Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{ Cabinet highlight with chalk paint }

I've said this before, but when I need to clear my head or I'm bored the furniture or some part of our house gets a makeover ! The other day I was sick of looking at this little cabinet { Which I love } in our living room knowing that I've been wanting to highlight & distress some of the beautiful detail on it! I got this cabinet back in the summer from a thrift store up north { Thanks to my mom & dad } & knew I wanted to put it in the living room. It's a neat little piece with two cute secret little drawers & I loved the wood coloring, but knew I wanted to add some cream or white I did-FINALLY!!

I took some Annie Sloan in ' Old Ochre' & mixed it with some Basic brand bright white & applied it to the raised & detailed parts . After that mix dried I took a Brillo pad & lightly went over the parts with the paint on. This brought up the natural grain & color in the wood & mixed in with  the chalk paint color. On some of the lighter spots that looked to 'painted' & less 'aged' I applied some brown wax over!  The final process was to take a damp rag & wipe over the cabinet for a almost kind of milky finish!

Have a great week guys!!


Persia Lou

30 Handmade Days

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