Monday, February 29, 2016

{ Simple Detox Bath Recipe ]

Happy Monday!! Boy today has been a busy one already & I'm loving it!!! We started this early day with a business meeting, calls & getting some papers in order for my husband's new business ,and I had the nicest chat with my ever so enlightening mom { she was on vacation for 2 weeks }! I thought what the heck since the sun is out I would photograph two posts for this week that I've been meaning to blog... So before I start I'm stating I'm in NO WAY A DOCTOR OR AFFILIATED WITH THE MEDICAL FIELD! This little detox recipe is my own with some knowledge from others, Internet readings & books. I posted a few days ago about my dry skin remedy & it was quite popular.. --> Lotion Buffing, so today I decided to step out of my comfort zone again & share this little detox bath I've come to like... So, long story short.. I've got a back of a 90 year old. I got slight scoliosis in my upper back, I have hip discrepancy & who knows what else?! I love soaking in these baths to help loosen me up as well as my husband too. He has old car accident injuries, so he loves to soak & detox after a long laborious day on the job..Like I said before this recipe may not be for everyone, and I'm not saying do it without talking to your medical practitioner before hand, but they're so soothing, so why not share. I know I will get E-mail after E-mail about people, so I had to put this out there :/. I hope you enjoy this detox bath consisting of Epsom salt, peroxide & coconut oil.  


. Epsom Salt - 1 cup
. Peroxide { I used 3% } 1- 2 cups
. Pure Coconut Oil 2- 3 tablespoons

- E p s o m  S a l t -

Epsom salt is one of those staple items most people keep in their home. It comes in handy for so many things from cleaning to medical uses. 


  • Soothes Muscles
  •  Delivers Magnesium Through Skin Absorption
  • Aids in Constipation Relief
  • Can help with High Blood Pressure
  • Natural Antiseptic

** Be sure to ask your health provider if you suffer from low blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues or any other major medical condition. 

- P e r o x i d e -


  • Oxygen Supplement
  • Removes Toxins
  • Provides Energy
  • Kills Germs in Bath Water

** Start out with small doses of peroxide and work your way up if you're not showing irritation. Some interactions can occur with the skin, headaches or GI tract issues. I have had zero reactions so far. I read that since it provides oxygen rejuvenation it can cause energy to spike late at night in some people. Watch your hair while using peroxide as well.

- C o c o n u t  O i l -


  •  Nourish Skin
  • Moisturizer 
  • Natural Cleanser
  • Helps Fight Fungi
  • Gentle Skin Exfoliate & the list goes on!

** Be sure you have no allergies to coconut before hand. Rinse tub well after.

After using this combo my skin is soo smooth, the redness is lighter { I have keratosis Pilaris } & dry skin is lesser. I felt refreshed & I will say it does flush the toxins from within if you will..Be sure to drink plenty of water after! I hope this helps you feel refreshed, rejuvenated & brighter while winter takes its toll on us internally & externally! 

Happy Monday night & thank you so much for helping me grow this little practical blog of mine!!