Sunday, November 14, 2021

{ Neutral Christmas Dining Elements }

 I'm sitting here watching Christmas movies, cinnamon candle going & Christmas lights sparkling....Today was the first snowfall here in Michigan, so I had to photograph some Christmas elements in the dining room for you { since I couldn't work outside}! This space wasn't fully decorated, staged, cleaned or photographed today, but this year is all about imperfect spaces!!! Come see some bold neutral sneak peeks below....


This is just a quick look book, but I couldn't help but share...Why? Because it's so simple, yet so comfy & magical!!

These ornaments were a going inspiration for this space!! My mom picked me up 8 of them & they gave this tree some bold neutral jazz!!! Glass & huge & look vintage....yes please!! 


Some of the main Christmas elements added to this space thus far would be the snowball candles, Christmas pillow, flocked tree & wreath!! See, not that much to bring this space together...I'll be back soon to show more details & a full post!!


I still need some winter greens & a few items here but for now a simple mini flocked tree in the window!

Do you decorate your dining room with a Christmas tree? I love the whimsical lights after a long day...Stay tuned for the full post soon!!

HAPPY Monday!
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