Tuesday, March 24, 2020

{ Boxwood Spring Dining Room }

Every spring or season for that matter I like to refresh spaces simply for you guys! That could mean some simple white paint, decor switches or even shopping my own home! I like to bring you content for the different seasons of life that everyone can do, because let's be honest not everyone has contractors at their hands or handy husbands..I have been blessed with a mix of both but sometimes it's STILL not feasible to undertake such huge projects! I mentioned on my INSTAGRAM stories ( follow me for direct updates ) that I was killing time by getting some projects done around the house while being quarantined...This included the painting of the oak shelf in the dining room!  I crave change in our little cottage & love using it as a pallet for you guys! Today I'm sharing the dining room filled with one of my favorite types of greenery- BOXWOOD!! I love the look of them, color, texture & just the overall feel for spring & even summer..Versatile for two seasons..check!! I'm all about saving when you can & being able to transition this greenery is a huge plus! Come see our dining room splashed in boxwood below...

I kept it comfy, yet simple in the dining room with only whites, wood tones & lots of accented boxwoods! I used the most texture ever in here with baskets,burlap, rustic woods etc.. For the table I used lots of my favorite things mostly being vintage mixed with new! Old milk glass bottle, rustic white stand, coffee cups & lots of greenery! I've loved mixing old + new for quite some time..My husband used be in a business where treasures were free & plentiful & he started bringing them home for me in 2008..My family has always had a love for vintage antiques, and it definitely passed down to me!

I'll touch on this more in a separate post, but I love to dress up this huge vintage barn door! I used something I never thought to put on it, but actually love it! Keep scrolling for  a better look..

This is the shelf I finally got painted after having it up since Christmas..haha yikes! I just used some leftover white paint I had laying around in the basement & I love the fresh look! Th pops of boxwood look nice with the white & pops of texture!

I hope you guys liked this fresh spring dining room flocked in boxwood!! It's so fresh & super simple..I'm learning these days less is actually in fact more! Anyways stay safe out there friends!
Have you ever decorated with boxwood?
HAPPY Monday!
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