Thursday, January 24, 2019

{ DIY Painted Farmhouse Pantry Pt. 1 }

Happy snowy Friday pals!! Today's post is super short, spur of the moment & night photos...I mean this is my real life, so here's a for sure real life post ha. I'm laying here in bed typing this up real quick, waiting on a quiche to cook...@ 10pm #typical. Anyways I'm a bit dizzy again today { dang vertigo season} ,so again it's going to be a quick post. Two days ago I got the itch to paint our vintage pantry in our kitchen. I've went over this before, but we have two in our kitchen/ dining room. This pantry is the food was originally black { Original DIY HERE } but I had some white paint & was actually feeling good ,so I did a thing...I PAINTED IT!! Down below I'm sharing the first glimpse!!





I actually loved the black, but since our whole house "white wash" I've been eyeing this...I couldn't make my mind up but then just went for it!! I think it makes the space look larger & fresh for spring...The black however did make it look more vintageyyy... I mean the actual window is vintage along with the crates, but you know what I mean. 


I still need to touch a few spots up, buy or paint some crates white & clean the glass....Oh & style it pretty bahaha.  


What do you think about this new fresh paint job? Do you like the •before or after• better?


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