Wednesday, April 21, 2021

{ Garden Fresh Flower Bouquet }

 Hey, pals welcome back to TQS! I've been craving spring here in Michigan & hoarding new spring decor in every inch of our little cottage since about March! We layed new sod, started weeding, bought 5 gallons of patio paint & bam standstill!!!! Oh, nooo not because we've been having too much fun, but because of MICHIGAN WEATHER  haha. Yup...snow has hit us again! Please pray for our sod haha eek! 

Anyways I've been craving spring & my friend picked the prettiest flowers from her country home! I was having a hard day physically with the vertigo & fibromyalgia + mentally with my uncle passing.  Instantly they brightened our home & mood!!

That got me thinking how a simple bouquet can add not only freshness but charm, decor & brightness to a space...even a messy stove!

Basically, anyone get  grab fresh flowers from one area or another, OR cheat & grab some $5 grocery store pre-made bouquets!


A fresh spring kitchen & a long Michigan winter! 

HAPPY Thursday!
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