Thursday, August 6, 2020

{ Cozy Summer Bunny Centerpiece }

Happy Thursday pals!! I hope your week has been amazing thus far..Ours has been BUSY!! Busy ranging from scalp surgery round 2 to rescuing a Kune- Kune pig , blog issues to house hunting stuff! It's not even Friday & I'm exhausted & overwhelmed! It doesn't help that my heads hurting & vertigo is rising.... I wanted to come on here & share something I put together in the dining room while trying to get rid of this horrendous headache & anxiety! I've been loving the more " garden english cottage " look verse the farmhouse style! After stopping over my mom's house yesterday she gifted me these cute little chubby bunny figurines she picked up at @homegoods ! They inspired this centerpiece! Come see more below...

 These little buns were my going inspiration! I think rabbit decor gets mistaken a lot for being just for the Easter season, but in fact they're very english cottage or garden style! For me personally, I love them because they add that whimsical cozy feel & well, because I loveee bunnies! They're my favorite!

The mini greenery, dark green branches & basket pair well with the table & cushions! The greens flow nicely it's got a lot of similar tones & is all around simple but very inviting...Just as summer should be!!

The basket ties in nicely with the dining room wall organizer baskets &  adds that touch of texture in the vignette! I popped some greens halfway in the picnic basket & it added that instant "garden gathering " vibe! Maybe food for the bunnies perhaps?? Haha! 

This is my favorite shot from this shoot! I love the rustic english cottage  appeal from the textures, barn door &  summer sunlight! I need something for that barn door but for now it's just glorious in its almost 100 yr old goodness!

HAPPY Thursday!
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