Thursday, June 19, 2014

{ Silly Boys, Tool Boxes are for Girls! }

Happy Friday loves! It's almost the weekend & we can't wait!! It's been a long week & very accomplishing one at that! I started and finished this Tool Box piece without pulling all my hair out ha-ha! This tool box was a hand me down from my husbands work family!It's over 30 years old & was definitely showing its age! It was covered in dirt,grime,rust,& gosh knows what else. I was in need of a tool box to keep {hide} all of  my DIY items since I was beginning to take over my husbands shop area in our garage. The tool box was just sitting in the corner so my lovely husband parted with it. I was ecstatic to say the least,because I knew it could be a cute & whimsical storage box for  all my goods!

I started with stripping the handles off the box & dry washing it with a clean cloth. I couldn't get all of the rust or spots of without sanding, but thought it added some vintage charm. I had a vision in my head & just went for it!! I stopped in at our local Home Depot & grabbed some much needed spray paint! I purchased 5 cans of 'Ivory Silk' in a satin finish {$4 per can} , 4 cans of Glitter Gold spray { $7}, 1 can of gloss sealer & 1 bottle of Gold/Brass ! I know that sounds like a whopping amount of spray paint ,but honestly it was just the right amount! Remember this tool box had not been painted or washed in YEARS! It literally ate the paint up!!  I sprayed the entire chest with a thin layer of the Satin Ivory base color, waited 20 minutes & then sprayed the second & third coat. I waited 45 minutes for the base color to dry before adding the gold sparkle to the interior drawers. I wanted a whimsical/chic/vintage appeal so the gold sparkles were perfect. I sprayed the drawers like the glitter had been 'splashed in'! While the interior of the drawers was drying I sprayed the handles a brass/gold metallic color! After the painting was finished & dry I added some gold whimsical lettering! The lettering isn't perfect,but more just for fun! 

{ Before }


{ After }

The cracks & chips give 'her' some charm right?!

Yes, I know the bottom handle is off centered! You ask why? Well, so do I?!  I do know the drawers have a cute feature where they won't open if the top is closed, not locked just closed! Thought that feature was kinda cool!!

I added a little chalkboard tag to the middle drawer ;)

Splashed glitter interior & gold bar handles. Yup, she got a 'glamorous' makeover !

Storage is a necessity for any blogger or DIY-er!

Cutest little drawers..

These are the colors & glitter I used! The metallic finish/color is missing-I accidentally pitched the can whoops!!

Side Note: The glitter was not the easiest to work with. The glitter itself is gorgeous & goes on beautiful,however the can & sprayer get clogged easily & allow air in the spray tip Grrr!!

Have a great weekend everyone & stay tuned for the full garage/shop reveal with the tool box & more  DIY storage ideas!