Sunday, August 11, 2019

{ Best Northern Michigan Getaway Spot }

Happy Monday, pals!! I'm so excited to share this post with you all because it's so raw & real!! Short story; we needed a vacay! We needed one so much after this long year, but until Mark's business slows down & he can take his vacation time we decided to head north  to the cottage!! As much as I complain about wanting to move / travel more in all honesty, I kind of loathe it!! I'm a true homebody with everything in me & with my vertigo/ health issues it makes it worse on me. So, we decided to take advantage of our animal sitter { my sister had a free weekend } & our schedules + weekend were open to head north! 
•Come take a peek at the coziest weekend ever....Plus, I vlogged!!!! 

One of our favorite places is without a doubt Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort Michigan!! It's quaint, bold & the tiny secret- ish pathway beach shows off the bluest Lake Michigan water ever!! To our surprise it was actually warm too! It's a bucket list destination for sure♡.

Thankful for this guy for letting me sit on his lap to get a sunny beach picture haha! Sometimes it's the little things..& that's exactly what this post is all about...

*Click below for video!

Of course we had to do a little antiquing...How we got here would make y'all cry in laughter...THANKFUL for a husband who off roads & pays attention to stop at roadside antiques while I'm NOT ! 


Everywhere we stopped entailed some type of charm..Even this tiny road antique place!! If you want to see behind the scenes footage, fun snippets & basically our shenanigans..FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!! 


After a long day of shopping downtown Frankfort & eating at the cutest yummiest cafes { L' Chayim } we decided to grab gold drinks & head to our little spot! It's a tucked away boat launch with the best views & area to pull town the truck tailgate & dip your toes in Crystal Lake!! This was my favorite from our weekend !!! I still can't believe Mark remembered where it's at #Icantdodirections #hiddengem


From one of the " fleakmarkets" roadside we stopped at! Loved the -Mark- with the wild flowers...


• Crystal Lake•
*See Vlog for full footage!

Always snapping candid shots, that I'm cringing about haha! Thanks, Spark for making me love Point Betsie even more..I mean look at that water!!!! 

This was at our little secret spot♡.
The coziest summer evening loving, sunning & relaxing!

More of our shenanigans on top of Point Betsie haha. Y'all we are always thinking " outside" the box..even if that means taking silly unfocused photos!! I love sharing "outtakes" with you all. It's real & funny...I hope you love the silly ones as much as we love taking them!


I have to give a shout out to the best most comfortable + unique cafe in Frankfort-  L'Chayim!! They offer the yummiest Jewish & Palestinian themed sandwiches + outstanding chocolate walnut oatmeal cookies!! 

Have you been to northern Michigan? We absolutely love it!! Many like Mackinac island, but we just can't support the animal abuse that the horse & buggy carriage rides promote! You all know we never follow the masses or tourist areas anyway, but if you're looking for the coziest cottage getaway it's definitely Crystal Lake / Frankfort, MI !!!  I hope you looked this blog post +our vlog! Thanks for allowing us to keep sharing & hopefully inspiring in the most realest relatable way!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Looks heavenly, I haven't been there but the blue water reminds me of Torch lake.Glad you got away for a bit and thanks for sharing!