Tuesday, September 10, 2019

{ Whimsical Cottage Fall Window Display }

Today's post is everything magical & whimsical all tied into fall. This little kitchen window is one area I always decorate. It's cute, quaint & fun to add charm to the main kitchen area. We plan to replace it with a gridded window but for now  I wanted to show you what it looks like decorated for fall...


I spotted these fall battery lights at Ikea while doing a haul & had to have them. Little fun fact about me, I loveeee string lights! Not sure what my obsession is other than the pure cozy ambiance they make in ANY space!! The battery pack makes them simple to click on & off. 


In the winter & fall months I always have these disposable cups by our coffee bar ready to go for Mark or our guest!! I mean who doesn't love a tasty hot beverage on a cold day?! 


I added these new DIY farm curtains & I should have blogged them..but like many other things, I got b u s y...


I added these mini pumpkins in a vintage wash tin, some fresh scrubby brushes, greenery & voila..a squeaky cute clean kitchen sink/ window area.

This handmade recipe of Pumpkin Nut Bread was the perfect final touch. I picked it up in Frankfort, MI right by our cottage at my fav town shop - Betsie Furniture!! Stay tuned for more on them coming to the blog!

I hope you loved this simple fun post!

HAPPY Wednesday!

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