Sunday, December 6, 2015

{ 2015 Christmas Living Room }

Happy Monday!! I'm blogging super late tonight hoping to get this out to you guys by early Monday morning!! I shared our --> 2015 Classic Country Christmas  tour Friday & mentioned that the only room that I had not blogged separately before blogging the full holiday tour was our upper level living room!! I'm back today to share it & I hope you guys love it!! Our theme was " classic country Christmas" & It turned out just the way I was hoping for! It's simple, festive & comfy , and all very practical!!! Cozy up somewhere & join me for the mini tour of our living room!!

I wanted simple, bold & classic!! I used simple pieces that even the dogs couldn't harm if they were to mess with them haha! The 3 little trees are from my grams, the tray from IKEA, the plushy throw IKEA & the greenery all IKEA!! The red jute lined pillows are from +HomeGoods  & some little puppy may have bitten off the corner of one..eek! 

The red & white pom lined pillow is from Tuesday Morning, the gifts I wrapped with some classic poinsettia paper from +Michaels Stores  & the vintage tool box was a free thrift find { I'm in love with it }!! I mean the handle already had some chippy red paint it was perfect for this classic inspired space!!

Everything flows so nicely & it's mostly practical, free & thrift finds!! The chandelier was also a DIY thrift and I just love what it adds to the room!!  I try to add as much charm to this 1950's ranch as possible & this is one of them!

I'll be blogging that cute little sofa side table after the holidays. This piece and another piece I added new to the upper living room space & I can't wait to blog them. This piece especially has my's super cute, love the color, style etc.. & it was my grandmother's mums!! She gave it to me & told me the other day that it came all the way from England..Ya, it's one of those pieces that's just PERFECT!

This vintage tree lot fireplace mantel worked out great with the rest of the living room! I love the way the lights look at night hitting the faux bulbs etc.. Super comfy & bonus againnnn if the doggies hit the worries they're plastic haha!

The cute little greenery reindeer are from +Michaels Stores  I have a few by our entrance & placed a few here!!

This cute little wooden chair was also a thrift a while back & it still continues to be one of my favorite pieces & the polka-dot fabric is my fav { Thanks mom }!! ;)

I went with a cute little vintage tree this year upstairs since we have the big tree on the lower level!! My husband found these vintage bulbs & they were perfect for this little tree & the quaint little white table  it's on!!

I chose not to put any pillows on this side of the sectional, because lets face it this is where the doggies jump up when they have there special & might I add CLEAN blanket! I just added this simple red throw { we have 2 } haha over here. The " Merry Christmas"  is from Michaels too, & the led candle sticks Dollar Tree!

I forgot to mention in the Full Holiday Tour that the sconces are vintage & were free finds! They matched so well with the theme I had to use them..though I'm usually not to into scones..See how Christmas makes you do weird things haha

P.S. The buckets & ladder were also free finds!


Well that completes our Christmas living room! I'm not going to lie this is the first time in years that everything came together perfect & exactly as I had planned in my Christmas obsessed head haha. I hope you love it too & gathered some simple inspiration. Thanks sooo much for stopping by & don't forget to check out the full tour 2015 Classic Country Christmas  !! 

Happy & Healthy Monday!