Thursday, March 31, 2016

{ DIY Simple Farmhouse -General Store- Sign }

Happy Fridayyyyy yay!! It's been a long week, but looking forward to the weekend with my Dennis the Menace husband hahah #longstory. So last night I went down to the office to play with the bunny & what not for a quick few & ended up staying down there for a few working on a little spur of the moment project!! If I'm being honest most of my projects start that way haha.. I'm a planner, but when it comes to blogging, photographing or projects I'm as random as it gets...I mean I guess that's why I strive so hard to make this little blog of mine PRACTICAL & feasible for the average person { I hope I'm doing a good job }.. Anyways today's project is one I've been wanting to do for a while, but honestly forgot about.. I had this old sign which I loved at one point, but wasn't really my style anymore so I broke out the chalk paint.. I decided I wanted a cute little antique style general store sign for our farmhouse kitchen! This is one of the easiest tutorials ever...Paint, smearing, scraping & freehand lettering..I'm no sign maker, but I love the way it turned out. I didn't use a stencil because I wanted it to feel for authentic etc.. You can use whatever you like better. Keep reading below for all the deets !!



I used regular $1 white paint from +Michaels Stores  for the base color. I put about 3 coats of this on the sign. The sign is slate so, it sucked the paint up quite nicely. You'll need white, black, brown wax/clear wax, wire brush and paint brush to finish this project..


After the base dried I rubbed some antique brown wax from the Americana Decor chalk paint line all over the sign. After that was dry I traced out my lettering with chalk & then went in with some black paint. I cleaned up the lettering with some white paint & then hit it with wax again & a little mix of black + white for that undertone of gray.. After everything was dry I went in with a wire brush & distressed some areas & then went over the letter with a almost dry brush with a TINY bit of white , so the lettering wasn't stark fresh black! I finished it by applying a small amount of clear wax...

You guys know know how I love my milk jugs..The tall dairy glass to the far right is vintage the rest are from all over. You can find these in the dollar spots +Target  and Michaels.

I styled it super simple with some mini chalkboard canisters from +HomeGoods . The mantel is also from HomeGoods. The little chocolate cupcakes & candy are from Dollar Tree.

I seriously love this little mantel in our dining room. It's simple & gives that farmhouse/cottage charm instantly. 

*** Side Note: I forgot to mention above, but I used some light semi dry black paint to etch the jagged slate edges too..

It's not perfect, but like most of my projects that's why I love them. Simple & charming right?!

I hope you guys liked this simple DIY!! You can buy these slate signs at your local craft store for under $10 usually. So with some $1 paint, cheap wax , brush & a little time you can have a farmhouse sign for under $20!!  I hope you ALL have a lovely weekend! 


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