Sunday, January 13, 2019

{ Meet our New Rescue, SWARTZ! }

Hey pals!! Happy Monday...I'm actually sitting here in bed with the cold fresh winter air coming in through our window while snuggled in bed! The house is fresh for Monday, animals fed, laundry done & grocery shopping completed. I tried to keep busy but also rest this weekend because I got some more concerning blood work back...worse than the elevated hemoglobin. This time I have "immature granulocytes" present in my blood currently. I won't go into detail but it's not supposed to be in your blood  at all..{ feel free to look it up}. Hoping it's just my inflammation response from my issues going on & not the alternative. Anyways, something that always keeps me smiling & content are our rescues.. I thought today would be the perfect timing introduce you to Swartz, our new baby rescue!!! Our diy & projects slow here in Michigan during the cold months, so I like to intertwine rescue things into my home post, since those are the two things I brand myself on. Come meet this adorable nugget below...

• Side Note: See our other rescues HERE

I N T R O D U C T I O N: 

Hi, I'm Swartz { after the Christmas Story movie}!  My mommy & daddy adopted me in September 2018! I was born August 28th 2018. I had a rough start as my mommy was neglected & found on the streets pregnant with me. Because my momma was sick, my other siblings passed away other than my sister Sutton. I was adopted very young to give me the best chance & because my mommy didn't produce much milk. Thank goodness for the rescue. .

F A Q S:

• I'm a Pitbull, Shar Pei & Labrador mix.. we think!
• I howl & talk a lot!!
• My big brother Stew is my favorite. 
• I have the biggest duck webbed feet!
• I can sit & shake already.
• I was a foster fail by my parents..YAYAYAY!!
• My nickname is " the wart"
• I'm veryyyy wrinkled
• I have green eyes.


My dad teaches me all the mom lets me get away with anything hehe...because I'm SO cute!


My mom says PLEASE stay wrinkly..ha.


My mom still thinks I'm a baby...ugh! I'm 35lbs mommy...get with it, I'm a big boy!


My big brother is my bestest pal...We love to snooze in our farmhouse dog lounge!!


Anyways I'm off to play with my new froggy toy! Thanks for stopping in pals...I hope you'll choose adopting rather than shopping for animals. My friends need homes sooo bad & would love to get out of the filled shelters. Remember: " Rescued is the BEST Breed !"

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

{ Simply Fresh Winter Dining Room }

Hey pals happy Wednesday!! I hope your mid week is treating you well! Mine started out great getting some work completed, gabbing with some employees & enjoying our first real snow fall here in Michigan. But like most things, nothing is perfect & by that I mean I got a phone call with my doctor with my lab blood work back...Some okay, some bad & some confusing..I explained briefly on my IG stories about my hemoglobin being elevated a bit..I've made a conscious effort to respect my health, both mind & body this last year, so I'm trying not to worry. I popped some music on & restyled our dining room for winter..& kinda spring..Since our Michigan weather has been surprise there! Anyways I added a new dark cozy green cabin-ish rug & tons of vintage masons + greens...Take a closer peek pals...


I'm obsessed with the layering going on in the dining room. It feels bright but wintery!!! This mason jar print was my inspiration!! Simple, vintagey & classic!!  HomeGoods for the win for under $20. 

I've been collecting mason jars for years..I mean all the way to Maine & back. I have a mix of old & new on this old tarnished cake stand as the simple centerpiece. Green runner & copper candles & voila done. 


I don't know why, but these wrinkled linen fresh white napkins gave me all the cozy feels. 12 for $16 at HomeGoods. 

Side Note: I wish I would have taken the leaf out, because those table lines are killing me ha. Ocd problems ya'll. 


Creamy white milk jar masons & a cute piggy..I swear some of my finds are soo random. Random but always thrifty. 

Cozy & simple my 2019 approach to everything. How did you like this bright & fresh dining room? Thanks for popping in & sharing my creative yet simple ideas. You all are too good to me.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

{ Fresh Vintage Style Winter Fireplace Decor }

Whoa this week has flown by...Friday already?! I'm not ready for the weekend because it's going to be busy & I'm still dealing with this dizziness from Thanksgiving...eek! I tried to get all my decor upstairs in order including our little cottage fireplace..I've been looking for a new aka old  one for a little bit now, but just haven't found what I have in mind, so in the meantime I decorated this one!! I love the way in came out, fresh cozy & mixed with lots of vintage antique's we collected. I mean after all your space you call home should show some of both of your personalities whether that's in decor, collections, pictures etc.. Well, we both love vintage  pieces that have stories, charm & that cozy look! I filled this fireplace with lots of items we've collected over the years especially ones that scream winter-ish...if that makes sense ha. I'm sorry sometimes I have a hard time explaining my decor process! I mean things that are heavier, darker or more worn  all give a cozier vibe. Anyways, before I keep babbling & trying to explain to you all, just come see for yourselves below..

It started with me just setting this huge vintage wood toolbox  up here while I was cleaning up Christmas decor..Well I loved the rich worn wood against the white mantel box. I then added the tall candle sticks & of course some wintery blue & cream ticking stripe ribbon..That was about it other than the little vintage antiques like the clock, pipes & vintage books! The farmhouse pillows are from Ikea as well as the large topiaries!

The mix of everything I crave around these months..Simple, fresh, charming & above all cozy.. I forgot to mention above that the white chippy stool with the pillows was a thrifty homemade find.

The black & copper handled buckets the topiary plants are in are from Target years ago..I think I picked them up for like $5 a piece!

The large candlesticks with the yummy vanilla candles add that cozy look especially when we light them at night if we're upstairs enjoying this space! We are real people so the TV isn't covered & yes, the cable box is there! I admit A LOT of our home is staged, but this is an area that isn't. To me it just looks weird without a normal accessory most people use at least a few times a week.. I'm so sorry if it bug you :(.

* The greenery is all faux in the box.

What do you think of this wintery mix of goodies on the fireplace?! I love that it still feels cozy after all the Christmas is put away, because I miss the lights to be honest!  It does help to add things that you love whether you style is modern, farmhouse etc.. Decorate with what you LOVE & skip what's trendy. I remember when cottage/ farmhouse wasn't popular & people would say "Oh my gosh, you like country decor"..You do what's right for you! <3 p="">

Happy Friday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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{ Thrifty Cozy Cabin Winter Wood Coffee Table }

Happy LATE Thursday, pals! Thanks for dropping back in on the blog!! I've been a bit MIA trying to get everything in order for the New Year & also tending to my health issues while going to doctor appointments etc.. If we're being completely honest, I've been a complete disaster mentally & physically. It's the worst feeling...One thing I always do is try & cozy our little cottage home up. This past weekend one of my mom's dog rescue pals pegged her off to an old rustic table & oh my gosh...I'm in L O V E! You guys know that we change things out all the time but honestly this time I think this beauty is here to stay for a bit!! I've been slowly adding wood toned vintage pieces to the upper living room space to add warmth & texture, especially since it's winter now. I know the white trend is in full swing but I'm bored with it, so I'm going "cozy warm" at least for now.  I mean once summer hits I might paint this piece white...for now the knobs match the vintage dresser that was once my dad's as a boy { my mom refinished it } & I love it! I added tons of layering & texture ,and this big HEAVY coffee table added just what I was craving. Come see more on this free thrifty find below...

I loved that the nice couple we picked this from had a story on it! The husband gave it a makeover & actually cut it down, added the faux drawer etc.. I'll get a better picture soon of the planked top...but boy was it heavy! I love how chunky it is!

This candle & it's simple packaging are soooo yummy & warming! The white porcelain  pitcher was a vintage find from my mom!

These are my favorite winter greens & if I could I would have went out & picked some from our property because we have a bunch, but the conditions weren't great today & I couldn't risk a fall..I love these winter blueberry greens!

I dislike those lanterns under there, but needed something quick for this photo-shoot. I think some cozy cream or white pillows will looks nice! I need some white to balance out all the rich tones! The white knobs will stay & I love how they pickup from the dresser to back left! I added the vintage wood crate for height [ thanks to Mark's recommendation late last night ] & just added a vintage inspired Kate Spade mug, yummy glass maple candle & some DIY coasters.

I added a bunch of ticking stripe accents to add to the winter berries & the throw pillows!

I hope you loved this cozy post & our new furniture piece! What furniture pieces do you crave during the winter months? Chunkier pieces? Wood? Let me know down below, I love hearing from you!

Happy Thursday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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Friday, December 28, 2018

{ Refreshing Winter Dining Room Decor }

Happy Friday pals!! This vacation week has flown by...Like where does time go?! I can't believe Christmas is over too, not enough t i m e!! I feel like this year's holiday season has been a wash. From being sick for 3.5 weeks two which were nearly immobile, accidents, etc.. I got maybe a week of cozy magic in. This leads me to today's post..WINTER DECOR!! Now, before I get nasty emails, I always start Christmas decor November 1st & take down Jan 1st. This year since our holiday season wasn't the best, I took the Christmas decor down the 26th. I needed a fresh start so I transitioned from Christmas to fresh winter decor. For some reason I crave fresh greens, ticking stripe goods, whites, creams & warm textured items.  Today I'm sharing a little cozy corner in our dining room I styled...I got the piece just before Christmas & was going to paint it, but loved the rich tones especially since it matches our barn door across the way in the dining room. I styled it with some of my favorite dishes & added a chippy white mantel. Come see more below...


The warmth this little rickety homemade piece of furniture adds so much charm to our dining space. The cozy vintage inspired dishes, ticking stripe cloths & white dishware complete these old shelves.


"Sunday Specials". Kate Spade dishes from @homegoods .


I love pine trees, so winter decor is right up my alley. My mom dropped off this adorable little white vase with a simple painted pine tree & well it fit perfectly here. 

I needed a bit of heights to this area, so I layered an old white chippy shelf I had. I set a bronzed pig bank from @potterybarn up there along with a cozy little lamp, faux baked goods etc.. 



Although all our Christmas decor is put away, the bare pine trees will stay up until February-ish..


What do you think about this "after" Christmas winter decor? Do you decorate for winter or even like winter decor? I sure do, & it can be so refreshing. 


As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :).  ***You can find me here for updates & more ,or SUBSCRIBE on the right side of my blog for FREE & direct updates right to your mail...