Thursday, September 26, 2019

{ Our 10th Year of Marriage }

Happy Thursday, pals!! Wow 10 y e a r s! I'm sitting here in the Jeep cozied in watching the fall colors on the trees while Mark's driving & reflecting on the past 12 years together & 10 married. It's been a wild time with so many ups & downs as well. We've been through so much from dealing loss of a parent/ family members, new family, adoptions, surgeries & just life .But together we're still here & much in love. 
I can remember this day 10 years ago & almost every detail down to putting on my dress & seeing Mark's face as I was walking down the isle! I thought it'd be fun to do a little "recap" about us..If you're interested♡

Fun FAQS About us:

• Marks an Aquarius, I'm a Leo
• I'm 32 & Marks also 32
• Marks an extrovert, I'm an introvert
• Marks blonde / blue eyes, I'm naturally dark hair/ eyes
• We married at 21 & 22
• Marks calm, I'm not
• We both own small businesses
• We have 1 niece & she's the best kid ever!
• We both like all types of music
• We both are animal lovers
• He went to school for business & I went for criminal justice.
• We both love antiques/ antiquing
• Our favorite restaurant is La Mela in NYC
• Christmas is our favorite holiday
• We honeymooned in NYC
• His favorite food is pizza, mines fish & chips
• We love snorkeling
• Cooler weather is our jam
• Marks a free spirit & I'm Type A.
• We've never lived out of state
• We're always playing jokes on one another..Keep reading below for more on that  haha


We decided to have a little impromptu 10 year anniversary photoshoot up on Carp Lake in northern Michigan..Although so windy, we managed to pick some cute purple flowers..or maybe they were weeds ha. Another fun fact: Mark proposed on Christmas eve 2008 in front of my entire family under the Christmas tree! 

I would take 10 candid shots over staged any day.. Mark was trying to get me to laugh & he moved the chair back fast & I hysterically started laughing.. I mean he's the best blog hubby ever haha.

YES!! Hundred times over..I would always choose yes!.. Ask me again when he's bugging me haha just kidding!


Birch trees are one of my favorites & my aunts property was littered in them!! 


From meeting at age 9 { he lived next to my aunts best friend} to 16 meeting back up to 19 dating & 21 getting married, your arms are where I most feel content! I struggle with anxiety, but he can always calm my mind & soul. No marriage is perfect but I'd say we're pretty close. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little flashback today with us & learned a little more about our silliness!! 


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