Tuesday, June 8, 2021

{ Garden Fresh Summer Mantel }

 Happy Tuesday, pals! As many of you know I've been going through someone changes, dealing with health issues & just figuring thing's out.. One thing I'm trying to work on is being more spontaneous & worry free! I've always been a worrier & spontaneous actually, but also super type A thatgets the best of me!! Today a friend & I after some outside work decided to have a yummy sit down lunch, visit a greenhouse & have a little flower photoshoot in her storybook { fawns, patio door turtle visitors, neighbor horses etc..} garden & property! I also did something for myself { I'll share Thursday}, but today I'm sharing the flowers my bestie bouquet'ed  up for me fresh from the garden!


The most beautiful flowers right?!! The walk-in meadow lined with these is so charming upon pulling in her driveway! 


Although I don't decorate with pink very often, if ever, today I did!! Spontaneous post, photoshoot & I love them!!  They paired nicely with this woven basket from last weekend's market!! 


I don't think these blooms could have gotten any bigger! They're just natural beauties growing...Sometimes it's best to let nature do its thing! 


I hope you loved this beautiful summer cottage style post!! I mean can you go wrong with fresh wild meadow flowers? I don't have a huge flower garden, do you? What's your favorite flower..?

HAPPY Tuesday!
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