Monday, January 27, 2020

{ Best Simple Bathroom Shelf Styling}

Some days are harder than others...I've been having a lot of hard days, there I said it! It's hard for me to admit I struggle physically at 32 years old with chronic vertigo, autoimmune disease & scoliosis! While waiting for my daily Epsom salt bath to fill after my workout regimen & as I was looking at the bathroom shelf I realized I never blogged how to or what to style a bathroom shelf with for decor + functionality!! So, I grabbed my camera & today I'm sharing a few short tips on how to style a small bathroom shelf with cozy everyday goods!!


  • .Greenery
  • .Storage
  • .Jars/ salts
  • .Fresh towels/ washcloths
  • .Scrubs/ soaps
  • . Loofah/ sponges


I like to keep fresh washcloths out & especially clean towels hanging! I tend to go white because they're easier to bleach & look crisper!

Adding items like natural loofah or sponges add that natural spa like feeling & texture! Mine were super  affordable &bonus they look cute out!

Any type of plant real or faux will do! It brings in that refreshing nature feel while freshening the air! This one is a faux fern, hopefullya real plant once spring hits!

I like to use glass jars & bottles to store Epsom salts, scrubs etc.. instead of the in the store bags etc. .easier to work with, store & more appealing with cute simple labels!

For storage I just brought in more neutral texture with this mini wicker basket! I keep all my costume jewelry in there for easy access!


I hope these tips were helpful! I honestly don't think I've ever written a post like this, but at this point 7 years later posts are running together haha. Do you use any of these tips/ decor in your bathroom?

Happy Tuesday!
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