Thursday, December 2, 2021

{ Chippy Cottage Christmas Garden Decor }

 Happy Friday!! I have to preface this post by saying it's going to very upbeat & bubbly, Christmas  inspiration filled,so if you're not ready for the positivity then this probably isn't the post for you today....BUT who doesn't love those thing's?! A few days ago I mentioned on my Instagram stories my mom & I were out on a snowy Sunday in a snow globe blizzard decorating this space! It's the most magical little chippy cottage Christmas in my front garden!! Tons of fresh & vintage finds & some special goods. Come see this whimsical space below.....


How magical & whimsical is this mini fresh Fraser Fir from our cottage up north?! My dad snipped it down for me off the property & this is where this whole creative space inspiration came together!!


This forest green sign is from Target from the Dollars section! It's perfect for outside under the overhang on the front gardens! Simple, classic & large.


I love this chippy white bench! It was my grandma's antique & I'll never part with it! Some simple slices of wood, fresh cypress, , holly  & a vintage sleigh decorate this comfy look!! The solar Christmas lights were the best decision & add that effortless glow within the picture window. 


This creative Christmas look was in large part to my mom! She brought the tree down, beaded & brought the finishing touches for this look! I love how magical & Christmasy it is!

Life has been so refreshing lately...kind of like this quaint chippy corner outside! Small dreams do come true, and it feels amazing! Best advice: keep going & take the help! 

I had so much fun spending quality time with my mom doing this! Afterall, it is where I get my love of decor, design & Christmas!! 

HAPPY Friday!
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