Wednesday, June 23, 2021

{ DIY Vintage Kitchen Hood }

 Happy Wednesday TQS pals! It's summer officially, you know what that means... A paint covered Paige 24/7 haha.  I've been wanting a new range vent hood in the kitchen, but after searching I still haven't found one! From too small to too big or not the right style..I wanted something that looked original or semi original to our little brick cottage home! With our new brass hardware on the cabinets & sink faucet HERE I decided to paint ours!! Come see the freshened up summer kitchen below...


I've recently been into the brass/ vintage fresh garden look! If you remember I updated our hardware to brass a few months ago! I love how brass can brighten a space while adding vintage charm & hint of warmth too!! 


I scored the metal, wiped it clean & applied 3 even coats. I left the knobs black & hit a few spots extra lightly with paint  for an almost used/ distressed look! 


Of course my most favorite part of the new hood was adding some new items to our stove tray! New S & P brass shaker caddy, few ramekins, our silverware caddy & flowers!! 
I love having this tray on the stove top.  It's practical, easy to grab for entertaining & adds space for everyday items!!
remove tray before use!



I always say this, but a few new items, paint & decor, and you can change a space drastically & affordability! The brass just adds so much cottage character + customization. Truth is, I almost didn't go through with this DIY, but I loved the mixed metals! I'm currently on the hunt for new oven knobs...


Comfy, bright & charming! 
I forgot to mention above, but I'll be sealing with clear epoxy.
•• Always use heat resistant materials.

I hope you liked this DIY!! The paint I used is Modern Masters. 

HAPPY Monday!
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