Thursday, April 16, 2020

{ Lakehouse Cottage Mantel }

Hey pals!! I hope you all are staying safe as well as your loved ones!  I mentioned in yesterday's post that I literally haven't bought anything in forever since this Covid19....Well, that's true, but I forgot I had bought this cottage artwork months ago for summer & because it has so much meaning to me! One of my most ,if not favorite places to rewind,  explore & take in Pure Michigan would be our cottage! It's near Point Betsie Lighhouse & it's just so whimsical & magical!!! I spotted this artwork at HomeGoods & of course it had to come home with me! I was going to wait to post this, but with everything going on in the world right now and seeing how it snowed today,  I needed the pep up! Come see this cottage mantel below...

I mean this art speaks for itself,  but just look at the detail & cozy warm cottage days! 
• You can see what this magical place looks like in real life HERE

I love the Lakehouse vibe going on in here! It's the perfect mix of cottage lakehouse cozy! The green check chairs, vintage fishing pole & license plate { they were my late grandpa's} & the bright greenery with pops of brass! 


One of my favorite vintage pieces ❤! I love the amber brown glass masons too. I swagged the tiniest rope light on the mantel, for that whimsical lighthouse feel. I'll post a picture on my Instagram soon of it at night  so be sure to follow me! { All media handles on right sidebar of blog }


The white & blue stripe lumbar pillows added more blue without being intoxicating, because I still love my neutrals! I hope you loved this post, it's got me craving our cottage & lake days!
• What's your favorite place to be, you know other than home??

HAPPY Thursday!
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