Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{ Our Living Room Chandelier Revamp }

Rainy night in.. means blogging! Tonight I'm sharing a hand-me-down chandelier that was an awful 1980's brass finish. I gave this diamond in the rough some much needed TLC & 'she' turned out great! I decided I would put her in the living room to add to the cottage/cozy feel I have going on! I'm still on the fence about keeping it all cream or dying the shades a brown/ tan color. I would love to hear your input or opinions :) ! Enjoy & stay tuned for { possibly } another post about the new shade colors !!

Stripped the shades off & gave it a light 'dusting' before spraying! 
Note: I find it easier to spray chandeliers while hanging,much easier to catch every angle! 

First coat of spray paint..

If you've been following me, you know this is my go to color - {satin cream} & always Rust-Oleum :)


The hanging beauty after some quick TLC! Like I said above, I'm still debating on coloring the shades a tan or brown...hmm
Side Note: This chandelier isn't hard wired. It's only for looks- for now..;)