Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{ DIY Bunny Art! }

I'm not one to go hardcore when decorating for Easter ,but I couldn't resist posting this cute little DIY that I finished today! It's a simple Easter/Spring framed bunny with a bit of rustic glam ! I made this for under $12 including the frame & the supplies!


I printed a black bunny silhouette & then traced it on the brown & white polka dot wrapping paper! After gluing/ taping whichever you want { I taped } the bunny to some plain  white printing paper & added some cute little accessories ! The little bows & gems are from +Michaels Stores . I wanted to use a little bow-tie so I just used what I had & filled it in with a paint marker in black!  

Some bunny is cute { I couldn't resist}  Ha ha !

I added some pearl & diamond gem stones randomly for a unique rustic/glam look!  I think he's so cute!!

What's a bunny without some carrots ;) ?! These cute plushy carrots are from +TuesdayMorning !! 

Thanks again for stopping by!


Persia Lou

{ 5 Easy pet cleaning tips for your home! }

Today I'm going to try & help you tackle that one thing in the house that you can't ignore about that extra furry member of the family...Yes, keeping your home clean with dogs,cats etc.. Most of us have at least one  furry friend in the home that we love  unconditionally ,but hate the upkeep of the hair,smell, paw prints etc.. I have two semi large dogs & having OCD already-- keeping our home clean can become intense! Some of the steps I'm sharing today are just ways I've come to use to keep the pet hair & dirt down. If you have other ways I'd love to hear them as well, because lets face it any type of cleaning tip or trick is appreciated!

Stinker & Stewart M.

1. Keep a 'dog' blanket on the couch or on the section the dogs use. I keep a plush black one on the end for our dogs, this way when they lay down or climb on the couch etc.. their paws & whatever else may be on them won't travel to the other parts of the couch/ pillows! It's easier to wash a blanket or throw rather then the whole slipcover on the couch, microfiber or even wash down all the leather for prints!

2. Spray the couch lightly at least every 3 days with some type of cloth friendly antibacterial disinfectant! 

3. Make sure you have some type of plug in diffuser in your home for the smell. I have one plugged in at all times { I find using natural scents are more appealing. I like vanilla, cinnamon, apple etc..}  Even though  I have two medium sized dogs with medium length hair my house rarely smells like dog which leads me to my next tip!! 

Side Note : When the warmer weather starts I usually only have one diffuser going & rather  the windows open & fresh air circulating!

4. Make sure you're changing your furnace filter at least every 3 months! I know that sounds a bit obsessive & it is ,but with animals the filters tend to collect much more dander & airborne dust! 

5. Vacuuming once a day will ensure any hair, dirt etc.. will be picked up. Wet swiffer or wash flooring at least 3 times a week. On days that the dogs are less active/messy I usually only dry swiffer, but on 'rough' days I wet swiffer & vacuum !

These tips can be used for cats as well, just tweak a few things like washing the litter box instead of the 'dog' blanket etc..!  I hope these quick & easy tips help you start your spring cleaning & ease you into a light & fresh season!!