most with categories I made up like..•Home, • Work, • Chores etc... I will add & then delete once I've completed that task!


Catch up day for me is Thursday! Thursday's I take the whole day to do errands, groceries, emails, Jeep maintenance, blog work & home + cleaning! I chose  Thursday long ago ,because it's near the end of the week but not Friday!! I like to have everything done before the weekend starts, so Thursday's are definitely busy around our cottage!! There's nothing more relaxing than a deep cleaned home, full fridge & fresh bedding before the weekend starts!!


Not purging of things that clutter & jumble your living/ working or both spaces  regularly only lead to negative bombarded messes!! Go through your fridge, laundry, bills etc.. GET RID OF THE J U N K!!


Make sure you're giving yourself enough time to complete task thoroughly! Nothing more frustrating than revisiting something because of errors. Stay organized, focused & set correct amounts of time to stay organized with tasks or work events or deadlines.


I know this will be the least  popular bullet point, but it's true!! I'm someone who loves routine!! I have many of them that keep me healthily moving along, even with autoimmune issues. I make sure all animals are fed before bed, kitchen is spruced up , clothes picked out { unless weekend or off day} outgoing mail is ready & the pillows are neat on the sofa. Simple routines help ease the mind & body!

I hope these 5 simple organizational tips help you. I'm easy peasy so no huge planner, guide or agenda..just simple me with simple routines. ▪︎ How do YOU stay organized?

Happy Wednesday!