Sunday, December 22, 2019

{ Traditional Christmas Basement }

First HAPPY MONDAY! Hope your weekend before Christmas was festive,  cozy & productive!! Ours was all of the above. One space I've taken forever to photograph & show is our lower level { basement} all cozied up for Christmas!! It's our main hangout & gathering spot in the winter, especially hosting for Christmas Eve each year!! We've been lucky enough to have a lower level that is super warm & inviting as much as the main level. I went completely different in terms of decor & used every bold, traditional & nostalgic theme for a• Traditional Family Christmas Basement•!
••Come see more below. ..


I went all traditional colors, added a focal point which is the red rug layered on the brown sisal one! The bold cranberry red set the tone for the space!! 

Lots of plaids, greens & chunky candles in baskets.  I should have put cabin as a description,  because that's the ultimate look "Traditional Cabin Christmas Basement ". I added these antlers & pops of moose goods.. for a touch of rustic.


The greens, vintage colored bulbs, plaids, tabaggon, beads & rackets again add that traditional cozy Christmas charm!!

To add that feel + appeal of nostalgia I talked about above I added in some green chippy furniture for that nostalgic look & feel! I love this lower  level living but I'll be honest it's not the easiest to photograph ...but today was beautiful, relaxing & what the perfect time. Photographed• Showered• Edited • Snuggle • Movies...our Sunday night here!


Lots of vintage items, furniture & treasures fill this basement.  It's not perfect,  the trees leaning,  lights randomly strung & I need to work on wrapping...but it's ultra comfy!!


I love being able to use some of my collections like the rackets, vintage bulbs & baskets down here!! Lots of texture, bold festive colors & antiques!

Hope you loved this cozy space. Sorry it took me so long to photograph..but it's a nice way to close out Christmas 2019. A look & color pallet I've never used down here..which I actually love. The colorful vintage bulbs bring some warmth along with the fireplace & cabin goods!


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