Friday, May 30, 2014

{ Bread Box Re-do}

It's that time again ..the weekend :)! I've got a lot going on in the Blog world today,from new post to re-do projects & everything in between..yikes! Okay, everyone brace yourself is the infamous Bread Box reveal..yes, the dang bread box I looked everywhere for!! Well, my lovely parents came across one for under $5..&picked it up { 1970's flashback} but had so much potential! Here is the re-do !!

{ Before }

The size is approx. 12x9 in.

Although I wasn't born yet, I believe the 1970's are missing a treasure ..screaming tangerine orange & all :) !

First coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint

{ After }

I used the the famous Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old Ochre, & then used the brand Americana Decor creme wax { Michaels 2 for $20} in 'deep brown'! I love the vintage aged look the creme wax gave.

The letters are not painted on..they're actually ' Mambi Sticks' in a matte finish from Michaels for $6!

The little silver trays are just for staging/ quick use.

Storing all kinds of goodies for the!!

I hope you all enjoyed this simple & easy little redo on an old 1970's bread lets hope my dear husband doesn't waste any more bread hehe!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{ Up-cycled Coffee Table }

Hey! What a bright & breezy day here, it's quite refreshing outside today with just a touch of warmth from sun ..ahhh,right?! Well, as you may know on Saturday I visited the sweetest little boutique & picked up some chalk paint. I got right to work on what I wanted to use these little beauts on! We were given a 1980's coffee table that needed some serious TLC! One of my husbands friends was getting rid of it & as soon as he sent me the picture asking if I wanted it I knew that I did!! I had the perfect idea & well now that idea is finished & sitting beautifully in our upstairs family room. I sanded a layer of the old & chipped finish off the top...whoa what a process...I first tried an espresso stain ,but that didn't look so great.. I only tried this ,because I was becoming discouraged about trying to locate some lovely Annie Sloan chalk paint! Thanks to Nada & Co. Home Decor Restyled   I was able to purchase some awesome Annie Sloan paint,& finish my little project!

~Steps & finished product below ~
1.) Wash with water { lightly} any grime or dust away!
Poor thing needed some immediate TLC...
2.) Remove any hardware! I also like to place the hardware in a drawer if the piece has one,&screw the removed screws from each piece on the back. This helps keep appropriate screws from getting mixed up or lost!
3.) Open & mix the paint/pick your brush!

               4.) Begin painting! I always begin from bottom to top, it's easier to paint this way in my opinion.
5.) First coat of  Old Ochre by Annie Sloan!
Step 6.) Apply the clear  Annie Sloan wax all over for a finished & waterproof table/piece. The wax can be applied with a brush or cloth. It retails for $25!
* Click above picture for larger view*
Note: The hardware is original & untouched. The flower pot was a free find & the doves are from Michaels.

I picked up some cute baskets for $12 @ Michaels & added a yummy vanilla candle!

I ended up distressing a few parts..sides,bottom etc..

**After painting the top Graphite by Annie Sloan,I decided I liked the original wood color better,but the sanding was endless. I'm still quite happy with the finished project! I completed this project for under $150. The table was free & the paint was $150 for around 3-4 quarts,but goes  a super long way & I have plenty left over for other projects!  
I hope you've enjoyed this simple & refreshing up-cycled project!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

{ Chalk Paint mania ..}


 Well, what a fantastic Saturday if I do say so myself! My husband & I took a mini  trip to one of our little  towns { Royal Oak} & stopped in @ Nada & Co. I'd never been before even after I've been to Royal Oak several of times. As soon as I walked up to the door I knew I was going to be in love, & the hubby was going to be parking it on a vintage  chair holding my duffel bag of a purse { Ha Ha}. The shop was bright & filled with all kinds of rustic,vintage , french country, & farmhouse inspired goods! After I looked around for a quick second, I turned & there they were.. a whole wall shining down at me of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! I've been on a mission for the last two months searching for some infamous Annie Sloan, & let me tell you it's not the easiest task. She only retails to smaller boutique like stores & her paint isn't offered at chain stores. I actually find this quite charming,it keeps with the appeal of the paint, even if you have to drive a little farther. If you don't know about Annie Sloan I can give you bits of information as to why it's so appealing to a Home Blogger as myself. Not only is chalk paint nifty to look at ,it's a fast drying paint { 20 minutes} & it virtually  can be used on any surface without priming,stripping,sanding etc.. The touch of the paint is also appealing. I thought it would have a gritty almost "Chalkboard" feeling ,but not at all!  The paint it's self is a bit pricey & you do need to buy the 'Wax' to finish it off with to secure the paint,but the appeal is overwhelming. The three cans I bought today were quart cans, & were stated to be able to cover as much as a gallon almost. I've never used this brand  before & to be frank I'm quite stoked! I've used Chalkboard paint & other 'new' to the market paints...,but nothing with this many pros-I mean drying in 20 minutes?!--- AMAZINGGG! I'll be posting obvious { Before & Afters} of the project I'm currently  working on,but for now here are some  pictures I captured on our little adventure today! 

Nada & Co. was nice enough to let me snap some pictures ..How cute is this store?- not to mention the adorable Annie Sloan section.

* Click  above pictures for larger view*

The colors & wax we picked up today. Graphite & Old Ochre! These quartz retail for  $ 40 a can & the Wax was I believe $25. They're a bit steep in price as stated above, but are also said to go a long way...we shall see.

This is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint splotch book. It's around $3! I picked one up for easy guides to colors, & if I'm asked what color I've painted certain pieces I'm able to explain & refer to the splotch book easily.

{ Be sure to check out Nada & Co. ---> }

Side Note: Happy two years in our new house, I think it's time for our third place & new adventure soon ;) . 

This is just a random on our little adventure today! How amazing is this craftsmen style home? We pulled down the quaintest little street today..

Yes, Please!!